The Movie and Me

An intense family drama directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.
Produced by Nitin Manmohan.

I played Amar Patwardhan, the beloved son of a middle class Indian couple.

Good-hearted Amar lives and works in London but, on a visit home to India, Amar takes his girlfriend Jenny with him and the two get married. Shortly after the wedding, Amar witnesses a murder perpetrated by the son of a local minister. So begins a nightmare of false statements, cover-ups and wrongful allegations as Amar's beleaguered parents struggle to get justice.

"You will probably need a large box of tissues while watching this one. I started weeping after Maheshji narrated the script to me. I'm sure the movie always brings tears into the eyes of its female audience. I didn't have a major role in it but I did get to work with Mr Bachchan again. Always an honour."