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Sakina: Hi John! Sakina here want to know how was your day?? What about temperature of mumbai? Its still slightly hot in Pakistan.one more thing, I'm waiting for interview call from bank.Please wish me luck. Halima (sis of mine) is paying regards to you. Stay blessed with family 🙋 Take care

John Abraham: I wish you the very best of luck, Sakina. And my regards to Halima too :)

Shikha Gautam: Hi John, I am a big fan of yours. I love to call you "MERA HERO" :) I am waiting for your upcomimg movie "Parmanu :The Story Of Pokharan". I wish all the best for your future. Lots of love :) Stay blessed :*

deepa wadhwa: jhon your smile , your eyes says many words and u r simple living style inspires others to do hardwork adopt simple life style. your Bitrhday and my Birthday is on same date 18th dec.waiting for reply SOON u will achieve BEST WORLD ACTOR AWARD

John Abraham: Hi Deepa. My birthday is actually on 17th December, but it's so close to yours that we can call it the same day if you want :)

clubjohnabraham: Hello John sir 💓 ! Your Russian fan vk.com/clubjohnabraham base wishes you success with your upcoming project. We are looking forward to your new film !!! A few words for your fans in Russia. Thank you for becoming active in social networks, we missed you 👍   Yours faithfully!

John Abraham: Sending a big hug to all my Russian audience. Thank you for your amazing support. It is very humbling.

somesh tantrapale: HII JOHN Sirji am very much fan of your film , waiting for John upcoming movie its my dream to click a picture with u

sayan Bose: sir i am sayan bose from kolkta i am a very big fan of you. i like your old style when you had long hairs filmed jism saaya kaal awesome film aweosme songs but i like your present body abs its too sexy .

PRIYANKA GUNJE: HI JHON, i am very happy to see u again on social media .i am curious to know about everything about your work. and i m waiting for your up coming movie "PARMANU STORY OF POKHRAN".... and i "BEST LUCK" to ur movie and OUR "NORTHEAST UNITED" team.....

Shivam Shukla: Hello sir.... I am 19.5 years old and I am 5ft 10inch tall. I want to grow 3 inches more . Can you give me some tips. I will be grateful to you.

John Abraham: Hi Shivam. At 19 you might not have stopped growing yet. Some people don't finish till their early 20s. I can't give you any tips on growing taller because that is in the hands of nature. But 5ft 10 inches is a decent height, so don't feel bad. Stand straight and make sure your posture is good. That will help. Take care :)

Ankush Cheema: Sir i m big fan of your its my dream to click a picture with u nd spend a whole day with you ....

mubarak pasha : thank you so much john sir your reply i love you sir

sammit: best of luck

farhan: hi john

Aditya Mahajan: John you are a great guy smart and handsome.I would like to ask you , how do you started your film carrier, what difficulties have you faced in addition my dear, why did'nt you tried to direct a film? well I wish you achieve great success, stay blessed any live happy!!

John Abraham: Hi Aditya. I'd very much like to direct a film one day. I just need a few more hours in the day before I achieve that :)

Lakshya Bahl: Hello Sir... I want to participate in GLADRAGS MEGA MODEL CONTEST. Hence I would be grateful if you can give some tips and guidance in this regard...Eagerly waiting for your reply!!!

zafar: hello sir i am zafar nd i'm a huge fan of urs. hope that u r fine.sir i was trying to improve my chest but did'nt work anything i mean i'm doing pretty well in th gym but i'm bored of fats.would u like to give me some hints or tell me how do i lose my fats..

John Abraham: Hi Zafar. To burn fat you need to increase your cardio regime and reduce sugar from your diet. Make sure you're eating cleanly - plenty of vegetables and protein with as little oil and salt added as possible. Weight training plays a part too. Working out with weights will increase your muscle mass and the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn. I hope that helps. Best of luck :)

Sumit: Hi I am very much fan of your film , waiting for John upcoming movie

Salman khan: Hi, John sir my height is 6.1 feet tall I dont want to grow further so i stop drinking milk because it have lots of calcium which helps to grow bone but I have heard that milk also help to bulid musules so what should I do to stop my height growth and make more musles please tell me and sir at the time my age is 20. Thanks sir for your last reply.

John Abraham: Hi Salman. At 20 it is unlikely you will grow any taller but 6.1 is a good height. It's true that milk is good for bones, especially when you're a kid. The calcium makes them dense and strong. And as a muscle food it is great because it contains high quality proteins that are quickly absorbed. But I've never heard of milk making an adult grow any taller. So there's no need to give it up.

