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Vaibhavi Nande : Hello Sir, Hope you and your family is well. Happy Independence day in advance Sir, Congratulations for One Year Completed for "Batla House" and Two Year Completed for "Satyameva Jayate" Sir I am waitting for "satyameva Jayate 2". Best of Luck for upcoming movie. "STAY HOME STAY SAFE" Thank You Sir

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Your new style (long beard, hair) in new interview is so beautiful! Every news about you makes me so happy! Love You! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John sir!!! It's my mother's birthday on the 22nd of this month, hope everyone priya ma'am, bailey and sia are doing great during this testing times.

RAJDEEP DE: Wishing you a very Happy Janmashtami! May Lord Krishna be with you forever in the form of Jesus, Allah or Lord krishna (himself) and shower his blessings upon you and your family. Stay safe. stay home.

Tanima Kundu: Hi, I hope you're doing good. Your look in Mumbai saga is very captivating. I read your interview recently in a newspaper and got to know you're a reader, myself being a voracious reader, would love to know kind of genre you like to read

Aarushi Prasad: Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that i am a big fan and during this lock down I have been watching your films non stop. You have also been my inspiration for fitness. Thank you!!! I love your acting and everything you do in films every time I watch you I feel so happy!

Alia: Hi John I’m biggest fan girl 👧 from UAE Please i just want one reply from you 🙈 My dream will be come true ❤️

Chaitanya sukre: John sir u have guiding me so well. I plan to bulk and transform myself . It will be a perfect gift for your birthday from your idol.. Tell me how should my mindset be.. As i want to give my 100% in workout.. But what does my 100% mean in workout?? Does it mean doing one rep more than yesterday?? is it pushing yourself in every session? As u know everyone has a different body n being at start it often demotivates when u see so many builders around when will my day come..we need to be patient her

Juan Jose M: Hi john :)

Ajay Kishore: I watched some of your interviews on YouTube (my favourite is the one with Simi Garewal-rendezvous).All love you for your physique,but I admire you for many other reasons.You're truly the 'people's star' like Rajnikanth(my other favourite actor)as both of you entered the film industry without connections

Raftie Mehtaz: Hi John. Last year, our Borang had a rare infection. Treatment went for months

Ajay Kishore: Hi John! Hope you're fine

Ritesh: Thank you very much for your appreciation john sir. I also want to ask that as a person cannot be on a diet throughout his life, so after a three month diet period or lets say loosing good amount of fat should I move back to a normal diet with 2-3 cheat meals in a month or is there something else that will be help full to maintain the shape and weight.And I love you sir you are a great man.

Neyha Sharma: Dear JA, Today, Aug 6th is my Bday. I need your blessings. 😊 love always 💕

John Abraham: Hi Neyha. So sorry I missed this. I hope you had a great day. Belated wishes to you. Take care :))

Raftie Monmoyuri : So happy to know that you remember me John. Yes, things are very tough right now n only thing we can do is HOPE . Thanks for RESTORING my CONFIDENCE . Missing u in theatres too. Eager to see u in the most awaited blockbuster ‘MUMBAI SAGA’ with the most aptly cast actors from the industry. Honestly saying the name MUMBAI SAGA is so CAPTIVATING. Try to release the TRAILER on 15th Aug. And a BIG THANK for sending me a BIG HUG. I just wish I get an opportunity to hug you someday for REAL 🤗.

John Abraham: I'm sure you will, Monmoyuri. Stay strong. Better days will come :)

RITESH DAUND: Hello John Sir, I am 18 years old and my body is obese. So I chose to shift to a diet plan and it is not a crash diet, it at least has 6 meals a day. It has just been a month I have started his. The workout pattern is not regular. The change in body shape is not much but the weight is loosing. Please can you guide on the basis of the above?

John Abraham: Hi Ritesh, first of all, well done on taking charge of your health. But remember, a month is not very long to see results in body shape. Keep up with the diet as it sounds like it's working for you. But do try to regulate your workouts as consistency is key. Give yourself another three months. I'm sure you'll see results. All the best :)

Chaitanya sukre: Good morning John bro.. I want to be a focussed guy like you any tips?? I want to give ny 100% in whatever I do.. But sir people often bully me as I just ignore.. But there is a limit they take it as my weakness.. But I overthink a lot.. I believe to live in present and improve myself but still I think a lot of what people think.. Please guide

John Abraham: Hi Chaitanya. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles but you have already answered your own question. You overthink. You are right to ignore bullies. They do it to get a reaction. Don't give it to them. You already have a good philosophy - to live in the present and improve yourself. Stick with that. Do your work, read, exercise, believe in yourself. You are stronger than you know. All the best to you.

