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Huma Sultan: hello John. I guess it's a little bit to say I love you. But I'll say anyway. I admire you. I love you so much. November 1st is my birthday and I want sweet sweet wishes from you

Mawluda Y: I started my internship,recently. Unlike in school, there was no one to tell me how to finish the work, So I had to study by myself. I really wanted to try my best to do everything well, but it doesn't seem to work. Very unhappy, REALLY REALLY REALLY miss u :)need a big hug!

Zenobia Tafsil: Hi John! I am overwhelmed to learn that you are playing an antagonist in 'Pathan'. I wish you all the best .Sending you a hug.

Nikhil Patel: Dear John sir, My friend Nandini Gupta ,she's your biggest fan sir, she's very crazy for you and adore you alot. She never misses any movie of yours. I just have a small request sir, it's her birthday on 22nd October. Can you please sir please just wish her "Happy birthday Nandini Gupta"

John Abraham: Hi Nandini, I wish you a VERY happy birthday. I hope you have great day. Sending you a hug :))

Tania choudhury: hi john you are the most stylish and good looking actor. i m big fan of yours saw all your movies

John Abraham: That's so sweet, thank you Tania :)

RAJDEEP DE: John Sir! I beg of you to kindly wish me on 24th October, my birthday. I will be highly obliged.

John Abraham: Hi Rajdeep, wishing you a very happy birthday for 24th October. I know I'm early but I didn't want to miss it. Have a great day :)

Avdhoot Alate: Dear John Sir, Thanks for entertaining us , you are my inspiration and also for new topics for Bollywood movie such as Rocky Handsome , Satyemev Jayete, Force

John Abraham: Thanks Avdhoot. So kind :)

Zenobia Tafsil: Hi John! it would be great to see you play the role of an antagonist if there is Hostage 3. I loved your role in Zinda.....you did do justice to your role in that. And plus your look and expressions were outstanding. Am confident you will do an amazing job . Thumbs up and keep smiling.... hug from me.

John Abraham: Thanks Zenobia :)

Shayan: Hi john sir i am from Lahore, Pakistan and i am your biggest fan one day i will come to meet thats my promise and i am soon joining JAFCIAN YOUR FAN GROUP LOTS OF LOVE ♥️🥰

John Abraham: That's great, Shayan. My best wishes to you :))

neyha sharma : Hi JA, just wanted to share something very cute happening here at my place. Raavya, my 6 yr old - Alexa! play songs from the movie “ jhootha hi sahi,,, Alexa play again” 😃 this is how she gets ready for her online school. rote kaiko hum.. ...is our daily anthem from last 1 month. U are one of our healthy habits JA 🤗🤗

John Abraham: That sounds so cute, Neyha. Please give Raavya a big hug from me :))

Chaitanya sukre: Hello John sir I have met you couple of times. As you know ido a lot of social activities inspired by you and just to make you happy for everything you have given me in life.. This time I distributed 50 N-95 masks to all the needy poor people (street vendors)of my red zone city Aurangabad . I hope you are happy on this

John Abraham: That's awesome, Chaitanya. So very kind :)

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai, i had seen movie "Savita damodar paranjpe" amazing movie

John Abraham: Thanks Anish, much appreciated :)

Daneshvar Khot: Dear John Sir, My wife Priyanka Shah is a huge fan of your. Her birthday is on 19th October. I was hoping you can send a message wishing her that would be great.

John Abraham: Hi Priyanka. I hope you have a great day on 19th October. Wishing you a very VERY Happy Birthday. Thanks for your support. It means a lot. Sending a big birthday HUG. :))

Zenobia Tafsil: Dearest John! I wish you all the very best for your next shoot and good health. Keep up with your regular fitness sessions. Special hug from me.

John Abraham: Thanks Zenobia. Hugging you back :)

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA ,😊 I’m so happy seeing Mumbai Saga shoot pictures through the sources n really excited for SMJ2.. I pray to God to keep you away from all the bad energies. Good wishes, love always. 👍🙏🏻💕

John Abraham: Thank you, Neyha, that's very sweet :))

Dr Monmoyuri: Saying thank U is really not enough, JOHN. I’m truly blessed . Ur wishes means a lot. Love U for taking the time out to wish me by a video message . It was possible only because of those two sweet guys RITESH n HUSSAIN. About one and half year ago U did the first video for me after receiving my letter via our Queen VENETIA She is always an Angel to me . Love U from the core of my heart always ❤️

John Abraham: It was my pleasure, Monmoyuri. I hope you and your husband had a great double birthday :))

Shash: Hi John! You are my inspiration and after following your fitness mantra for the past year, I have lost 15 kg and feeling the best I have felt in the past 10 years! I also have watched every single one of your movies and love your unique choices like Paap, Aashayein and Jhootha Hi Sahi. Keep doing those kind of movies and being the wonderful human being you are! I also love Sia and Bailey. Please ask them to update their inta page more! Much love and big hug!

