The Movie and Me

A highly stylised crime thriller directed by Sanjay F. Gupta. (not to be confused with Sanjay Gupta)
Produced by Pammi Baweja.

I played John, an assassin in the employ of a crime boss. After a hit goes wrong, resulting in him killing a little girl, John is overcome with guilt and remorse and decides to starts life anew with his beautiful wife Shalini. Meanwhile, his boss is facing a threat from a rival don and is in no mood for John to quit on him. To ensure his compliance, he takes Shalini hostage. John is given 36 hours to kill five specific targets or she dies. Racing against the clock, can he save Shalini in time?

"When Sanjay F. Gupta offered me 'Karam', I thought it was going to be an action film. But he said it was an emotional love story between my character and his wife. It was a very, very special film. Honestly, I found it pretty easy to play the intense character. My career was actually supposed to be launched by Sanjay F. Gupta. It was supposed to be with his film 'Musafir'. That didn't work out, but when we came across the script for 'Karam', we decided to go for it."