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Aahib Sanjay Rao: Hi John! Thank you for you’re encouraging response. Since I plan to make acting etc.my career, as I have taken it up in high school in the USA as well, which film industry should I target for my role in the production/acting team? Would Bollywood be preferable or the South Indian film industry? Have a nice one Sir.

Umeda Majidova: Hello, my favorite bollywood actor . The last few days I just enjoy the pleasant publication about "Parmanu" . The film is sure to get a high rating (I'm sure). I look forward to the film. THANK you !!! I wish you luck. Big hug from Russian fans .

shyam sundar handicap: Hi John SIR I watched the trailer of the movie "Paramanu" It is super ....I wish all success. i Love you. SIR YOUR special FAN

souvik: I am really wishing parmanu to do well.Praying to God always , visiting temples . I dont know but i just want to see you more and more happy in life.I just love you john sir . I dont care what hold the future ahead, but i will always keep loving you and being your fan even when you grow 65 plus at age. -Souvik


Ayse Ciftcioglu: Jitni Dafa; it really touched the spirituality. I don't even have the answer to it. As if you were in another world, not in the world. Music hasn't religion, race, there was a language. It's this one song. Just to love you, proud of the religion, such as whether the race. Loving you, as well as supporting LANGUAGE heart. it will be a great pleasure for me to watch you again. Watching the giant man on screen, great pleasure. All the best. What a beautiful, pride If you knew what you watch.

Dhanoop Jaganmohan: Hello John, I am a fan of yours. You selections for roles are incredible. My sister is also a great fan of yours. By the way, I had a small arguement with my sis regarding your favourite subject. According to her, your favourite subject is mathematics. Is that true? :-)

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIAN: Hii John Sir Shubh Din aayo re Song of The Year 7.5 million crossed very Nice Rajasthani song pure Marwadi Language i mean Desi language nd you also Desi Boy nd i think u like Desi Things..👌 with our Parmanu Trailer 6.7million views crossed very nice Amezing fab Trailer nd all songs wish you very all the best of luck my Hero for Parmanu..love you so much baba Can't wait very Excited on 25th May and Congrats for New Movie BatlaHouse I had seen your photo for a yesterday with Nikkhil Advani

Fatima: Hi John, I'm your big fan. I love the way you are encouraging people on gaining an education and how you are building schools and homes in India for children.

Violet : Hi john I love All songs of parmanu my favorite song jitnidafa I want see video ❤️💕 I hope you and Diana in this romantic song ❤️Love ❤️ john❤️

John Abraham: The video is out today, Violet. I hope you liked it :))

Rohit Rawat: Hey John.. seriously got goosebumps while watching trailer of PARMANU.. its going to be first day first show for me for sure ;-) loved the songs.. they are beautiful

Ramesh: Hi John I watched the trailer of the movie "Paramanu" It is super ....I wish all success. Love you..

Queen: hi John I’m from UAE I love everything about you I love u ❤️ Waiting for parmanu trailer look Mind blowing 👏🏻👏🏻 I love All songs of parmanu waiting for All your movie 🎥 I’m so happy you wins parmanu I support you forever ❤️❤️ love u forever 💘 i hope you reply 🙏

John Abraham: Thank you, Queen. Sending you and my UAE audience a big hug. Take care :))

Viraj: Just finished watching Dhoom the 50th time. Yes the VCD bought from my pocket money in my college days still survives, with minor injuries! ‘No one breaks my rules. Not even me’ hard to believe, whatever worthwhile I have achieved in life is based on your Bollywood dialogue. I was a bit dejected that the mixed response on a wonderful movie like Madras Cafe must have deterred you from creating such masterpiece again. Just hopped in to thank you for Parmanu. No one else could have done this!

