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Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sir how do you overcome the time when people criticize you and say that you are not fit for this job.?????

Aliza: Hi John,This is Aliza from Karachi,Pakistan and it is my 18th birthday today, I want you to pls wish me and make my day special as you are my all time favourite actor and i have a huge crush on you because you are the most handsome not only by your looks,but also by your heart! :)

John Abraham: I think I've missed this, Aliza. But please accept my belated wishes. I hope you had a great day. :))

Assel from KAZAKHSTAN: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched RAW! The whole movie i was in a big intrigue! So unexpected interesting fantastic movie ending! Big thank you!!! Love You!!!

John Abraham: Thank you Assel :))

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello sir, Happy Guru Purnima, “Batla House” trailer is really awesome. In this movie again you play the role of Police Officer, my father is also Police Officer and he is working of Gujarat police and he is appreciate and respect for your Police Officer role. Thank you Sir.

John Abraham: Thanks Vaibhavi. Please give my best wishes to your dad :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Guru Purnima to you sir, you are my role model and teacher, you have thought me how to get on our own feet back when others push us down and to make people happy and helping the needful.... Love you sir, Saki Saki song is looking classy (another blockbuster track) all the best for Batla House sir, I wish it breaks all the records not only domestically, but even overseas

John Abraham: Thanks Pranav :))

TANIMA KUNDU: Hi , I hope you're doing good, saw the trailer of Batla house, it's enthralling. The way you mild yourself in every character you play is truly praiseworthy and the scripts you choose really commendable. Your look and the few dialogues and scenes saw in the trailer just making me impatient to watch the movie. Despite the fact that I have an exam I'll go to watch on d first day because without watching Batla house it's pretty impossible for me to concentrate on my exam wishing you success. :)

John Abraham: Please don't miss your exam on my account, Tanima. Your eduction is more important. :)

Tamil: Hello sir am big fan u lukng awesome my frnd pragathi is celebrating her 25th on July 23 rd please wish her sir Kind request

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for 23rd July, Pragathi. I hope you have an awesome day :))

PRIYA SAINI: Saw the video about 'fight against animal cruelty'.Commendable!! When i got to meet you in April, i had asked you when can we expect something on animal rights. *RESPECT* The insane cruelty meted out to our four legged friends needs to stop. Will definitely share it. :)

John Abraham: Thank you Priya. I will always give a voice to animals as they cannot speak for themselves. :)

Dhiraaj : Dear John, I am eagerly waiting for your next movie Batla House. I am your huge fan. i have never missed your single movies till date. I just want to see your movie to collect huge box office collection but your movies always clash with other big movies and can't score much. Please do some single release and break record. Love from Nepal

John Abraham: Single releases are difficult these days, Dhiraaj. So many films are being produced. Plus I don't see a problem with a little competition. :))

dinesh sarvaiya: hiiii........ sir namsty kem cho i m from gujarat in bhavanagar all the best for batla house bahot hi accha trailer hai and bahot hi badi super hit hogi movei thnkyu

John Abraham: Thank you Dinesh. All the best to you too :))

VICKY JAFCIANS: Hye THE ACTION ABRAHAM I have seen the trailer , Trailer is so awesome and now waiting for release OF SAKI SAKI on 15th July ... Sir I got the modeling Agencies number from Pawan sir .. THANKU SO SO SO MUCH ... LOVE YOU THE ACTION ABRAHAM

John Abraham: That's great, Vicky. I wish you all the best :))

Deepa wadhwa: Hi jhon how r u after a long time I am sending msg to u good luck for Every upcoming movies. How z your your lovely pet Bailey coney my love.

John Abraham: Bailey is doing great, Deepa. Thank you for asking. And thanks for your wishes :)

Charles Fredericks: Hope BH touches 200000k

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the trailer seeing you in the officers uniform and getting an award scene was one of the best!!!!!!!! Love you loads sir

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!! Just saw the trailer of Batla House YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY its looking totally amazing sir!!!! your crisp acting, dialogue's and action is just eye capturing!!!!!!!!!! The best thing is that the comments are so pleasing for me a JAFCIAN............... All the best for this epic sir. I am defo watching this first day first show and as its even rakshabandhan (so i will give my sister a treat by taking her along) LOADS OF LOVE SIR!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you

John Abraham: Thanks, Pranav. Best wishes to you and your sister. Have a great time :))

Swayamsiddha : Hello john.How r u?I have already seen batla house trailer 15 times.I just love the dialogues n your action.your voice is excellent. The handsome cop ever.M eagerly waiting for 15 th august.My one request plz suggest some tips for my hubby .He has lost 12 kg but lkng healthy.my hubby's bday is on 21st july plz wish him.loads of love from me n odisha😊😊.

