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Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just heard about your injury sir, hope you are doing great sir!!!!! I wish for your speedy recovery sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raftie DR MONMOYURI MAHANTA : Really Sorry for disturbing you JOHN but I couldn't resist myself asking you about the present condition of your Arm. Worried about the intensity?? Hope it's not so serious.๐Ÿคž Praying for your speedy recovery. And please take rest and take care.

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello John Sir, I'm from Vadodara today 23th May is my Birthday and I'm biggest fan of you. Please sir just wish me. If you will wish me, it will be best gift for me. I'm waiting for your blessings sir. Thank you Sir :)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Vaibhavi. I hope you had a great day :)

Sunny S Koul: Hello, Sir. Hope, you are fine and also your acting as well as your work on your fitness training both are going good. Well, honestly I am not your fan or die heart fan or something like this but I am your 'Hard work' 's fan and how you work hard even you are so busy in your acting career and also you are so active to do multiple tasks that awesome and also I saw your interview on RSTV and you said you are a MBA. I want to know, in your early days of your life 'which things inspire you' Regards

Mehtaz: Hi John, it's raftie Mehtaz from Guwahati. My birthday is on 22nd May and if you could just wish me, it would be the best birthday gift ever. Loads of wishes for your ongoing projects :))

John Abraham: Hi Mehtaz. I'm very sorry I missed wishing you. Please accept my belated wishes. I hope you had a great day :))

Anand Pandya: Hi, John. I am big fan of you. i have watched more than 35 movies starred by you. A part from these i am also animal lover and running animal care shelter

John Abraham: That's wonderful to hear, Anand. I wish you all the best for your compassionate work.

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) I just wrote to say I love you :)) And I mean it from the bottom of my heart :)) Big hugs to Bailey and Sia :) Assel from KAZAKHSTAN :)

John Abraham: Thanks Assel. So sweet of you :)

Lakshya Bahl: Hello Sir, I do various types of stomach exercises to reduce lower belly fat but there is no improvement. Also my diet is moderate with no high level of fats. What can I do reduce lower belly fat???...Please advice

John Abraham: Hi Lakshya. Stomach exercises specifically won't shift fat. To do that you need to increase your cardio exercise. Running and cycling will help with that, or find some other type of cardio you enjoy like dancing. Also, take another look at your diet to check you're not taking too much sugar. I hope that helps :)

Lakshya Bahl: Hello Sir...Can we hope to see you in Dhoom 4???....Want to see on hayabusa again!!

Gottumukala Preethi: Hi John sir I'm Gottumukala Preethi from Hyderabad I'm 19 years old I'm huge huge huge fan of u sir, I like u r simplicity and principles the way u live u r life, I wanna meet u once in my life, u r one who makes big smile on my face, I want to says u lots of things but, words r not enough to express my love to u John sir. All the best for u r upcoming projects, thanks for taking time for u r fans and reading our msgs love u John sir, lots of love and blessing from u r fans๐Ÿ˜Š

John Abraham: Thanks Gottumukala, you're very sweet :))

Saurabh jha : Hello sir how you control your anger? specifically when you feel cheated in life? lots of love sir

Sai chavan JAFCIAN: Hello bhai..waiting for #BATLAhouse trailer๐Ÿ˜‡ All the best for Pagalpanti..๐Ÿ˜‡

John Abraham: Thank Sai. :))

Anirudh jassy: hellow jhon sir how are you i am your diehard fan i have never ever lost the chance to watch your any movie first day first show you are my dream i just want to be like you happy birth day

Swayamsiddha: Hello john how r u.I m from odisha.odisha has completely devastated after the cyclone .no electricity no mobile network n no water to drink sufficiently. We r facing millions of problems. But when for limited period the wifi is coming m watching you on instagram. For some moments m forgetting the worst situation what we have been facing over 15 days.Really u r my inspiration. Loads of love ๐Ÿ’–.plz pray for odisha....pray for us๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

John Abraham: That's so devastating to hear, Swayamsiddha. I hope your situation improves very soon. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

Salman khan: Hi john sir, Can you tell me that do you believe in astrology?

