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One of the penalties of being in the media spotlight is that a lot of inaccurate, untrue or, sometimes, just plain crazy stuff gets reported about me. Let me see if I can set the record straight.


I consider myself a spiritual person but I don’t follow any particular religion.From the age of four, my father always told me that 'to be a good man, you don't need to go to a temple, church or a mosque. You just need to do good'. This is very true. So, while I believe in the presence of a supreme being, I am agnostic.

First bike c

I got my first motorcycle at 18 - a Yamaha RE 350, which I bought for Rs 17,500.

Vital stats

I am 6ft 1ins tall. My weightand measurements vary depending on what film I’m shooting at the time and what look I’m trying to achieve. I touched 100 kilos during Force, but I’m normally around 80 – 85 kilos.

My name is John

I’m told that there’s a myth floating around the internet that my ‘real’ name isFarhan. Let me just clear that up – it’s not. ‘Farhan’ is a name I have for my mother’s Irani side, but ‘John’ is the name I was baptised with. My father’s name is Abraham John. My younger brother’s name is Alan.

My gym chain

I am developing my own chain of gyms, but in November 2012 a story appeared in the media that I was going to spend three months in London studying for a certificate as a fitness trainer. That was totally untrue. I actually spent that time shooting Madras Café in Kochi!

No cosmetic surgery

I haven’t had a nose job, orcosmetic surgery of any kind. But, funnily enough, a nose job is something I might benefit from for medical reasons! I have a deviated nasal septum, which means I’ve got a practically closed nose and so I often have to breathe through my mouth.

Anyone can see that my nose is crooked and that’s my brother’s fault. When we were kids, hewas carrying me on his shoulders and he dropped me on my face. He always says it improved the way I look.

Yes, I speak some German

I learned German at school because I had a crush on the teacher. I’m not fluent but I can still speak enough to have a basic conversation.

Other languages

I know very little of my father’s language, Malayalam. That's the one thing I really regret in life. Being born and bought up in Mumbai, I was closer to my mother's side. I can speak Gujarati fluently, but I haven't really had an opportunity to speak to my father's side and my father and mother always spoke in English, so that’s my first language.

The family business

My father and brother are both architects, a career I briefly considered myself. I went into advertising instead because I saw how it had the ability to influence people.

No pets

I love animals, but I don’t have any pets. When I was young we had a Dalmatian called Dascha. It was the darkest moment of our lives the day she passed away.It's difficult forpeople who don't have a pet to understand what it is to see one die. I was heartbroken. I've never been able to have a pet ever since. I don't think I can take the pain of outliving another one.

Favourite Indian foods

I keep a strict watch on my daily diet, and my food intake varies depending on what sort of look I am trying to achieve for a particular film – but, like anyone, I do have some favourite foods.

'Dhansak' and 'patranimachchi' from Parsi cuisine aregreat comfort foods. Kerala breakfast is my most favourite breakfast and 'puttu' is my most favourite dish in the world. I also love all kinds of 'appams'.

If you ask me, I could just live on Kerala breakfast alone and that's my Mallu breakfast. My mom is not a Mallu, but she makes the best 'aviyal' in the world. I love my mom's 'aviyal.'

Favourite Western foods

I love chocolate and the protein bars I eat the year round are flavoured with it. But for me, Christmas is probably that one time in the year when I allow myself to indulge in anything chocolate.
And here's a little something that I must confess to. I love the marzipan on Christmas cake. I love licking off the icing on top of the marzipan and having it plain.