John Abraham: Hi Swayamsiddha. Sending birthday wishes for your hubby on 21st. I hope he has a great day. And if he has already lost 12kg then he sounds like he's doing ok without my help. Very well done :))

Suresh John Bishnoi : Hi John Sir how are you today our trailer come out it's so awesome and outstanding audience really enjoyed alot but I missed you trailer launching event due to heavy rainfall in Chennai so I could not come there but my two jiggery poo Ritesh and hussain was there to promote you really when we see your pic with our boyz feels proud of you Sir I wish you all the very best for Batla house and hope we will meet on screening with my two buddies with our more collection of batla house Thank you Baba

John Abraham: It was great to see them, Suresh. So sorry you couldn't be there too. Thanks for your support. And please pass on my best wishes and thanks to all the JAFCIANS :))

Raftie Pankti: Love John, How you doing? Writing you after sooo long!!! Hope you are healthy, fit

John Abraham: I'm very well, Pankti. I hope you are too :)

Shahzad jafcins: Wow Totally outstanding ..#BatlaHouseTrailer Everything is perfect👍 specially the sounds its amazing Will surely watch this power pack performance of yours @TheJohnAbraham Sir Best ⭐Wishes we love u hero and egly wating movie

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Shahzad :))

sarvpriy: hii john sir i want to ask u something about can i ask?

sarvpriy: hiii...john sir.... how are u?...

Ishani: John sir all the best for ur batla house ... hope that it would be a grand success. .

John Abraham: Thanks, Ishani :))

Nakul Nande: Hello, John sir i'm Nakul and my wife Vaibhavi both are wish you to your upcoming movie "Batla House". we both are pray to god for the biggest success for "Batla House" and waitting for this movie. Thank you Sir,

John Abraham: Thanks, Nakul. Sending you both a big hug :))

Yash Limaye: Hello, John! Hope you're feeling better now. Totally loved Parmanu and absolute respect to you for producing it! My 8 yr old son wants a haircut like you since he watched Parmanu! He was highly impressed with the Indian scientists and their intelligence! :-)

John Abraham: That's so sweet to hear, Yash. Please give him a big hug from me :))

Ishani: Hi John sir , I am ISHANI .... I saw your batla house movie clips on instragram ... it's just fabulous . Can't wait to see the whole movie...

Shaikh Mehboob: How Are you Sir?? What is your Favourite movie in your Whole career? Lots of love from West bengal

John Abraham: I can't really say, Shaikh. So many favourites, each for different reasons. But I do like the ones where I get to ride bikes :)

PRIYA SAINI: Saw the teaser of Batla House! It piqued the curiosity. Can't wait for the movie to hit the screens. Movies like Madras Cafe and Parmanu are testimony to the fact that a lot of hardwork and meticulous research goes into each of your projects. I believe a producer/actor's personality is also reflected in the choices of their projects and how they deal with theme/characters. your projects speak volumes about the kind of person you are :) All the very best for Batla House.

John Abraham: So sweet, Priya. Thank you :))

TANIMA KUNDU: Hi, I want to say you're such a brilliant actor whose eyes express the emotion, the scene from Force where you're holding Maya in your arms and she is dying, i cried with you, your eyes spioke. I read almost all your interviews, you spoke about how much you value your fans, you're a generous person. My admiration, respect and love increases for you with each passing day. Waiting with bated breath for Bangla House. :))

John Abraham: Thank you Tanima :))

Shubham Minde: It's a dream to meet you john sir .. waiting since 12 years .. i hope I'll see you soon Love you loads john sir .. wish you good luck for your move batla house! ❣️

John Abraham: All the best to you too, Shubham. Take care :)

Franzil Dias: Hi Sir! I'm coming.. I will be there, I will make a film with you. This will happen, I promised my parents, myself and now I promise you this. Your Greatest 18 year old fan, Franzil

John Abraham: I look forward to that day, Franzil. All the best to you and your parents :)

SAKINA YOUSAF: Hi John, how are you? Is everything ok? I've heard about your injury 🙄😑 is it true? Please try to be safe always and take better care of yourself. 🌹

John Abraham: I'm fine now, Sakina. Thanks so much for your concern. So sweet :))

Kajal: Hello john.....waiting for your comedy film....like Garam Masala....ur comic timing is awsome!!....😍😘

Himanshi: Hey, I hope you read this message Yesterday, I opened Netflix and your recent movie, RAW popped up. When the trailer came, I thought of watching the movie but did not. I realized that the film did not do as well as its similar ones, but as an unbiased individual I just wanted to tell you that the movie is inspiring in a very subtle way. May be we as a nation are still not accepting the story and acting in movies over the actors. You were irreplaceable in the movie.

John Abraham: So kind, Himanshi. Thank you.