John Abraham: Wow... 15 kg is a great achievement, Shash. Well done. Bailey and Sia send you a big hug too :)

Zenobia Tafsil: Dear John! Thank you for your reply... You made my afternoon as I was quite tired after a long day at work. Keep up your hard work but at the same time, do look after your health. Especially during this crucial time. Lots of hugs from me.

John Abraham: You take care too, Zenobia. :)

Sharan Shinge: Hi John Sir!! It’s a today my birthday My name is Sharan Shinge (JAFCIANS) FORCE BOUNCERS PUNE Love you 😘 Take Care Sir

John Abraham: Hi Sharan. I'm so sorry I missed this. I hope you had a great day. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. All the best :))

Smita: Hi john sir, my name is Smita and I am from Delhi but living at America. I’m a huge fan of yours. How r u sir?

John Abraham: I'm doing ok, Smita. I hope you are too. Take care :)

Shiv : Hi John, I wanted to know that I am working at the Delhi airport and do a 12 hours shift and I wanted to know that whenever I get time I do work out at home. But I am unable to follow a particular diet and hence I needed your help in order to follow a diet. Would appreciate if you could help me and guide me with the same. Sending you loads of love and good wishes for all your upcoming movies.

John Abraham: Hi Shiv. You'll have to be a little more specific. Why are you unable to follow a particular diet? Do you have allergies? When it comes to working out, consistency is key. So you really need to be training at least three times a week, preferably at a regular time, if you want to see results. I hope that helps.

Kriti Kumar: Hey John!There is an awesome news I wanna share with you...I am picking n plucking all the love n admiration of your fans from different parts of the world..,that your fans have for you!! These will soon take shape of a John Journal..,, a collection of love n emotions from fans of various age groups..!I am elated to see overwhelming response n craze for you..whether it be Russia..London..or Turkey!! Would love to keep you posted!! Much Love💕 K

John Abraham: Thank you, Kriti. That sounds awesome. Best wishes to you :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John sir!!!! its my birthday today. The theaters are opening from 15th so sir when will Mumbai Saga release???? Please do it soon sir

John Abraham: Hi Pranav, I wish you a very happy birthday. Unfortunately, I can't yet give you a date for Mumbai Saga. That is for other people to decide. Hopefully soon though. :)

Raftie Dr Monmoyuri: Hi John, It's a very SPECIAL DAY on 3rd October. My husband and I share the SAME BIRTHDAY . A few words from you can make our birthday even more Special. Love always 🌹

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri. Wow, on the same day? That's wonderful. I hope you both have a lovely day. Best wishes always. :))

muhammad: hi sir how are you dear john i am so glad and happy that i am the biggest fan of yours and the movie stamaya was amazing also heard the second number is releasing i am sure it will be amazing . indeed my dear frend mehrzad loves you and he says you are the best wish you ther best sir we love wanna see you the best things coming

John Abraham: Wishing you and Mehrzad all the best, Muhammad. Take care :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October - My Birthday, My Big Dream - Your Wish :) Big hugs to Bailey and Sia!!! I love you very much!!! Take care yourself :)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 5th October, Assel. Big hugs to you too. Have a great day :)

Harsh: Hi John Sir!!!! It's my friend Pranav's birthday, please do wish him.

John Abraham: Hi Harsh, you don't say what date, so I don't know if I missed it. Happy Birthday Pranav.

Manjeet Sandhu: Hello John, I’m your big fan. My birthday is on 28th September and if you can, please wish me on my birthday :) Thank you in advance sir. All the best for your coming projects, Love you 🤗

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Manjeet. Please accept my belated wishes. I hope you had a super birthday. :)

Zenobia Tafsil: Hi John! i make a point of watching all your movies; does not matter what genre they are. I still watch Garam Masala and Dhoom over and over. I love you taking up the challenge of doing different roles and you make it worth it. Keep it up John. And keep smiling ...cute dimples.

John Abraham: I'll try, Zenobia. You keep smiling too :))

Zenobia Tafsil: Dearest John! I love that daring look of yours in 'Satyamev Jayate 2' poster. Wish you all the best for your upcoming movies. Take care.

John Abraham: Thanks Zenobia. It's nice to do something different. :)

Tanima Kundu: Hi John, how have you been? How is Bailey and Sia? Your look in Satyameva jayate 2 is so captivating that I just cant take my eyes off. But 'intezar ki imteha' . But your movies always worth waiting for. Just counting days, I hope will get to see you in screen soon. Sending you big hug and best wishes. Take care :)

John Abraham: All are fine, Tanima. Sending a big hug back to you :))

Kriti Kumar : You are the essence of my existence, John💕 Dying to get wishes from you on my birthday today! For a crazy fan like me..you are everything.... everything else is just everything else! Johnuinely urs..K 💕

John Abraham: I think I may have missed this, Kriti, but I hope you had a lovely day. Please accept my belated wishes. Take care :))

Manisha: Dear John, All good wishes for your upcoming movie.