John Abraham: 50th time? Wow thats awesome, Viraj. Thank you :)

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) i am so impressed by watching Parmanu trailer!!! Fantastic!!! So serious, important and strong theme! Shubh Din is amazing! You are so beautiful

John Abraham: Thanks Assel. Youre very sweet :)

Anish B Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai..i cannot express my love for you in words, you are the best and the most humble person i have ever met, and i will always keep loving and supporting you throughout my life, God has been really kind upon me that i have been blessed to meet a person like you in my life..Dear john bhai "Parmanu" the story of Pokhran will be a massive hit movie.. loved the song "Shubh din aayo re".. Love you John bhai and God bless you.

John Abraham: And you, Anish :)

Arpit Kumar: Hello John Sir , I am your big fan and like you fitness is too my religion , I am waiting for your movie parmanu , thankyou

John Abraham: Thanks Arpit. I hope you like it :)

DR MONMOYURI MAHANTA: 'PARMANU TRAILER ' is outstanding. 'ShubhDin' song is also very Nice. It should appear MORE and MORE number of times in TV including Regional channels, like the other movie (not mentioning the Name) releasing on the same date . I even got to know through Social media only. Just 10 days left. It should be Trending by now . Your admirers n followers in social media are always with you. But I feel only Via TV n RADIO , awareness can be raised among common people about this SPECIAL Movie. Love U.

Nilam joshi: Hi John how r u ? This is Nilam from Phoenix (az) USA. I m a big fan of you.Just wanna wish all the best for your upcoming movie 🎥 parmanu.Lots of love ❤️. Just wanna 👂 hi 👋 from you 🤪🤗😍

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIAN: Hii John Baba Very Nice Fab #PARMANU trailer has got very good response on your YouTube channel and on your Facebook page and you will come to Rajasthan and Jaipur and Jodhpur to promote it.I want our film to be promoted in all major cities and more and more on our screen, so that our film can be super hit..We all have been very support of these JAFCIAN people have shared the entire link to the trailer everywhere and everywhere...All the Best baba can't wait very Excited on 25th may

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh :) Your support is awesome.

Shubham goel: Watched #parmanuofficialtrailer and only one word to describe, Awesome. All the best for your movie john. One more thing, from next week its my exams for my final year and this time need your wishes. Thankyou. Lots of love

charles: John sir saw you in mumbai mirror you looked awesome.

Rahul Yadav JAFCIAN: Hello John sir I am Rahul Yadav from JAFCIANS club

John Abraham: Hi Rahul. Please give my thanks and wishes to the club :))

jay upreti: finally .. Parmanu trailer is amazing. we really need someone who produce movies like this. all the best. first day first show :) jay upreti #95autograph

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIAN: Humne jo soccha vo desh ke liye tha Humne jo kiya vo desh ke liye hain aur humne jo paya vo desh ke liye hoga very nice Amezing fab trailer baba 👌 i'm proud of you my Hero wish u very all the best for parmanu baba....u are also champ 😘 love u baba 💝 Rajasthan se Parmanu ka Poster or Rajasthani safa(pagdi) le kr aaunga thodde dinno se aapke pass milne Can't wait Damn Excited 25th may #JaiHind 🇮🇳

Anoop: Salute to these great men...... Today is 11th May.... Exactly 20 years ago, on this day, India became a nuclear nation.... #Pokhran2 #NationalTechnologyDay Best wishes john abraham the filim of paramanu (the story of pokran) All Indians are proud of you john💪💪💪

Himanshu: Well i dont know from where to start i m quite emotional.Wishing u a lot of success ahead . #PARMANU will rock definitely . But what i like about u is your nature ( too humble) stay like this forever. A big thanku on behalf of all #indians for #PARMANU

John Abraham: Ill try Himanshu. And thank you :)

Tejashree Reddy: Awesome...Fantastic....Mindblowing...Superb... Love..Love...Love the Trailer....iLove thePatriotic Dialouges they are Heartouching...This movie is gonna be a Super Duper Hit....and A National Award is a must for this Film...love u John and All The Best for for future projects.... :)

Vanessa Rodrigues : Heyy John just saw Parmanu trailer.. And can't wait to see the movie looks like a lot of action what i love.

