The Movie and Me

A romantic thriller directed by Pooja Bhatt. (her directorial debut)
Produced by Pooja Bhatt, Sujit Kumar Singh.

I played Shiven, a Delhi police officer. The beautiful and sheltered Kaaya has grown up in the remote valley of Spiti waiting to join a Buddhist monastery. When a senior lama dreams that a great Buddhist teacher has been reborn in Delhi, Kaaya is sent to bring him to the monastery.

Kaaya collects the boy, but as they’re about to return home, he witnesses the murder of a police officer in a hotel. The investigating officer, Shiven, soon finds himself caught in a web of intrigue. Not knowing whom he can trust, he escapes with Kaaya and the boy, driving them back to Spiti. However, Shiven has been seriously injured during an earlier gunfight. He is bleeding badly, and the villains are on their trail...

"I was really proud of 'Paap', it's a beautiful film. I played a very focused cop, the total antithesis of my character in 'Aetbaar'. And the location was awesome! We shot at a very high-altitude place called Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Very literally it gave me a new high in life."