Parivartan Guru: John I am your biggest fan in the entire universe. Every day, every hour, every minute I think of you and want to be like you. You are the only person in the universe who inspires me. I catch first day first show for your all movies. Words are not enough to express my love for you. My friends call me your craziest fan ever . I just want to meet you one day. I am planing to come Mumbai and meet you :) #LOVE #RESPECT#WORSHIP

John Abraham: Thank you Parivartan, that's very sweet of you. The support of people like you have made me who I am in this industry. :))

Dinu Abraham: only one wish want to you sir! one pic that i can frame forever! - Dinu Ab

Simran Narula: john sir its my birthday!!!!!!plz plz can i get a one wish from you im sure your wish will make my day more happier..big fan of urs

John Abraham: Belated wishes to you, Simran. So sorry for the spelling error on my previous wish. Take care :))

Rajesh Nayak : Hello !John sir love you sir!

John Abraham: Thank you Rajesh. Sending you a big hug :))

TUSHAR PURI: Hi John, I am 47 years and would like to follow your exercise routine. I am already following your diet guidance with great results. I would appreciate if you can send me your daily workout plan. Regards

John Abraham: Hi Tushar, my workout routine varies a lot depending upon what look I am trying to achieve. Are you going for a leaner athletic look or trying to build muscle?

Akkineni Bharat: Hi John Sir, Iโ€™m Akkineni Bharat from Hyderabad. Iโ€™m huge fan and follower of you from your Modelling days. Your always been a huge inspiration

John Abraham: Thank you Akkineni. So sweet :)

Sai Chavan JAFCIAN: #JAFCIAN.. Hello johnbhai Big fan from Karnataka Belgaum dist.Today is my Birthday..๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘ and i m feeling happy to share with you johnbhai. We all JAFCIAN love you alot..waiting for #BATLAHOUSE #Pagalpanti. Hope you do will god bless you Sir. Sai chavan #JAFCIAN #Respect

John Abraham: Hi Sai. Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great day and please accept my belated wishes. All the best to you :))

Simran Narula: hey john sir...huge fan of urs ;)its my birthday tommorrow !!can i get a one wish from you :) plz it will make my day ;)

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Simran. I hope you had a lovely day. Bleated Birthday wishes to you :))

Aditya K: hello sir! its been close to a year since i spoke to you, hope all is well on your side, and wishing you a hearty congratz for RAW's sucess. i have now come to class12. a very hectic year, so i thought ill start with your good wishes too !! and also, ALL THE BEST for your next movie :)

John Abraham: Good wishes to you too, Aditya. :))

Virag Masekar: Hey John I am Virag I am a huge fan of your acting and physique. Whenever I go to the gym, I always remember you which helps me stay motivated in the gym with my workouts. Is there any other recommendations you can provide for an ectomorph like me besides what you have in your journal?

John Abraham: Hi Virag. You don't say what your goals are but if you want to build serious muscle then, as an ectomorph, you really need to make sure you're consuming enough calories and lifting heavy weights. If not, and you just want to stay lean, then you've got the natural advantage of the ectomorph build. Just make sure you get enough sleep and hydrate yourself well. Both are essential for health. All the best :))

Shaik Abdul Aman: Hi John, I really like your performance and the movies you make. Moreover, the thing which I like about your movies is the content which is authentic and message giving. Please do make movies as such. Your Fan, S.A.Aman

John Abraham: Thank you so much. That means a lot :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: continuation to the previous message: Screens, but everynight there is a voice from inside that tomorrow is the day i am for sure going to exercise and the next morning i wake up with regret and guilt... sir please help me out. I know this sounds crazy but sir these are my real feelings and one more thing CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SUCCESS OF ROMEO AKBAR WALTER sir!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOADS

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. I wish I could tell you there is an easy fix to this but there isn't. If you want to lose weight and get a good physique it's not going to happen without you doing the work. Maybe take another look at your goals - are they too ambitious? If your target seems too unachievable then you will quickly get disheartened. Maybe team up with a friend so you can encourage each other. Give yourself smaller achievable targets. Then you won't get discouraged. Slow and steady wins the race, you've heard me say that many times. Don't wake up with regret. Wake up, get out of bed and do your routine. There's no other way. I wish you all the best.