Paro: HI John, Hope you are fine though the situation is bad day by day, I am from Sydney, but originally from India. Here is little bit better condition than India. Suddenly I came across your website, and when I see you replied them all, it felt really awesome to me. You are different to others from Bollywood. I really like watching your movies, Batla House, RAW, Parmanu and specially SMJ. Keep up good work. We are with you. You are really an inspiration to all !!!

John Abraham: Thanks Paro, you're very sweet :)

nitu : Hello Mr. Abraham, actually I'm contacting from Iran.I came to India but for some problem I couldn't come to mumbai I went to Goa, delhi

John Abraham: Hi Nitu, best wishes to you. :)

Raftie Monmoyuri : Hi John, Dr Monmoyuri here. Hope u recognise me . I m a very positive n optimistic person but today I’m feeling really very sad. Actually I had a plan to come to Mumbai in October, just to meet u. But due to corona pandemic I m unable to proceed . John u know very few flights run from Guwahati to Mumbai. So at least 2 months advance booking is a must. But nothing n nobody is sure now. Situation still seems grim. I really feel like crying sometimes . Take care of ur health n family . REGARDS 🌹

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri, of course I remember you. Please don't be upset. I know things are very tough right now. All we can do is hope for better times which I'm sure will come. In the meantime, please take care of yourself. Sending you a big hug.

Tanima Kundu: Hi, how have you been? Blessed to be a fan of yours, you're such an inspiration. Your movie Taxi no 9211 is an excellent movie with its brilliant storyline and your portrayal of the character. Specially climax and in the middle, you make your audience a part of the story. At times I feel like jumping up there and help you. Just fantastic. A day's event in a movie. In Shootout at wadala when you plead with the police officer on result day, I can feel the emotions,such an amazing actor you're.

John Abraham: Thank you Tanima. That means a lot. Stay safe :)

safa: Hi john. Congratulations on completing 4 year of dishoom, it is one of my favourites movies and you are my favourite actor, stay safe.

John Abraham: Thanks so much Safa. You stay safe too :))

Chaitanya sukre: Hi John bro.. Congratulations on completing 4 years of dishoom❤😍😍😍... Love u sir. Hope so you are safe

John Abraham: I'm fine, Chaitanya. I hope you are too. Take care :)

Md Arman: Hi john Baba... I am sending this massage to talk about that I am acees to a gym but the lockdown was unable to not to goto attend my own gym so baba my triceps and my shoulder,s are get full of pain so I thought that you are the best bodybuilding in the bollywood industry and no budy can compared you the bodybuilding gyming so there fore I requested you to keep me the advice to How can I let this pain to go.... please Baba tell me....

John Abraham: Hi Arman. Can you be more specific about what causes the pain? Is it only there when you're working out or at other times too? It's possible you've strained your muscles by overworking them, or you're lifting too heavy a weight. Have you tried resting them for a few weeks? Injuries are always annoying but they usually respond to rest if they're not too serious. Let me know how you get on. Take care. :)

Krishnam Gupta: Hello John.! I was watching your film "Dhoom" and just realized that your character "Kabir" is solely responsible for my inclination towards biking. Awesome Movie, Awesome Acting, Awesome Stunts and Awesome Bike.! I so wish to see you in more daredevil motor-sports movies. Please signup for more such films post covid situation. You are the Best.!

John Abraham: Hi Krishnam. I do have a bike film in development. Unfortunately everything has been disrupted by this pandemic. Hopefully we will get it to the screen one day. Take care and ride safe.

RISMI J S: Hi Sir, I am from Kerala..and I am so happy to see that you have made your own space in Bollywood through various means of your own..But Sushant's loss depressed me a lot..especially this news of gangism..I am so glad to see that you have not done that so far and you are happy in your own space. I wish I had written to Sushant in his channel as well but unfortunately I could not. Would be so happy to see a reply mail from you Sir. With lots of love, respects, wishes and prayers. Rismi

John Abraham: Hi Rismi. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling low. Please take care.

