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ionela stancu : hello john,i am soo in love with you,your movies are the best i wish to see you one day.all the best

shez: Hi john, Abraham Bailey, nice name for your pet dog! My question is what were you doing just before reading this? haha!

John Abraham: Hi Shez. I was shooting for my next film, Pamanu. :)

Genesis Christian: Hi John waiting for Dec. 8. Excited.. (Love Love Love) Fan Forever

Wasiuzzaman Khan: Hello! John, How are you? Hope fine, I am one of your fan. I like your experimental films and your acting is improving day by day. Mash-Allah you are doing very well and hope your movies will bring new era in Bollywood. The most important thing i like about you that you are very simple in your daily lifestyle and you came from a middle class family, as I am also from a middle class family. Hope your next film will be a great film with an interesting story. God bless you. :-)

John Abraham: Thanks, Wasiuzzaman. I am working hard to make sure Parmanu doesn't disappoint. Take care :)

Sona khan : Hey John!!! I want some tips from you for moving on after break up. 😷😞

yasmeemfarhan: Hi John I am your fan. My wish to meet you.

Richi Sobti: Respect to you and prayers for you. Having achieved success is rare but sharing it with everyone, is like "extinct". In this limited space I would congratulate you as your life and personality comes as an inspiration to the adolescent and youth. God bless you, never change your idios and codes for life. Thanks for being the way you are and inspiring me.

John Abraham: Thank you Richi. So sweet of you :)

Atheer: Hello john sir how are you? i know ur shooting for parmanu now and i wish your all the best for it , i have a question ; any plans to do a romcom soon? .. and thank you for sharing bailey's pics in instagram i love her account !!

John Abraham: Hi Atheer. I have no immediate plans to do a romcom. My audience doesn't seem to like me in that space. But if I got a really good script maybe I might do it. Never say never :)


Divya : Hi John, sometimes I do think about what you are doing right now? I wish I could see you...

John Abraham: Hi Divya. Right now I'm very busy ...but I always am... :))

Sweta: Hi John.. :)

Nisha: Hi John. May this find you well. I am from Malaysia and an ardent fan of your acting and choice of movies. Besides that, I am more impressed by the kind of person you are. You are indeed a great human being and humble. I wish you more successes to come along your way. All the best and keep giving us good movies :) Lots of love

John Abraham: Thanks so much Nisha. I hope you will enjoy my next, Parmanu, on 8th December :)

Robin Dey: Hi John...my name is Robin...i am from Siliguri West Bengal. I am a huge fan of yours... I truly admire you and your hard work. You can say your my inspiration... Want to meet you once in my life.. Always your well wisher.. Stay happy Stay blessed..hope we meet soon....

John Abraham: Hi Robin. Thanks for your support. It means a lot :)

Sakina: Hi john , how are you doing ? 🌷Sakina here from Pakistan. πŸ™‚Waiting for your innovative stuff. ✌How long i'll have to wait ? πŸ€” Sending love from mom and Sakina πŸ’• Stay strong, handsome,blessed ,successful and happy always !!!! πŸ‘

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. My next release will be coming on 8th December this year. So not too long :)

Nazgol Khakipour: Hey John Abraham, Can't wait to see your next work in December. We love your personality , life style and looks. It's timeless happiness for us :) Please consider opening a gym in West London, it'll be so inspirational and rewarding for all. You'll be one of the best here. Pleeeeease don't ignore our request, pleeeeeease! We'll support you all the way through?! Lots of love from Nazgol khoshgel and all of your London fans

John Abraham: Hi Nazgol. I would love to one day but, sadly, there are no plans at present. But thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Sending a big hug to you :)

ABHIJEET BODHANKAR: Hi John sir..I recently completed my Reebok Group Fitness Instructor

John Abraham: That's great. Congratulations Abhijeet :)

Shujai S: Rajasthan during monsoon shooting in the desert - I think the temperature is mild now and nothing bothers. It seems a lot of hard work.

Debkisun Saren: Hello John. I have seen many stars, despite being worshiped, never paid any heed to the followers and the society in larger sense. Few are different. You are one of them. Your sense of responsibility towards youth is evident and admirable. Your perception of life is crystal clear. At least it appears to me like that. Honestly, speaking. It matches mine. Best of luck for everything you are planning to do. Thanks a lot. Good bye.

John Abraham: Thank you Debkisun. Best of luck to you too :)

Mihel : Hi John :) How you feel now when you make your new movie?

