People for animals

overall philosphy

“For me, doing social work and supporting NGOs is more important than endorsing a brand. I think that’s what God has given us as actors. If you can do social work - for the poor, for the elderly, for children who are terminally ill, for animals that cannot speak for themselves - I think that’s more important than walking around in dark glasses with bodyguards. As actors we’re given an opportunity, a platform - and I think the best way we can use that platform is to support charitable causes and try to improve things around us in any way we can.”

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

“PETA is an organisation that needs people to get up on rooftops and scream to make their cause heard. And if they need someone to do that, I'll do it. It's because I believe in the cause of animals. They can't speak and when they get unduly hurt they have no voice. I am an animal lover and so I will always try to give them a voice. That’s why I endorse PETA in every way."

habitat for humanity

"I have been associated with Habitat for Humanity since 2006. I’ve done what I could through ‘John’s Brigade’ because I think there is nothing more serious in life than not having a roof over your head. As of now we have built up over 50,000 homes in India alone and I wish to build 500,000 more. I have a five-year plan for that, but if it takes longer I will make it happen."

mumbai marathon

"The Mumbai Marathon is the single largest donor for 220 NGOs in the country and I think it’s great that I can be the brand ambassador for a cause that is non-commercial for me but commercial for my NGOs. That’s what’s special about the marathon – there’s not just one specific cause, it’s a conglomerate of causes. Each year it has grown bigger and better and it’s just beautiful experiencing the spirit of Mumbai on marathon day."

people for animals

"I recently pledged my support to ‘People for Animals’ in their fight to protect and free the horses that are used to pull the Victoria carriages for sightseers and tourists. I want to reach out to people and make them realise that horses are not meant to pull heavy carriages on Mumbai’s streets and suffer painful deaths for our momentary pleasure. I want Mumbai to be known as India’s most compassionate city."

save our tigers

"I truly believe tigers are one of the most magnificent creatures on this planet. Half the wild tigers in the world are in India and if we don’t take immediate action to preserve them there will soon be none left. I believe that protecting the tiger is of national importance. Each of us should contribute in our own way and help increase awareness to secure the future of wild tigers."    |

make a wish foundation

"I first came to this charity through my mother and it’s one of the earliest causes I ever supported. It remains very close to my heart. It’s important to remember that giving even just a little of your time to someone else can bring them so much happiness."