Housefull 2


The Movie and Me

A madcap comedy of errors directed by Sajid Khan.
Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

I played Max, a compulsive thief and general rogue.

When two stepbrothers (who loathe each other to the core) embark upon a race to find the richest possible husband for their respective daughters, the stage is set for a rollercoaster of misunderstandings and mayhem.

"I put myself totally in my director's hands for 'Housefull 2'. Now kids come to me and say, 'We loved you in the python scene', and that's very important to me. We created a film that's very unpretentious. Sajid was very clear. He said, "I'm not making a classic. I'm making a film to entertain my audience', and he did exactly that."