Desi Boyz


The Movie and Me

A comedy drama directed by Rohit Dhawan.
Produced by Krishika Thulla, Vijay Ahuja, Jyoti Deshpandey.

I played Nick Mathur (aka 'Hunter'), an investment banker forced to make a drastic career change due to the recession!

Two friends, Jerry Patel and Nick Mathur live and work in London but are hit hard by the 2008 recession. Finding themselves jobless is a disaster for both. Jerry can no longer afford the school fees of his orphaned nephew, while Nick fears he won't be able to give his fiancee the dream wedding and lifestyle she yearns for.

In desperation, they become male escorts, under the names 'Rocco' and 'Hunter'. Together they fulfil the costume fantasies of girls at bachelorette parties. But as their fame spreads, it is only a matter of time before their secret is revealed...

"It was great to be working with Akshay again. He's like my elder brother. We have so much fun on the sets. As far as prepping for our roles, some of which involved pole dancing, I think Akshay and I were pretty much naturals around the pole! I have a feeling that our rigorous workouts had something to do with it. And what I learnt is that you don't really need to be good dancer to do stuff around the pole, which was good for me!"