Pranav JAFCIAN: HI John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sir really sorry but i feel very guilty as in the starting of this year i had told that i have started exercising, but really i have stopped it the very next morning.... IDK why is this happening with me my weight is at a maintained scale of 116-119 for the last 6-8 months... Sir how do i wake up please help me as i don't like looking at the mirror myself. I love you a lot sir!!!!!!!!!! you are my idol.... for motivation i have kept you pictures as my wallpaper in every

mubarak khan: hi john sir i watched raw awesome movie i see 12 times in theatre ending scene very emotional really awesome ....sir please remake john wick hollywood movie its suitable character for you sir please do love you john sir

John Abraham: Hi Mubarak. Lots of people have asked me that but I feel the character is too similar to Rocky Handsome. And I'd rather make a sequel to that. :)

Mallika: Hi John :) I'm such a huge fan, I always love seeing you on screen! I think my favorite movie of yours is Dishoom. You, Varun, and Jacqueline were hilarious XD Which of your movies has been your favorite? I can't wait to see more of your amazing work! Sending you lots of love ^^

John Abraham: Thanks Mallika. Yes, Dishoom was a fun shoot. I don't really have a particular favourite. So many of them have great memories :))

Vidul Jain: Hi John! I've been a huge fan of yours since the beginning and love all of the work you have been doing with fitness and with Bollywood. I recently started modeling my diet after yours since I looked up to your self control and strict eating regiment. I had a question regarding this in fact, what kind of carbohydrates do you eat? Do you still eat bread or bagels or have you cut these out of your diet as well? Thank you for being a great fitness role model!

John Abraham: Hi Vidul. I try to avoid bread and go for more complex carbs like oatmeal instead. But what I have cut down on most is sugar. Some people say I have no taste buds but it works for me. :))

joke: Compliments for the work you do and the effect on people. You have a fan from Holland. When I sometimes read what you do in terms of nutrition and exercise to create beautiful looks. Then I sometimes think, wow what do you do for this, what I could do. I have lost 20 kg in the last two years and I would like to lose another 20 kg. There is not much that can be gained from food, especially exercise now, I think. Anyway, I wish you a lot of pleasure in your work in good health.

John Abraham: Wow, 20kg is very impressive and I applaud your dedication. I wish you best of luck for the next 20. Take care :))

Benjamin p john: Hi Johnettaa....I would like to say that you are one of the brilliant producer that bollywood have today.Your choice of scripts....the directors you are choosing is really smart and brilliant.I also believe that you got lot of limitations to produce films when it compared to other production houses(biggies) ....I believe that one day you will emerge as one of the most brilliant producer in the industry.love you a lot...and always a fan of your's....

Salman khan: Hi john sir, Your performance in raw was just amazing and that sceen when you give pain to yourself is very emotional. Sir I am eagerly waiting for batla house and pagalpanti just to see you on-screen.

John Abraham: Thank you Salman. That is much appreciated :)

Michelle Moursund: Hi John, I Am big Fan of your I have see your movie Dhoom end number of times just to see the car scene where you say (Mere Rules Koi Nahi Todh Sakta โ€ฆ Main Bhi Nahi ).. Thtas Just awsome!!! Saw RAW the first day show its as amazing movie just loved it.. Keep smiling always. Thanks for Reading One of your Fans Michelle.

John Abraham: Thank you, Michelle. You're very sweet :)

Aliza: Hey john, loved your film SAAYA, its a great story and you were so amazingggggg in that. Would like to see you in a sequel of that film!

Rajesh Nayak : Sir all the Best for our upcoming batalaHouse we gonna rock again

Adit Sood: Hi John Sir,my friend who is a big fan of yours,has her birthday on 1st May. It would mean the world to her if you just write a birthday wish for her. Her name is Anupama Singh.I also am a big fan sir of your fitness and choice of movies. Thank You

John Abraham: My pleasure :) Hi Anupama. I wish you a wonderful birthday on 1st May. I hope you have a lovely day. Sending you a big hug!! :))

Salman khan: Hi john sir just saw your movie aetbaar your acting was awesome as always it is but you character was very dangerous. Sir how do you prepare for that character?