Anup Rai: Hi Sir I recently watched your interview on Youtube which was the Guftoogo show. I really admire you and the way take your life ahead in simple way. I like they way you talked about future of Bollywood which has to be content, stories. I am an entrepreneur and started a startup on online media two years back and raised seed funding but it is now shut down. But my inclination is towards acting since childhood. I am confused that should I pursue that for the rest of my career or entrepreneurship

John Abraham: Hi Anup. It's very difficult to give advice about entering the acting business right now because our industry is suffering greatly due to the pandemic and everything is very uncertain. In these testing times perhaps your entrepreneurial talents could be put to better use. When things settle down, ask me again about the acting. I wish you all the best. :)

RAJ: Good evening Sir! How are you? I have tremendous instagram and whatsapp addiction which is hampering my personal life, academic life and professional career to a large extent. So I want to know from you that how do you spend your leisure time in various productive ways. Sir! I would also like to know that apart from acting, movie production, modeling and body-building what other activities affect you positively in a way by enhancing your mental well-being and increasing brain efficiency?

John Abraham: Hi Raj. Well, from your own list of my activities you can see I don't have much leisure time. I'm very much a workaholic. But when I can, I read, read, read. Simple as that. And reading is proven to be good for the brain. I hope that helps. :)

RAJDEEP DE: Sir! First of all, I do hope that you and your entire family are doing good and staying safe at home. Would you suggest me to consult a medical professional / doctor / nutritionist / dietitian before using any of the health products or food supplements of GUARDIAN (the brand endorsed by you) ?

John Abraham: Hi Rajdeep. If you think you might have any allergies or particular dietary requirements which could cause a problem for you it would be sensible to get checked out. Just to be extra safe.

Jitu: Hi Sir, Jitu i hope you like my tweets, every day Ritesh bhai and me talks about you, i really miss you and i want to know when you are coming to guwahati?

John Abraham: Difficult to answer that right now, Jitu. Travel is discouraged for very sensible reasons. Hopefully better times are coming soon. Until then, please take care and stay safe. And Ritesh too. All the best :))

Tanima Kundu: Hi John, I hope you and your family doing good and bailey too. Thank you for replying to my last message. Today I wanna tell you about your youngest fan in my home, my 6 years old niece, a crazy fan of yours, she watches your songs and movies with me and loves you a lot. If you appear on screen, she shouts in glee. She wants to meet you once. I hope our wish will come true one day. Stay safe, take care :)

John Abraham: Hi Tanima. That's so sweet. Sending a big hug to your niece. :))

Indu k: Hi John. Saw you Twitter handle, only to realise you painstakingly like so many mentions of you everyday. It's very similar to how you reply to fan messages here. Must be driving you crazy some days but thanks for taking out time for all this. I can't imagine how much time and patience it takes but it shows you have a cute side as well (besides the hot that's more obvious mostly). Much love. Please take care.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Indu. Take care :))

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai.. which food should one eat to keep his heart healthy.. i am being very health concious nowadays

John Abraham: Hi Anish. It's more a case of the foods you shouldn't eat to keep the heart healthy. Regular exercise and very little saturated fat will help your heart. Take care :)

Sakina: Hi John, how are you? i wanna ask that may i take cabbage juice daily one glass for weight lose. or any other tip guru jee you can advise me about it. thanks sending love 🥰

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. Cabbage juice contains vitamins and nutrients so it won't harm you to drink it but I haven't heard of it promoting weight loss.

Akshat gupta: I am a big fan of you

John Abraham: Thanks Akshat :)

Anil Kumar: Hi Sir I am Anil Kumar from Delhi. I am sure you and your family is fine during these challenging times since you are an youth and fitness icon. I am working as a manager in an sports NGO, which works towards sports, education, health and skill development of children across India. I belong to the sports family of International players. I always admire you and your work

John Abraham: Thanks Anil. Yes, challenging times. I hope you and your family are ok too. It's tough for sports right now. Hoping for better times soon. Stay safe.

Md Arman: Hi John Abraham sir... I hope you are very well...And get safe and protected...love u soo much sir ji....

John Abraham: You stay safe too Arman. Take care :))

Chaitanya sukre: Hello John sir how are you.. Chaitanya here.. You are my idol.. Sir in my college i was beaten by one guy and i could not just protect myself.. Being raised in a respected society I am not used to this.. But i feel i must know some self protection.. Because I have started feeling low and there is a fear that anyone can come against..And i was laughed as I got beaten Can being muscular bulking my body help me protect myself against such people. U know there are such people in our society..

