Jhootha Hi Sahi


The Movie and Me

A romantic comedy directed by Abbas Tyrewala.
Produced by Madhu Mantena.

I played Sid, a shy, bookshop owner living in London.

Sid is perplexed when he suddenly starts getting calls from suicidal strangers. It turns out that his number has been mistakenly printed on the advertising of an Indian suicide helpline.

One night he gets a call from Mishka who has been in a bad relationship and is on the verge of taking her own life. Sid and Mishka get talking and become phone friends, with Sid using the name 'Fidato' to keep himself anonymous.

Things become complicated when Mishka visits his bookshop, unaware that stammering Sid is the one who has been consoling her. Sid then embarks upon a double life as he tries, via 'Fidato's' advice, to get her to fall in love with him. However, then Mishka's ex-boyfriend comes back on the scene...

"In terms of genre this is definitely a feel-good film, very much like 'Notting Hill' or 'Four Weddings And A Funeral'. It's a rom-com and it makes you laugh, but at the same time it's very meaningful.

I like shooting in London. The beauty of London is that it holds onto it's values of being a democracy that imbibes all these different religions, races, colours, etc, and they all hang out together in places like Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. You see a confluence of all cultures here."


Jhootha Hi Sahi