Tiffany: Hi John, I wish a script would come your way with Aishwarya and Abhishek with an intense love story/triangle. Also, will Rocky Handsome ever go digital or to DVD for purchase.

rony hasan: hi john , this is the second time im asking u for ur entire back workout routine . just name me what excircis u do for ur entire back which includes ur traps ,and what do u do for ur traps ? i may sound awkward but i will be extremely happy if u tell me

John Abraham: Hi Rony. There are several exercises that work the traps (trapezius) really well. Space is limited here so I’ll just list the names so you can google them to make sure you keep correct form while doing them. That is essential with any weight training. The Modified Bent-Over Duel Cable Low Pulley Shoulder Fly, the Shrug, the Low-Cable Face Pull, the High Pull, the Single-Arm Dumbbell Upright Row, the Modified Bent-Over Duel Cable Low Pulley Shoulder Fly. Hope that helps. Best of luck! SPAAAARTAAAAAA!!!! :)

BHAVANA GUPTA: hi john u r unique fitness symbol for yongsters..i did engg MBA presently working in google hyderabad i m 5.5 tall but unique figure..i too want to try in modelling is it safe to leave job n moving into modelling,just want your advice...thanx

Sharoz amir: Respected john sir.. Sharoz amir here. Thanks for answering my message its really means alot to me thanks sir m v v happy.. M working hard for my up coming compition in university.. Thanks again sir..

Uttam Prakash manher: Hi Sir, I wanna ask you why your voice is dubbed in Jism?

John Abraham: Hi Uttam. I was dubbed in several of my early films. English is my first language and I'm fluent in Gujarati but my Hindi diction wasn't considered good enough back then. So I practised a lot. That's the only way to improve :)

kunal : respected sir i m big fan of urs i know so many people used this words to you but i did something strange respected yeah that the strange word i used actully i m fan of urs since ur movie jism after this the things u done with ur life i really liked them now a days i m doing like that regular workout proper work in office i m system analyst in MSWC that not big achivement enough for me i want to be a model like u started i want some tips from you to maintain myself and cool nature like u

John Abraham: Hi Kunal - the first thing you need to do is make sure you're tall enough. For the catwalk, most agencies will be looking for at least 5ft 11. But opportunities still exist if you are a few inches shorter, especially if you have a specific look. Trends change all the time. You will need to be fit and healthy but don't build up your body too much because you'll just look huge. If your look lean and athletic that will keep more options open for you. I hope that helps. Best of luck :)

Urooj : If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you 😘 When will you next come down to London? It would be a dream come true just to meet you once 😭 Love you sooooo much πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’–

Shujai S: Bailey got a wonderful company. Cute cocoa pup!

Leila: Good Evening, Dear John! Can you say please, your opinion about double roles? Would you like to play a double role? With big love, all the best wishes... Love You :)

John Abraham: Hi Leila. I was meant to be playing a double role in Hera Pheri 3 but I don't know what's happening with that any more. I think it would be a challenge, but also interesting :)

Divya : I was missing you immensely and guess what? I got lucky. On TV Race 2 and Dishoom came. I feel extremely happy to see you! Missing you so much.......wish could meet you!

Divya : Hi John, my superstar, superman and superb human being! Sorry to hear about the sandstorms. Hope you are not too uncomfortable. By the way, my mum is from Sekhavati. I have been there and to Jaipur. Yes, Rajasthan in really enchanting. Wish you were there in winters. Take care my idol. Love you 😍

John Abraham: Thanks for your concern, Divya. Yes, it's a great place :)

Shrivardhan Kantharia: Hi Joh I am your biggest fan and I follow your workoput schedule. I had question. If I can lift 10 KG very easily then while doing arnold press should i increase weight by every 5 kg in every set? or should i keep 10kg fixed and do 4 sets of 10-12 reps?

Yavor Velinov: Hey John.It's me Yavor your biggest bulgarian fan i just want to thank you again because through your movies,interviews and etc you make me believe in myself,make me stand up for myself and especially now when i am UK far from my family.Don't know if i will ever meet you but you will always have a special place in my heart and i will always love you.Just such great people like you and so rare that we must treasure them.Big hugs from me and UK :)

John Abraham: Thank you, Yavor. Best of luck to you :)

Sanjay Kumar: Hi John Sir, You are my inspiration for everything God Bless You take care sir love you John Abraham.

John Abraham: Thank you, Sanjay. You take care too :)

Harshit Bhardwaj: Hello John Sir How Are Yor waiting for your Movie and lots of love..... Actually Today I am So Sad because i got three backlog in my 3rd sem I am doing MCA From Bangalore i came here from Rajasthan and my english was not Good and i applied for revaluation All three Subjects but Not Clear and i can't study to much Tension...... and i am saying i thing to u i dont have Brother and Sister so i love u as my Big Brother so plz give me advise..... Take care John Sir ^-^

John Abraham: Hi Harshit. When you study, try to make sure you are in a quiet place with no distractions. Keep away from the TV and turn off your phone. Breathe slowly and deeply to calm your mind. I think that will help and I'm sure you will do better. Take care :)

mubarak khan: hi sir i see parmanu poster is fantastic and super hit love you sir

C: Really appreciate your taking the time. Again, all our best wishes, and continued success. Bonne chance, from your fans in Canada.