Leila: Good Evening, Dear John! It was a pleasant surprise! You were so amazing, handsome, incredible, beautiful, when you walked the runway at Times Fashion Week!!! The black suit by Narendra Kumar was so beautiful! You were so fantastic walking on the ramp!!! Al the best wishes! Love You :)

mubarak pasha: john sir my smell wish 25th Sep my birthday can you wish me sir please its my big request to you love u john sir

John Abraham: Mubarak Pasha - wishing you a very Happy Birthday for 25th September. Hope you have a great day. All the best to you :)

Shujai S: You're active on social media! Amazing. My question is: Strict on sugar and salt intake - What are your alternatives to these?

Divya : Hi John, we were in front of your home from the past half an hour. We had gone to Mount Mary and on our way back stopped at your place. You weren't there

John Abraham: So sorry I missed you, Divya. I was probably at the office. Take care :)

Lakshya Bahl: Hi John sir !. I saw you last year in Dubai when you came for the launch of home decor store in Karama..Hope you remember that day!..you have inspired the youth for the fitness..All the best for Parmanu!..

John Abraham: Thank you Lakshya :)

anand: my best wishes to your upcoming 'paramanu'

Salman: Hi John sir your answer really helps me thanks for responding from your busy life. I am Waiting for your next film "Parmanu" to watch.


Shaktikant Mahadoo: Hello John . I am so happy today . On YouTube channel there are movie trailer reactions of "Rocky Handsome last fight scene" , the people are amazed by this great scene and according to me it's the best action scene . I would be happy to know if you watched the movie trailer reactions .You are the BEST and will always be .You are my Favourite actor . From Shakti and family

John Abraham: Hi Shaktikant. No I didn't see them yet. But I'm happy to know that the scene is admired by viewers. It took a lot of work, sweat and blood, literally. Thanks for letting me know :)

Fawaz: Hi, John. I'm Fawaz from Pakistan. I'm huge fan of urs but my fiance is an even bigger fan (GBs worth of your photos in her laptop kinda fan; trust me). It's her first birthday with me after we got engaged and she is the love of my life (her name is RUBA). I have only one request from you and I am hoping you would grant it: would u be kind enough to take out 5-6 seconds out of ur busy life

John Abraham: Hi Fawaz. Thanks for this. Happy Birthday Ruba. Sending you a BIG birthday hug. It is support like yours that has made me who I am in this industry. Thank you so much. Best wishes to you always :)

rony hasan: hi john , ur little fan here . i had asked many firness related questions in past n u answered them all thank u . another problem has arise with my traps . i have good upper traps , but i seem to lack in middle n lower traps . i do dumbbel , barbel shrugs , face pull . and i get good pump in my upper traps but my middle and lower traps are empty . they have different muscle fibers but i dont know how to target them . whats ur advise sir . thank you.

John Abraham: Hi Rony. Have you tried doing incline shrugs? Set an incline bench to 45 degrees and lay chest down. Grab a dumbbell (low weight to start with) in each hand, hang your arms straight down then pinch your shoulder blades together to move the weights up and down. You should feel it between your shoulder blades. Chin-ups are good too. Hope that helps :)

shujai s: Coconut in scorching heat, cool. Never seen this kind of love. Bailey is sweet, her pups gorgeous and chocolatey. Those paws, strong as their Gd. JA-17 sounds like jets name! Ever wanted to become a pilot?

Ramesh: Hi john ,How are you? I like your photo with pet posted on instegram.your very cute,i love you...😉♥️

Raftie Devyn: Hi John! I'm a such a big fan of you as a person. Fitness Q: I know you dropped a lot of weight for your role in Parmanu and was curious what your body goals are now that filming is complete. Is it gains o’clock in the house of JA or will you be keeping a smaller frame for a while? Sending much love to you and the family from sunny SoCal. I hope everyone is in good health. :)

John Abraham: Hi Devyn. I'm going to have to keep you guessing for a bit longer :) Still deciding/finalising which project will go ahead next. Thanks for your wishes :)


John Abraham: Thank you, Payal. So kind :)

priya : hy jhon ,my name is priya and i m from solapur .i am big fan of yours . your acting and your social work inspires me everytime .but fans like me cnt connect with you easily . n we want to knw about u so be updated everytime on social media specially on facebook and instagram :)

Umeda Majidova: Hi John .Thanks for your last publish to instagram Facebook and Twitter. It is for us like a breath of air.I noticed that you are very fond of their dogs , admire. Judging from your furniture ,especially the sofa, I realized that you're a very good father and you have nerves of steel . Good luck to you and a big hug from the Russian fans, love you very much .

