Taxi No. 9211


The Movie and Me

A slice-of-life drama directed by Milan Luthria.
Produced by Ramesh Sippy.

I played Jai Mittal, a selfish playboy disputing the Last Will of his deceased father.

Raghav Shastri, a Mumbai cab driver, lies to his wife about his job, pretending to be an insurance salesman. One day, he picks up Jai Mittal in his cab. Jai is in a hurry to get to court and ends up goading Raghav into an accident. Leaving Raghav to sort out the mess, Jai later realises he has lost the key to the deposit box containing his father's will in the back of the taxi.

In search of the key, Jai goes to Raghav's house and accidentally reveals to Raghav's wife what he really does for a living. Angry and upset, she packs her bags and leaves, taking their young son with her. Incensed, Raghav vows revenge, and in the following hours a battle of wits unfolds between he and Jai.

"Nana is an amazing guy to work with because it's like watching cinema unfold in front of you. On the surface he seems very serious but actually he's a really funny guy, a little eccentric. On the whole he was great to work with but very impatient towards the evenings when he wanted to get home. He didn't want to stay beyond sunset and finish off scenes. The only day he stayed behind late was when we were shooting a song with some British dancers. He stayed up till six in the morning dancing with the girls who were all egging him on!"