Garam Masala


The Movie and Me

A madcap comedy directed by Priyadarshan.
Produced by Ganesh Jain, Ashok Kotwani.

I played Shyam, aka 'Sam', a mischievous photographer.

In scenic Mauritius, buddies Mac and Sam work at Garam Masala magazine. When Sam wins a photography competition he flies off to the US to enjoy his prize holiday, leaving Mac jealously fuming. Mac decides to get back at Sam by simultaneously romancing three beautiful air hostesses, Deepti, Puja and Sweety, by expertly juggling their flight schedules. When Sam returns from America and finds his best friend playing around with these lovely women, chaos ensues!

"This film was a lot of 'firsts'... my first time with Priyan, my first film with Akshay and my first comedy. I learnt a lot from Akshay. He is a wonderful guy and we became great friends. We think along the same lines and, fortunately, we were a winning combination at the box office."