Raftie Divya : Hi John, last evening I saw Raw on TV and loved it! It's such a nice movie. You performed so well! But know what?! Instead of Mouni Roy I should have been there. Really! I'm not kidding. I'm pretty good in dramatics. I only train the kids for annual day. Hmm...it's my dream to do a movie with you. ❤

John Abraham: So glad you enjoyed it, Divya. Give the kids a hug from me :))

Priya Odedra : Hi John I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better! I can’t wait to see Batla House and Pagalpanti. All the best, love you x

John Abraham: Thank you Priya :))

Kajal khobragade: Hello John!!......i have watched your film Dhoom..... that dialouge....Nothing Is Permanent … Na Tum, Na Main, Na Plan, Na Time…...finest acting....😎

John Abraham: Thanks Kajal. One of my favourites too :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!! Sir the month has come to an end

DR Mrs MONMOYURI MAHANTA: Hi John, I always appreciate your choice of Movies. Your movies are always ENRICHED with a good content , good dialogues and good Message to the Society.Now I am eagerly waiting for BATLA HOUSE. Poster looks spectacular. My best wishes are always with you. I have already started the promotion of BATLA HOUSE in my own way, here in my locality and my workplace. With regards Dr Monmoyuri, Guwahati

John Abraham: Thank you, Monmoyuri. So sweet of you :))

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS: Hi John Baba can't wait for Batla House Teaser. And today my uncle Ganpat Bishnoi 's Birthday please i want your wishes baba :) Love always

John Abraham: Wishing Uncle Ganpat Bishnoi all the best always. Have a super day :))

Anita: Hi John - I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow, 27th of June, and am starting a new healthy lifestyle. I look to you for guidance , inspiration, and motivation. If you have any advice for females age-wise in their forties trying to get healthy with all their hormonal challenges women go through, I would appreciate the advice. Thank you and Always Sending You the Very Best Wishes!

John Abraham: Hi Anita. It's never to late to start getting fit. But you should consult your doctor about specific female issues. I wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Here's to a great start. Take care :))

Shujai S: I think you're going to do more patriotic films.

Nahush mohole: Hi sir Nahush Jafcian (officialnahush1) here, Tomorrow is my birthday 25june plz plz plz sir wish me this time Ali's your wish can make my Birthday more special sir..Love You take care SPARTTTAAAAAAAAAAA

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Nahush. I hope you had a great day. Belated wishes to you. :))

Kajal Hiwaraji Khobragade: Hello sir.....management is necessary for good life....we are managers since childhood....i am your loyal fan.....not a big but true fan...who usally watches ur movie ....saves ur picture...uploads in status...watsaap dp....always searching for you....I am student of 2nd year.

Barbara Schonauer : I am watching Aebaar on Netflix. You are incredible playing Aryan. I will definitely look up more of your movies. I live in America but love watching movies made in Bollywood. Keep your movies coming. A new fan. Barbara

John Abraham: Thank you, Barbara. So kind :))

Aliza: The song "Jaane kyun" from your film dostana is my all time favourite and the whole film brings back a lot of memories whenever i watch it! Just wanna tell you that dostana is the best entertaining film ever and you were superb in it!! Pls make a sequel to that! Love you john, from karachi,Pakistan.

Vaibhavi Nande : hi sir i m vaibhavi from vadodara gujarat.may be you remember we was meet on last saturday you are nicest person in the world.your nature is awesome sir.meeting with you and increased respect for you.i feel like i found god.i m very lucky and i feel proud to say that i m your fan.thank you so much sir.alway love you sir.

John Abraham: Thanks Vaibhavi :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!! my friend mona is very worried for your injury and is wishing you all the best to heal fastly and she loved you performance in DOSTANA and likes you in comedy!!!!!!! Hope you wish her to as she is your die hard fan.

John Abraham: Please tell Mona not to worry, Pranav. My arm is feeling much better now. Please thank her for her concern.

Rajesh Nayak : John sir mustache kept like you were in a shoot-out wadala, you look very beautiful!

John Abraham: Thanks Rajesh, but I've had to lose it again for my other shoots :))

Shahzad jafcins : The star cast of #MumbaiSaga is an epic! Well done baba JohnAbraham sir ! Can't wait to see you in this Gangstar Drama. 👏🖤 #MumbaiSaga SanjayGupta ( Another Blockbuster on its way! ) best wishis with you (allwys with u my hero and please #batlahuse tesaer

John Abraham: Thank you Shahzad :)

Shravani: hey john :) this might sound crazy but i'm big fan of your's all the way from Australia. i just wanted to say thank you for being you. your my idol and my role model. your always so genuine and real to your fans. you always do things for a good cause and inspire others to eat healthy, stay fit and be yourself. thank you soo much!! i actually have a dream of becoming a bollywood actress but there is a very low chance that that happening, so instead i'm just gonna be me like your being you :)

John Abraham: Never stop dreaming, Shravani. I wish you every success :)