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ASMITA: Hi John Sir! I am Asmita from Calcutta. I am a huge fan of yours. I love you, all your movies, your swag and your style so very much. My birthday is on 15th June. So I humbly request you to kindly send me a personalised birthday greetings and good wishes of at least 4-5 lines. Please Sir. It's gonna be my best bday gift ever.

RAJ: I am 5'6" tall and not a trained or qualified actor, but I am heavily interested in acting onscreen. Am I eligible to become a lead actor in Bollywood?

John Abraham: Hi Raj. It takes hard work and dedication, as well as a little bit of good luck, to be a successful actor. You will need to develop your skills, maybe join a theatre group to get some acting experience and also get a portfolio of photos done so that casting directors can see what you look like. If it is your dream, then go for it. I wish you all the best.

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir....I want to share with u that we both love bikes...i was riding bike my accident happened i got hurt on left hand and leg..now I'm fine...Apart from it I want to ask u about ur movie Force 3 with sonakshi sinha Maam and what's surprise u give about stunt...A wish u all the best John sir...love u forever ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Hi Syed, I'm sorry to hear that, but we bikers often get hurt, no matter how carefully we ride. It's good to know you're doing OK now. And I can't speak about Force 3 yet. You'll have to be patient :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) I just want to say - i love you very much :)) All the best on the work and take care!!! Big sweet hugs to Bailey and Sia :)

John Abraham: Thanks, Assel, you're very sweet :)

Adil: Hi John.. Hope you are doing well... Well as a fan of you want to see you coming back with dhoom 4😍😍which is everyone favourite franchise as you are thr reason success behind dhoom... God bless you john

John Abraham: Thanks Adil, all the best to you :)

Vipul bankar: Hiiii john bhai how r u bhai which next movie upcoming bhai.......... Bhai u r king of body in bollwood

John Abraham: Need to finalise the release dates, Vipul. Thanks for your support :))

lamiaebouziane: Hi John, hope you are doing well, love you and take care Handsome hhhhh.

John Abraham: Same to you, Lamiae. Take care :)

anoop: hi john ,are you remember me ,we meeted the movie promotion "mike" at kerala studio, that was my 15 year dream love you dear this june 27 my wedding anniversary , my wife is also your fan my wife name is anusree lot of love john by anoop

John Abraham: Congratulations for 27th June, Anoop. Wishing you and Anusree many more happy years together. Sending a hug :))

syed Afridi : Hi John Sir...How r u ur big fan syed here I'm happy to say thats I want to open my own gym and Named its as John ibrahim Fitness center...but its has a little bit time ok Apart from gym...I'm planning to purchase a bike 🏍 hayabusa which is urs and My favourite too...May God bless u more and more love you forever ❤❤❣❣👍

John Abraham: Lots of love to you too, Syed. Live to ride :))

Nisha: Hello John, recently came across one of your old interview where u said that u were glad that u didn't accept the role of Rocky in K3G movie. Glad u didn't accept that small role. And the funny part was u said that in whole movie where is the Rocky role. U always came as unique be it in movie or as a person

John Abraham: Thanks Nisha, you're very sweet :)

Nasim: Sir! What should I do to stop the early, premature greying/whitening of hair at the age of 31?

John Abraham: Hi Nasim, I'm not an expert but if it is genetic then you may not be able to do anything. If your parents also went grey early then it could just be inherited. But you could get yourself checked for any vitamin deficiencies as that can sometimes cause premature greying. If you are in a high stress job, that can cause greying too. I hope that helps. All the best.

Darshana Gogoi: Hey john,I am such a huge fan of yours..Your journey inspires me a lot...It literally helped me to become fit.I am gonna work really hard and achieve my goal figure.Also,I have a huge crush on you.Thankyou for bringing up such good movies..Please keep bringing up new ones..I love you

John Abraham: Well done for taking control of your health, Darshana. I'm sure you'll achieve your goals. Stay focussed and don't lose heart. Sending a hug :)

IK: hi john... hope you are well... am such a big fan of yours but stark opposite when it comes to discipline.. to make it work after all, i promise "you" that i wont have any junk food in 2023.. and i will exercise too.. Please accept my promise 🥺🥺 thanks for being a constant crush and motivation ❤️❤️❤️ sending lots of hugs!!