John Abraham: Unfortunately the world is full of bullies, Chaitanya. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Building your body will give you confidence and increase your self-esteem especially if you are worried it will happen again. In the meantime, don't let a bully get into your head and make you feel low. You are so much better than that. Take care and I wish you all the best.

KRITI: Hey JOHN I’m KRITI from Kolkata.My full name is krititapa.I don’t know hv u ever recognizes me or not.practically I admires u as my hero in all senses of life.Badly wanted to hv a meet with u inspite of knowing it’s quite next to impossible.Bt still hoping for it. Love u a lot jst insanely Stay safe dear

John Abraham: Hi Kriti, yes these are difficult times. Thanks so much for your kind words. Please stay safe and take care.

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai how are you, can u guide me how can i reduce my belly as in lockdwon i have gained some weight, can u tell me some excercise or diet.

John Abraham: Hi Anish. There's no magic answer. If you want less belly fat you have to increase your cardio exercise and reduce your food intake. I wish you all the best.

Huma Sultan: I was very happy to see you online on Instagram. I amazed by their smiles. stay healthy and happy. I should always see the pits on your cheeks. I love you.

John Abraham: Thanks Huma, you're very sweet. :))

safa: Hi John i love you so much i am writing this whilst watching you on live on your phone i love you so much :)) I am so happy you have made my day 1 million times better :))

John Abraham: Nice to hear that, Safa. Take care :))

VIGNESH PILLAAI: Dear John Sir , How are you ? Hope You are safe and Fine along with your family . Being your True Fan . I am Really proud that you being so addicted to fitness and fitness freak ,,have always been giving out strong message to eat healthy ,maintain healthy life and building strong Immunity since the start ,which the World is taking so so much seriously right now . Thank You So much for always inspiring us to lead a happy and Fit Lifestyle !! Keep Smiling

John Abraham: I'll try, Vignesh. You take care too. All the best :))

Sakina: Salam John, its Sakina here after a long time. Hope you are enjoying life but I don't know why I'm so much upset . Here are some marriage proposals for me and I'm so much depressed. Missing my peace and strength

John Abraham: So sorry to hear you're unhappy, Sakina. Please try to speak to someone about it. I hope you feel better soon. Please take care.

kaushik Indu : Saw the poster of Mumbai Saga !! Khatarnaak lag rahe ho Sir , too good.. will see you in theaters soon. Take care !!

John Abraham: Hoping so Kaushik. Stay safe :))

Suhani Hukeri: Hi John, it's Suhani again. I just wanted to know since you love animals, what is your favorite animal?

John Abraham: Hi Suhani. Well, I love all animals but I have a special soft spot for my dogs of course. :)

RAJDEEP DE: Which one is your personal favourite character - Rocky Handsome / ACP Yash / Veer (Satyamev Jayate)? all of them are my favourite. Eagerly waiting to see them all again

John Abraham: Hi Rajdeep. I can't pick a favourite. Like you I am fond of them all. :))

Suhani Hukeri: Hi John, I'm Suhani Hukeri and i just want to say that i am a huge fan. I love watching your movies such as Dhoom, Race 2, Dishoom, Dostana, and so many more. I also follow your Instagram and I love your passion with animals and people. you have such a pure heart and you're my role model. I love you so much!! Love from Houston, Texas, US.

John Abraham: That's very sweet, Suhani. Thank you. Please take care and stay safe.

Sahar: Hi john how are you I'm sahar from Afghanistan I'm vary waiting for Mumbai saga. Attack and smj2 Mumbai When release hogi we all is vary waiting And attack ki sat kiya hoga date change hogaya koi new dete confirm hai I'm vary waiting for Mumbai saga Jaldi se release kro dear I love you vary Mach

John Abraham: Hi Sahar. Release dates are very difficult to predict right now. Hopefully we will have a better idea soon. Stay safe :)

Faisal abbas: Hi sir i m zulqarnain from gilgit and your movie welcome back have been my favourite since childhood sir you are my fitness idol and i got six pack abs at a very young age i m 15 sir i am waiting for your welcome 3.lots of love

John Abraham: Wow Faisal, at 15? That's awesome. :))