Lakshya Bahl: Sir..I liked your recent episode on Kapil Sharma show! At what age did you start Modeling

John Abraham: Hi Lakshya. I was in my late 20s because I was actually pursuing a different career. Most models start much younger than that. :))

Param: Hi John I have this terrible acne problem since my adolescent days, even today at 30 I am traumatised by pimples. How have you coped up with this problem ?

John Abraham: Hi Param. I really sympathise with your condition. If your acne has persisted beyond your teenage years you do need to see a reputable dermatologist because there can be a variety of causes and therefore different treatments. In the meantime, never pick at your pimples because that only makes things worse. I hope you will let me know if there is any improvement. I wish you all the very best.

loglifee: Hi john i loved u performance in raw i like u movies satyamave jayate ,parmanu,Newyork and madras cafe are my fav films u the best actor and producer and i wanna to join Bollywood and work with with you in your production house all the best for u nnext film batla house

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIAN: Hi John Baba Watching RAW 3th Times And i'm very cryied watching time you are very painful in this movie. And very proud of you baba you are very hard working in this movie. One of the best patriotic film #Raw JaiHind ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ Love you always

John Abraham: Thank you Suresh. Send my wishes to the Jafcians :))

Sharwari Mane: Hi John Sir. Your role in RAW has bettered me as a person. RAW is a great success in my eyes. It has stirred patriotism in me and has humbled me. Hats off to you for adding so much value to the role. It salutes our unsung heroes. Deeply touched and Greatly inspired. Thank you so much sir. Huge hug. All the best for your future endeavours.โค

John Abraham: Thank you Sharwari, that means a lot :)

Shaktikant Mahadoo: Hello John . I work so hard to move to Canada for my Acting Diploma .I want to be a professional actor and that's why I enrolled in one of the best acting school of North America . I will watch RAW very soon , I could not before because I was ill but I pray and I know that the film will be a success .You are the best. God Bless You . Your biggest fan from Mauritius Island Shakti

John Abraham: Thanks Shaktikant . I hope you're feeling better now.

Bhargab Bhardwaj: Hello John sir I'm Bhargab Bhardwaj from North East,Assam sir I'm your words most huge,biggest,crazyest and die hard fan ever you have seen and sir i have so many collection of yours and John sir I'm always ready to die for you love John sir love you forever sir i watched your movie "RAW(Romeo Akbar Walter)"sir this movie was super fantastic mind blowing sir i have no words to tell you on this movie and sir I'm super excited to watch your another awesome and mind blowing upcoming movie "BatlaHoise

John Abraham: Thanks Bhargab. We are very proud of RAW. I'm sure you will enjoy Batla House too. We are striving to bring entertaining and meaningful content. :))

Shiv : HI John I've just started to work out just wanted to ask you what kind of diet should I follow . Like in a couple of your interviews you've said that sugar is the biggest poison I am really cutting it down as much as I can .

John Abraham: Hi Shiv. What diet you follow depends on what results you want to achieve - losing weight or gaining muscle. But a general rule for health is keeping salt and sugar to a minimum and including as much variety of vegetables, fruit and protein as you can. Steer clear of 'white' foods like rice and bread and stick with the brown equivalents - they are usually more tasty anyway. And make sure your portion size is not too excessive. i hope that helps.

Divya : Hi John, saw the trailer of Raw. Fantastic! Due to Bronchiectasis I got Pneumonia again. This time it was very severe. I was admitted in hospital for four days. Now recovering at home. I hope I get well soon to see Raw. At home I am watching your movies to feel better. Love you ๐Ÿ˜Š

John Abraham: So sorry to hear of your health, Divya. Please take plenty of rest. RAW can wait. Your recovery is more important. Best wishes to you.

MAHENDRA JANGID: sir i like the values which you have.....be it about selfless nature kindness and honesty.if in this life i will get a chance to meet you then that will be one of the most valuable moment of my life......wishes for your and your family good health.

John Abraham: Thank you Mahendra. Best wishes to you too :)

RAFTIE SAIMA: Hi John. Hope you're doing well. Venetia ma'am send me that precious video. Trying to find words to describe how I feel but I'm falling short. Still feeling emotional that you finally noticed me. I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. โค Lots of love to you always. I LOVE YOU. โค

John Abraham: Lots of love to you too, Saima. Thanks for your lovely words :))