John Abraham: Best of luck, Indu. Sending a hug back :)

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, tonight I want to see a good movie and I was hesitating between several but guess what, I chose to see one of yours "ATTACK", the idea of the "cyborg" pleases me and intrigues me, I'm curious to discover the Indian version of the super soldier and of course also to watch the performance of my super action hero, love you handsome, je t'aime John.

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Lamiae. Take care :)

Atharva Shukla: Hi John sir, I'm Atharva. I may be a 15 year old who spent half of his life in USA, but I have grown up wanting to be like you and I'm a very skinny. I'm 6'1 and I weigh 55 kgs, but I'm focusing on your tips and I'm actually getting a better body. I look up to you in every way possible and I would love for you to reply to me whenever you can. Also, how can I motivate myself to workout consistently?

John Abraham: Well done for taking control of your fitness, Atharva. I'm sure you'll do really well. The best motivation for working out consistently is when you see results. But if you stop, all your hard work will quickly fade. With that in mind I'm sure you will keep up with your workouts. All the best to you :)

Zulqarnain Haider: Hi sir, just can't get over with your welcome back. Whenever I watch it, it makes me really emotional and I really wish I was a part of it. Every aspect of the film, the actors, scenes, songs, dialogues, your style have become a part of my life and whenever I'm low, I just watch your movie and some strange prosperous feeling emerges in me and I just can't help but cry.

John Abraham: Wow... That's really amazing, Zulqarnain, thank you :))

Kriti Kumar: Hi John..How’s you?Was dying to share with you that I have just completed a certificate course on Animal Protection Laws under,Meet Ashar.This shall empower me to take up animal cruelty cases more competently!Also the construction of the animal care hospital,Operation Kindness will be starting soon!!Thankyou for all the inspiration John!! Kriti 🐾 Dehradun

John Abraham: I know it will be great success, Kriti. You have inspirational dedication and determination. I wish you all the very best. Sending a hug :))

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you? Hope you're doing well, I CAN'T WAIT to see your next movie, Love you John and wishing you another big succes, take care handsome. Je t'aime.

John Abraham: Thank you, Lamiae. Lots of love :)

Pritam Datta: John sir I just Love you sir.. I am your big big biggggggg fan sir.

John Abraham: Thanks so much Pritam. Take care :)

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir How r u ur big fan Syed here I'm ur unique fan...First I thank you for creating this fans Group where we can communicate And Share our personal with Each other..I'm happy to say I'm practicing ur walking 🚶‍♀️ Style.. but people make fun of me because I'm Slim fit I take Easy becoz our haters are like Street Dogs 🐕 let them bark.. my prayers are always with u May God bless u with health wealth and prosperity in ur life love u forever Sir❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: All the best to you too, Syed :))

IK: hi John .. hope you're doing great.. the news is everywhere .. dhoom machaale then ?? cant wait ❤️❤️❤️ getting a feeling you will put your new hayabusa in some scenes !! sending lots of love and hugs !!

John Abraham: I can't comment on that, Indu. Sending a hug :)

sydney green: very nice movie love them all

John Abraham: Thanks Sydney :)

Uday SinghM: John uncle, I am Uday 8 years old. An “exhaust” fan of yours. I exhausted my dad to send this message to you. I loved Jim more than Pathan. I want to talk to you!

John Abraham: That's so cute, Uday. Thank you :)

Abdul Moiz : Asalamalaikum sir John. I’m a huge huge fan of yours.. since a long time, you inspire me a lot sir. I have Joined gym and trying my level best to make a physique like yours.. And sir, it’s my birthday on 13th May. A wish from your side will be a very big gift for me.