John Abraham: Hi Umeda. Yes Bailey likes to chew things a little too much, ha ha. Sending a big hug to you and all my Russian supporters :))

Sagar Kanabar: continued: and it is just because of my lord shiva and the great john abraham who is a calm soul, peace lover, never roaming with a superstar attitude,,too fit to defeat,,and my role model I would really wish to shake hands with u once,,i would be like stacked fr an hour after that,, Bless me john i wna be besides u to be ds down to earth,,pls keep loving all d kids {saw pics on insta} and live longer All my deep heartned wishes to u john,,love u john

Salman khan: Hello, John sir today I saw your Yeh hai meri kahani episode on youtube. Your story really inspires me and not only me I think you are the inspiration for all of us who want to make their career in film industry. Sir I feel very lucky that I am your fan and I have a role model like you.

Abhishek Karan: Hi John sir,I wish u all the vry best for ur upcoming project PARMANU.Without a doubt u'll continue to achieve success in all areas!!Thank u for being a perfect role model.I feel so blessed to have met u at Mussorie outside ur hotel and during the shoot,I hope u still remember.A big thank u for that opportunity.Ur wishes have proved to be a blessing and I got admission for my MBA. I've my 25th b'day coming up on Sept 6th.I owe a lot to my family and to YOU for making me who I am today.Much love!

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Abhishek. So sorry I missed it. Hope you had a great time in beautiful Mussorie. Good memories :)

Salman khan: Hi, John sir i am writing this inorder to answer your question. Sir i have both problem i am shy person as well as my confidence level is also low but for last 3 months i am trying to be extrovert person I have depressed many times but i am still trying. Sir thankyou very much for your advice your advice make me more powerful but sir please tell me Is it necessary to form extrovert personality to join the film industry and sir please tell me what kind of personality do you have?

John Abraham: Hi Salman. First of all, you don't have to be extrovert to join the industry, but you do need a certain level of confidence and belief in yourself because essentially, as an actor, you are a product. Your career won't build itself. You need to convince producers and directors that you are worth their investment of time and money. That often means attending parties and social events. I am naturally quite a shy person who likes to live away from the spotlight. But you will still see me outside sometimes. I hope that helps :)

Shirshendu Paul: What about rocky handsome part-2 ?

Robin Dey: Hiii John.Hope you are fine..Just waiting for Parmanu Hope it will be Blockbuster. I heard about one yours projects relating to a film on Football.If it is true i will be eagerly waiting for that. I Loved your Film GOAL which i have watched almost 100 times #DIehardfan #JA #Forever

John Abraham: Wow, Robin, 100 times? That's awesome :)

MANISH TUKARAM RATHOD: my best wishes to your upcoming 'paramanu'.... love you John.

Divya : Continued... And for showering her with so much love ❤ I remember the time I found a small pup in New Delhi in freezing cold and when I tried getting it a home, friends would first ask me the breed. One of my close friend even said that they don't want a "sadak chaap" dog. They would get K.C.I registered dogs. I was lucky enough to get a family for him. I had a cat then so couldn't keep it.

John Abraham: Wow. That was so kind of you, Divya. You have a very good heart :)

Divya : You know John, I always forget to tell you that you are not only my ideal man but also my favourite human being. If I had to write the reasons, I'll run out of space! You have so many endearing qualities! To name a few - you're honest, daring, straight, a thorough gentleman, compassionate, sophisticated...list is endless. I also love the fact that you are not fake and superficial. You say what you mean and don't mince your words. I also respect you for adoption an abandoned pup and for showering

Divya : Hi again, my John! Just came from school. Feeling very emotional. My closest friend here left today. She has chosen to change her profession. Yes! I will miss her dearly. Isn't it sad that the people who love us, value us and understand us- leave us. Hmmm...hurts.

Divya : I miss you so, so much !!!

Divya : Hi John, today you came in my dreams. You are on an open stage and I'm standing at the back - down. Somebody comes and tells me that you are leaving India and settling down abroad and as soon as I hear that I start crying. And then you come down and hug me and console me and reassure me that you are not going.

John Abraham: That's so sweet, Divya. I'm glad I made you happy in your dream. Please take care :)

bency ann koshy: Hey john this is bency here, I have to be honest, when you initially started movies I was definitely not impressed even though jism did a great job at the box office. But what got me impressed is your journey after that from where to where. You have done some amazing movies from then, my few favourites been New York, Kabul express, taxi no 2011. How you have transformed yourself into this charismatic, honest, gorgeous human being is not luck by any chance. We know its your sheer hard work.

John Abraham: Thank you, Bency. It's always nice to get appreciation. All the best to you :)

lucas: wow I love u

muthu : very handsome sir wish u all the best

Amit Kumar: hlo sir , this is Amit ; one of the biggest fans of you. Precisely , love the movies you have been doing .Waiting desperately for Parmanu . It will definitely be an epic like Madras Cafe was. All the best for Parmanu

John Abraham: Thanks, Amit. I hope you enjoy it. Parmanu is a great journey :)