Raftie Pankti: Love John, I am so so Happy that at the end KriArj finally stepped out of this Movie Parmanu, thanks to the court. Just saw the Trailer and I just have a one word, its OUTSTANDING. Honestly never heard about Pokhran and was not knowing that it has so much importance in our History. All thanks to you. I and other rafties are so glad that you have come up with it. We are So PROUD of YOU!!! Sending Love and a BIg HUG. Never forget, we Rafties always have your Back.

John Abraham: Thank you, Pankti. Sending you and all the rafties a big hug :))

karan: congratulations john .eagerly waiting fr ur movie parmanu.

Ayse Ciftcioglu: Do you know that you're like water. Such as special, useful as water . It takes the shape of each vessel that enters the water, just like you.You get the shape of all the characters you play. You keep those characters alive. I watched the whole movie and I'll continue to follow.The never ending, never exhaustion and be always sir.You' re a great actor with a big heart. Always be nice things in your life. I respect you very much. Hope one day l 'll have a chance to see you. All the best.

Ayse Ciftcioglu: The release date of Parmanu may have been delayed but I wholeheartedly support you and I look forward to watching. You've had difficulties in this process and you're sad. You 're right and right always win .I 'm a paraglider pilot and we also need to reach the base of the cloud. I believe that Parmanu will make a cloud base. Language, religion, race may be different but the language of the heart is the same. I wish success from my heart. You always get a nice way to get sugar.

Dr Avani Chaturvedi: Hi John....m a very big fan of yours since my school days( now I m a dentist) ...I love all your movies specially dostana...hope to see such more movies coming up... all the best for Parmanu....

John Abraham: Thank you for the support Avani. That means so much :)

Aahib Sanjay Rao: Hello! this is Aahib here again. I won’t talk that much today, but I just want to ask you something personal from you. Can you tell me that when you are free and have a one week break how many days a week do you workout sir? Thank you Have a nice one.

John Abraham: Hi Aahib. I workout even on my holiday breaks. I like to stay active. So rather than the gym I might play a sport or do some scuba diving or rock climbing. It depends on the facilities available. Hope that helps :)

Naman Agarwal: Hello sir i am Naman from JAFCIAN and i the same whos tattok suresh bishnio showed you when he came to meet you at 27th March...sir i am one the your biggest fan and i will come to meet you vry soon sir...plzz release the trailer of Parmanu sir i cant wait more sir plz...sending love nd best wishes all the best for parmanu sir" jai Hind 🇮🇳

John Abraham: Be patient a little while longer, Naman. It will come soon :))

JAAN: Congratulations JOHN . 'Parmanu ' Teaser is fantastic. When is the Trailer coming? Keep up the good work. Wholeheartedly Wishing all the very best for PARMANU.

Himanshu: John Bhai aap Jammu Kashmir aa rhe ho????? Pls let me know.... 😍😍😍

John Abraham: Hoping to shoot there very soon, Himanshu.

Suresh Bishnoi Jafcian: Hii John Sir, i am No.1 Big fan of you i am trying to learn Acting. When I came to meet you, there is a school in Andheri, I went to see it there and acted in 1 day and I am learning from there, I want blessings from you...Sir, I will do my best and I will do whatever I have to do. I am a very middle class boy, i don't hv father.I will work hard but I will continue to be I just want your blessings sir I believe everything to you. If Sir becomes your biggest fan or actor then you will Love u sir

John Abraham: I wish you the very best of luck, Suresh. I'm sure you'll do well :)

Anirudh: Hello John Sir. It's been a great feeling to get a reply from u.

