The Movie and Me

A dark, psychological thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt.
Produced by Vikram Bhatt, H S Billimoria, Jatin Kumar, Khushroo Bhadha, Jatin Kumar.

I played Aryan Trivedi - violent, possessive, not a nice guy! Since his son's death, Dr. Malhotra is a protective parent to his daughter Ria. When the unpredictable and obsessive Aryan comes into their lives Ria falls under his spell, but her father remains unconvinced. How will Dr. Malhotra convince her that she's headed towards disaster without driving her into Aryan's arms?

"At one point, 'Aetbaar' was to be my debut, although I have no regrets at all about 'Jism' being my first film. And to be in a film with Mr Bachchan so early in my career was amazing! What's really remarkable about him is that, although he towers above all his co-stars, he treated me like an equal. But I was in awe! After I did my first scene with him, I told him it was impossible for me to remember my dialogues since he says his lines so powerfully."