John Abraham: Wishing you a great day on 13th May, Abdul. All the best :))

raviraj zala: Hi Sir Can we Make Good Physics At Home Workout. and Good Diet

John Abraham: Hi Raviraj. It is possible to build your body using just body weight exercises and a good diet. In fact, many trainers will tell you that a proper diet should make up 60% of your regime and workouts 40%. I hope that helps :)

Asad Jafc : Hello John Sir My Hero I'm Asad Jafc from Pakistan, Jim is only reason for us to Watching Pathaan my Hero 😍 Love you sooooooo much

John Abraham: Thanks for your appreciation, Asad. He was a great character to play. Take care :)

Adil: Hi John😘😘 How you are doing?hope you are doing well✌... Can we expect your upcoming movie official announcement soon😁 eagerly waiting John✌✌

John Abraham: Be patient, Adil. News is coming soon :)

Nisha : Hi John, how is Firoza Aunty. Do u love Parsi food? Do u know Gujarati language? U know, I m Gujarati and I heartily wish someday U come at our place so that we can serve u with Gujarati delicacy.

John Abraham: That's so sweet of you, Nisha. Sending a hug :)

James Sasi: Hi JA! I did not expect a reply to my comment on your FB, but hey what I said there was 100% true! star quality award winning performance on Paathan. By the way, any plans to expand the gym over to Malaysia? Your journal is really inspiring! James Sasi

John Abraham: Thanks James, very kind :)

syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...its ok I Accept ur belate wishes u wished me it's very honoured for me..today Eid is there...A wish u happy Eid Mubarak🫂 🤝"May this festival brings you a lot of love filled with happiness peace and joy" I saw ur lifting bike Again...its Good u proved ur hullk of bollywood May God bless 🙌 you more and more sending u love and hugs love you forever ❤❣🫂🤝👍

John Abraham: Thanks Syed, wish you all the best :)

Sakina Yousaf : Hi John , Chand rat mubarak 🎉 And Eid mubarak in advance too ❤️ Sending lots of love from Multan 🤝🥰

John Abraham: Lots of love to you too, Sakina :)

Suresh Bishnoi Jafcians : Hii John baba This Is Suresh many congratulations for the Big success PATHAAN Your Character JIM ONE OF THE MOST BADASS VILLAINS WE'VE EVER SEEN IN THE CINEMATIC HISTORY

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh. Sending my love to all the JAFCIANs for their love and support :))

lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you? could you please wish me Eid Fitr mubarak, it will make me very very happy, it will be the most special Eid mubarak of my life, because it comes from you, you are a very special person to me. thank you and as always I love you John.

John Abraham: Wishing you Eid Fitr Mubarak, Lamiae. Take care :)


John Abraham: Thanks Ratheesh, you're very sweet. All the best :))

IK: Finally met you yesterday (squirrel girl.. black suit)... and am in love ❤️❤️❤️ you look so cute in real life, the camera doesn't capture it even 10% .. lots of love and hugs !!!

John Abraham: So sweet. Sending a BIG hug back, Indu :))

Nisha: Hi John, the one advice which I will give to my younger self is Make mistakes, but don't regret them. Learn from them. Bcoz regrets are the hardest thing to carry when you get older. Now your turn to reply.

John Abraham: Wow... That's a very wise one Nisha. Can I use it too? :-)

Anish Korgaonkar: I will always love you from the bottom of my Heart my Big Brother John bhai you are a Gem of a person :)

John Abraham: Thanks Anish, all the best to you :)

syed Afridi: Hi John Sir....How r u ur biggest fan here I'm happy to say that My birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 is upcoming on this month of April 19th I need ur wishes and blessings... I saw ur Movies recently Satyamevajayate1 Every dialogues is beautiful and tyre breaking and Actions were brilliant....love u forever ❤❣👍

John Abraham: So sorry I missed you birthday, Syed. Please accept my belated wishes. I hope you had a great day :))

