The Movie and Me

A family drama directed by Ravi Chopra.
Produced by B.R. Chopra.

I played Rajat, a singer and musician.

Balraj Kapoor, a wealthy businessman, is content with his wife Shobhna and their son Avi. Then Avi meets artist Millie and they fall in love. Millie's childhood friend Rajat is devastated by this as he has loved her for years. Nevertheless, he won't stand in the way of Millie's happiness and says nothing to her. Avi and Millie get married and have a little boy, Ansh.

Years later, Avi dies in an accident and Millie is devastated. Balraj, trying to bring happiness back into her life, contacts Rajat (now living abroad as a successful singer) and learns that he still loves her. He suggests that Rajat returns and marries her. However, there is stiff opposition to Balraj's plans from other members of the family.

"Rani Mukherjee is my most favourite actress. When we worked on 'Baabul' she was very bubbly and fun loving between shots. But, in an intense scene, when she looks into your eyes and cries, you really understand what she's conveying to you. Rani helped me make an honest effort to perform my best."