Vanessa Rodrigues : Hey John, yesterday I saw Force 2. Awesome movie. Thank God for Netflix 😂, and i loved the movie. Is just awesome when you do action movies. There just my favorite and i saw dishoom again today 😎🤗. One of my favorite. Yes, this is how I spend my holidays😄 I just have to wait so long until I can see your new movies, that is annoying if you live in Germany. Love you 😘

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIAN: Hi John Baba I am your biggest fan in the head of the whole India which has been your fan together with all people who are grouped together for three years on the whatsaap list. JAFCIANS People of the same group, we will share your new photos on Twitter FACEBOOK Whatever the trailer of the movie is all promos, our team is 24x7 ACTIVE. I love you more t han you are your upcoming film Nuclear and Satyamev Jayate is a super hit me and my friends going frist day Frist Show Watch Parmanu jai Hind🇮🇳

John Abraham: That's great, Suresh. Please thank the JAFCIANS for their support. It is very much appreciated. :)

vishal gupta: Hi sir, I wish u all the very best for your upcoming movie Parmanu

John Abraham: Thanks, Vishal :)

Ayse Ciftcioglu: There' re magical people; life is more experienced with dreams, thoughts, actions and works; people turning the world into a multi-colored, loud, joyful and enthusiastic adventure. You're one of those magical people. In this environment where your creativity is far from being worthy, you're like magic, so magical. If I lived in India, I would have a chance to see. But I see your movies with you. I can't find words to tell you. Please do would take care of yourself? I support the heart.

John Abraham: Thank you, Ayse. You're very sweet :))

DR MONMOYURI MAHANTA: Hi John, Very excited for 25th of May. You’re always amazing at what you do; therefore expecting something very different from you on the historical test dates 11th and 13th May . You have the abilities to make these two very important days MORE SPECIAL and MORE MEMORABLE either by promotions , trailer , screening or with some interviews in TV about PARMANU '. You’re So talented and hard working, Wish PARMANU to be a great success . I trust you and your abilities.Poster looks very Promising.

John Abraham: Thank you, Monmoyuri. I hope you enjoy the promotions. This is a very special film for us all :))

Vanessa Rodrigues : Hey John 😍 are you coming to Germany 🇩🇪? 🙈 have you ever been in Portugal 🇵🇹? Love you so much and I hope you are doing well..wish you all the best ♥

John Abraham: Hi Vanessa. No plans to visit Germany at present, but I'd love to go again. It's a great country. All the best to you too :)

Suhas Vasantrao Sonwane: Hi John sir! I am big fan of your. I follow you since I was in 10th . I have completed MBBS fromGovernment Medical clg in Maharashtra and now working at Govrnment Run Hospital in Mumbai. I was very much crezy about you and your movie while in medical collage and due to that my friend ties me by calling John 😀😀 and I feel very special when they said that. My biggest wish is to meet you.

John Abraham: Well done, Suhas. Becoming a doctor and helping others is a great achievement. You are special :))

Bedirhan Kayhan: Dear John Abraham , I can't explain how much I love you. You are my favourite actor. You are a perfect person and you are the person that I want to be like. I will never be like you but I hope that I can meet you someday. That's only one of my biggest dreams. Whenever you smile I feel more happy. I don't know but I feel that you are my father. Maybe not biological but you are my father by heart. You have a different place in my life. Thank you for everything. My spiritual dad.

John Abraham: That's very sweet, Bedirhan. Thank you :)

Dee: We are fans from Canada John. As police officers and family, we find your movies amazingly entertaining and thought provoking. Madras Cafe and Rocky Handsome were brilliant!! We’re all looking forward to seeing Parmanu and other future films. My and my girlfriends “guilty pleasure” is you and Abi in Dostana🔥 Continued success on your journey! You’re a great human being and, as the mom to two awesome sons, I love the fact you’re a mommy’s boy!

John Abraham: Thank you, Dee. Sending a big hug to you, your family and my awesome Canadian audience. All the best :))

Rahul Purohit : hello, John sir am Rahul Purohit (being_John_666) I`m your big fan an Maybe you remember my name ...coz when I met you , you called me by my name :))).... you are the best sir. I never saw a actor in Bollywood with Simplicity like you....:) One particular reason is that I am such a big fan of your and that is the reason you support the Indian Army ...and My Dream is that I join the army :)) Love You Sir , Best of luck for your next project Parmanu , SMJ , an all :) Take care sir !!!!

John Abraham: That's great, Rahul. I hope you fulfil your dream. I wish you all the very best. :)