John Abraham: Thanks Manisha :))

Shahzad : Wow Looks exciting What a intense look! It gonna be blockbuster Touchwood I wish u All the Best wishes 4all ur upcoming projects @TheJohnAbraham Sir May God be with u always in every moment of ur life Sending Prayers

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Shahzad. All the best to you :)

Alia: Hi John again it’s Alia we love your look in SMJ2 Super hot this movie will be super hit!❤️

John Abraham: Thank you Alia, I hope so too :))

mubarak khan: hi sir 25 Sep 2020 my birthday can you wish me sir plzzz love you john sir i always love you so much sir stay safe sir

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Mubarak. I hope you have a super day. All the best :)

Chaitanya sukre: Hello John sir. I have one fitness query.. I m an endomorph.. Body fat 25% . As we know we can either bulk up or cut. Both cannot happen. But my goal is to get a jawline and thus I ll have to cut fat.. Would like to tell u that there is too much water retention in my face.. What can i do to reduce that? Sir i dont smoke neither I drink. Regular water intake is 4 litres.

John Abraham: Hi Chaitanya. Extra weight in the face is usually the result of too much body fat rather than fluid retention. To get rid of it the best thing to do is up your cardio regime and amend your diet to limit sugar and carbs. Also watch your salt intake. And make sure you're getting plenty of quality sleep. I hope that helps. All the best.

Abhishek Pandey: Hey John! Abhishek here. Wasn't a fan but as I am growing up, I have become one. Seems like getting better sense of what's good and what's okay. The kinda actor you are and the kinda human being you are is really inspiring. Thank you for existing and keep inspiring!

John Abraham: That's very humbling, Abhishek, thank you :)

Indu K: Hey John. Sending you 2 hugs!! Do return 1 :)

John Abraham: Hi Indu. HUG!!! :))

Zenobia Tafsil: Hi John. I was pleased to receive your reply. You made my day. I was impressed to learn you have donated your Maruti for a good course. That is so generous of you. i love you more for your simplicity and generosity . May the Almighty shower you with good health. Love from New Zealand.

John Abraham: Thanks Zenobia :)

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John, hope you will be fine and shine but I was in trouble . Alhumdulilah getting better but still need your sincere wishes . 🙏 Good luck and best wishes by Mom :)))

John Abraham: So sorry to hear that, Sakina. Please take care. All the best to you.

Mawluda Y: I like read your replies to fans friends.I wanted to say something, too, but they said everything I wanted to say. Well, I just can't stop missing you. Hope the new movie comes soon

John Abraham: Hi Mawluda, your message is still very special. Hoping to bring you a new release very soon. Lots of love :)

Chaitanya sukre: Love u John bro.. Can u please say a hi and give some fitness tips to my friend Vaishnavi 🤷‍♂️. Happens to be your admirer like me

John Abraham: Hi Vaishnavi, do your workouts regularly, eat cleanly and get plenty of sleep. All the best :)

Neha: Hi John.. I love you so much.. I just love you,

John Abraham: Thanks Neha, that's very sweet, Sending you a big hug :)

Alia: Hi John ! I just can’t wait to see Mumbaisaga

John Abraham: Hoping you will soon, Alia, but things are difficult right now. Be patient just a little more :)

Zenobia Tafsil: Hi John! Am waiting desperately for your Mumbai Saga. I like you a lot when you do serious roles. Also thanks a lot for your reply previously. Take care.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Zenobia. Take care :))

Abhishek Sonone: Hello sir!!! My gf Nikita deshmukh is your admirer! Her birthday is on 12 Sept! Your best wishes will make her day wonderful! Also give her some fitness tips as she eats a lot of junk food🙈

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for 12th September, Nikita. Take care and have a lovely day. :))

Emaan: Hi John! I am the biggest fan and lover and admirer of you in the world(i guess so😜) I just love you, your styles, your characters and everything. I have seen all your movies and 100 times each. You are the best. If I ever get offered 3 wishes, 1st of them will be marrying you😔❤️ Toooooooo much love and prayers for you from Pakistan. Ilysm ♥️

John Abraham: Thank you, Emaan. You're very sweet :)

Urooj Naqvi: Hey John just wanted to say that you're the most amazing beautiful human being ever on this planet

John Abraham: Wow, thank you, Urooj. I don't think I am but thanks for being so kind :)

Chaitanya sukre: Thank you so much sir for guiding always❤❤❤.. I have an interesting question for you... When your shoot is outside india and you don't have gym facility how is your gym routine with bodyweight exercises?? I mean its interesting as everytime we will not have gym sir. So what are the exercises of free body that match up the level of our workout in gyms

John Abraham: Hi Chaitanya. Well, fortunately that doesn't occur very much. These days most places have facilities we can use on a shoot. Previously, if the place I'm staying in has inadequate facilities I have looked around for a better gym outside and used that instead. Otherwise, body weight exercises can be done almost anywhere. Pushups, pull-ups, plank, crunches. If you do enough of them it's a decent workout. I hope that helps. :)