HARSHVARDHAN SINGH : Hey John sir how are you 😊 i won't take much of your time . I just wanted to know that during the time of force what's your workout routine so sorry sir for asking this but in my college gym force is continously running on TV so sir i eagerly wanted to know that how you achieved that outstanding physique ❤️

John Abraham: Hi Harshvardhan, it's been a while and I can't recall it in exact detail. My workouts and nutrition plans change over time and with each different role. But I know my Force trainer Vinod Channa wrote an article about it, so you could try doing a search for that. I hope that helps :)

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, hope you're doing well, what have you always wanted to do but couldn't or were too busy to do? (visiting Morocco I guess, 😂 just kidding) for me I would like to participate in archaeological excavations especially in Egypt, I loooove archaeology.I wish you all the best and more success, love you my handsome, take care.

John Abraham: That's great, Lamiae. Maybe you would make a famous tomb discovery. Take care :))

Shash: Hi John. Just dropped by to say I love you, Take care!

John Abraham: That's so sweet. You take care too, Shash :)

Sakina Yousaf zoja Ahmed: Hi John , hope you will be fine and shine 🤩 my warmest best prayers to the world's most handsome villain 👑🎉💕Jeety raho ✌️

John Abraham: Thanks Sakina. All the best to you :))

Neha Kumari: Hi, John. I m your biggest fan from New Delhi. I want to meet you once. I love you so much..I love you so much…Pathan movie mei aapne rock kar diya.. aap mujhe Mumbai bulana ek baar, i just want to meet you once…love you so much. Please take care

John Abraham: That's so sweet of you, Neha. Sending you a hug :)

Zulqarnain Haider: Sir please give me any advice as I'm also starting an acting career in Pakistan and hope to appear with you on the big screen one day. One more thing sir, my province has no cinema business so I have my own cinema, producer, director, writer, actors and all the crew. I promise you sir I'll reach so high that one day I'll be able to work with you inshallah. Please pray for my success

John Abraham: I wish you every success, Zulqarnain. Set yourself small goals at first, then build up to bigger ones. All the best to you :)

HARSHVARDHAN SINGH : Hello sir today is 1st April and we jafcians celebrating 1 year of attack my whole family loved this movie and we are hoping for part 2 I don't know it will come or not but it was really a nice movie and young generation enjoyed it so much and we are hoping more movies like this from you 😀 😊 so I wish you think about it ❤️ love u sir

John Abraham: Thanks for the appreciation Harshvardhan, it means a lot :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai Love you always big brother

John Abraham: All the best, Anish :)

lamiaebouziane: Hi John, Ramadan Mobarak, I want to thank you for the time you reserve every week to answer our msg, it's very kind of you. now learning Hindi is one of my priorities :)), I REALLY would like to meet you, do you think it will be possible some day? je t'aime John, take care my lovely handsome.

John Abraham: It's my pleasure :) You take care too, Lamiae. :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Pathaan! So impressed by your fantastic acting and incredible action! Jim became negative, not of his own will, but because of the events of his tragedy and i feel compassion for him! Jim is the most handsome and strong villain! My big congratulations with the success! Thank you! Love You! Take care!

John Abraham: Thank you Assel, that means so much. Take care :))

HARSHVARDHAN SINGH : Hello sir firstly big congratulations 🎊 for pathaan success everyone really like the character of Jim and all the best for your upcoming projects like - Tehran, diplomat , 100%, and many more 😀 sir. Everybody follows you when it comes to bodybuilding pand going gym because you're gym God but how you started your bodybuilding journey. Whenever you got time then please share with us 🙏 ☺️ Thank you sir

John Abraham: Hi Harshvardhan, I was first inspired to work on my body after I saw Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 4. I was very lean and had no idea about nutrition and how to workout properly. I had to listen and learn from experts to expand my knowledge. Just like everything in life :)

Nisha : Hi John, what is the advice you will give to your younger self?

John Abraham: Hi Nisha... good question. I'll need to think about that one. What advice would you give yourself? :)