Sharoz amir: Hy john sir how are you.. Sir m sharoz amir nd m from pakistan. Sir m bigggg fan of yours sir. I watched your every film more then 70 times infact i memorized your all dilogs of your films. My frinds nd my family members named me john πŸ™ˆ. Sir i've started workout when i watched your movie force. Now i am silver medlist in sports in my university. I like your style,attitude, looks everything sir. I like bikes like you. I wish i could afford one. Its my dream. Thanks sir. Plz reply. πŸ˜‡

John Abraham: Hi Sharoz, thanks for your message. A silver medallist in sport is awesome. Well done. That shows great focus and discipline :)

muhamad noorzae: hi sir how you doin i hope everything is okey great sir do you have any idea of hera peri 3 when is coming cant wait to see the movie of hera peri 3 take good care of yourself we love you and my sister somayeh everytime sends her regret and love you from her heart she needs an answer from you we just cant for your new movie love you

John Abraham: Hi Muhamad. I am sorry but I have no idea what's happening with Hera Pheri 3.

Raftie Pallavi : Wanted to share this from long time, the way you choose your project make me really proud, hardly or none of our films make meaningful and politically historically relevant movies. 'Parmanu' looks promising and many are looking forward to this project. wishing you all the best keep up doing good work and more of them, me miss you dearly, but we are always with you and praying for you. :)

John Abraham: Thank you, Pallavi my raftie. That's so sweet of you :)

Kevin: Hi sir . Your one of my favourite actors in bollywood. You are a great source of inspiration in the field of bodybuilding and persoanlity. I have a question for you. You have great skin now but you said in your past interviews that you had acne marks and stuff? How did you clear them up? cause i am going through the same problem. I want great skin like you sir! Please reply when you have the time.

John Abraham: Hi Kevin. You don't say how old you are but acne does clear up for most people by their early 20s. Only after it has cleared can you start any treatment for scarring. In the meantime, never pick or squeeze your pimples and try to keep your face as clean as possible. Cutting greasy and starchy foods from your diet can help in some cases because they increase blood sugar which is bad for the skin. I hope that helps. I wish you all the best.

ujjal das: Jon sir i am your biggest fan...sir plzzz reply kar do.muje english bi nahi ata hai..jo kuch likhu..sir maine appka sab film dekha hai..luv u sir..

debrata sahu: hi john sir i think i am the biggest fan of you because i have watched force more than 100 times. love your physique and tattoo in force.

John Abraham: Wow, 100 times? Thank you Debrata :)

agnib roy: hi john sir i am agnib roy

Divya : Hi John, watching FIFA. I'm sure you too must be! Glad to see Captain Krishna 's pic. You really look like an army officer. Looking forward to see Parmanu. All the very best for it!

Deep Singh: Hello sir and have a good life john sir......many many good wishes for your upcoming action film parmanu....sir i have fitness qustn ...sir i m doing daily arm excercises from last three months without taking any type of supplements ....but in my arms there is no gaining of size so sir please tell me .....sir what i do for bigger arms....thank you sir .....all the best for your carrier sir..

John Abraham: Hi Deep. It could be that you are overtraining. Don't work your arms daily. Try giving them an intense session twice a week with a decent break in between. Muscles need rest so that they can grow. Also, make sure you're taking enough protein. I hope that helps. All the best to you.

Soham: Hello sir...you're looking really awesome in Parmanu, and just can't wait for the movie to release! I wanted to ask if there are any plans of you and Akshay sir starring in a comedy. I mean ,sure, I am super hyped up for Hera Pheri 3, but, what I really want is your great comic duo to feature in a sequel of your super hit comedy, Garam Masala. I loved that movie! Also, my birthday is round the corner, and, I can't ask for a better gift than your wishes! Love and Respect :)

John Abraham: Hi Soham. You don't say the date so I hope I haven't missed it but Happy Birthday. Have a great day :)

SANDEEP NAIR: hi John, I look your new poster of film parmanu, great, awesome, I think this movie is a different as I guess , best of luck for your next movie with great success. can you share me the releasing date.

John Abraham: Hi Sandeep. It's coming on 8th December.

Rubbia : As-Salamu Alaykum John Sir, I am a big fan of you and the work the you put into your movies. i can't wait for your upcoming films and especially Parmanu The Story Of Pokhran and Hera Pheri 3. By the way I am loving the posters of Parmanu. Much love and support. Their is so much to say and I don't know where to start. Hope I meet you one day and when i do i hope you don't get bored because I talk a lot. Best wishes :)

Hind Belail: Wishing you all the best with Force 3, just saw the poster and it's very teasing. Just want to tell you good luck with all you're future events and may all you pray for come true. Stay safe with all the action scenes and keep up the lovely and beautiful inspiration, you deserve the best and you are the best inside out good luck.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

Umeda Majidova: Hi John (You are my only favorite actor) , according to the news and photos during the filming of "Parmanu" your new film will also be one of the best . Good luck , take care . Greetings from Russian fans

John Abraham: Thank you Umeda. Best wishes to you and all my Russian fans :)