The Movie and Me

A dark, erotic thriller directed by Amit Saxena.
Produced by Pooja Bhatt, Sujit Kumar Singh. Screenplay by Mahesh Bhatt.

In this film, my debut in the industry, I played Kabir Lal, a messed up, alcoholic lawyer. Impoverished Kabir lives a dissolute playboy lifestyle in elegant Pondicherry. His friends try to keep him out of trouble, but one fateful day he meets the alluring Sonia, wife of a travelling millionaire. They embark upon a torrid affair - leading to manipulation, murder and betrayal.

"Bhatt sahab always has his one-liners. After the movie, he told me 'JISM' stands for 'John Is Superb in the Movie'. He is brilliant and I love him. If he ever wanted to direct me in a movie, I would do it for free."