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Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john sir.howz u..excited for attack movie?? how was your bicep injury now?? wishing u a speedy recovery bro.just 5 days to go for ur bday.Happy birthday in advance..God bless always

John Abraham: It's much better, Chaitanya. But I'm always getting injured so I'm used to it now. :))

Shahzad jafcins: Hy sir shahzad jafcins Tick tick ...7 days to go for our dearest @TheJohnAbraham sir birthday...so here goes alphabet two... Wishing a very happy birthday May Allah bless you alot have unlimited happiness in your life And my birthday also 17 dce #MumbaiSaga #Attack i hope you read my wishes lots of love 😘

John Abraham: Thank you Shahzad. Very kind :)

Ramesh: Hi John My advance Happy birthday wishes to you .

John Abraham: Thanks Ramesh :))

Yavor Velinov: Hey John.Can i have your advice on two things please cause this two things are important to me.First one is me being a gay-i couldnt tell my parents or family because they will be very dissapointed and my father will kill me ;( and the other one is i get laughed because i am not athletic and litlle bit fat i couldnt get a boyfriend because of that.Any advice would be much appreciated because of all that i dont have any self esteem. and i am afraid i will die alone ;(

John Abraham: Hi Yavor. I'm very sorry to hear of your family situation but I can't really give you any advice on that. I think that needs to come from someone with experience of the same thing. I think that would be more helpful to you. But I can give you advice on your second problem. You don't have to be athletic to take exercise. Just walking for an extra half an hour a day is very beneficial. But joining a reputable gym will help you build muscle and put you in touch with people who want to help you instead of laughing. Also take a look at your diet. Are you eating too many fatty, starchy foods. Try to cut back on sugar and avoid eating late at night. But remember - consistency is key. Change won't happen overnight but after a few months you should see an improvement. I hope that helps. All the best to you.

Arman: Hi, John sir.... Pagalpanti is the commediest movie... And I m very exited to see Mumbai saga, welcome 3,SMJ 2 and much more movies... Thanks sir....

John Abraham: Thank you Arman. So sweet :)

SAKINA YOUSAF: Hi John, wishing you all the best and Advance HBD πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ and Its my Birthday today (7th December) πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ.

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Sakina. So sorry I missed it. Hope you had a lovely day :))

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello Sir, Sunday 8th December is my marriage anniversary sir i request you to please wish to both of us. my husband name is Nakul. Sir please wish both of us and give your blessings also. Thank you Sir.

John Abraham: Hi Vaibhavi. I wish you and Nakul a very happy wedding anniversary. May you have many happy years together. Bless you both :))

Aliza: Hi John, Is Hera Pheri 3 releasing anytime soon?

John Abraham: Hi Aliza. I don't know what's happening with that film. But I don't think it'll be going ahead any time soon.

Chaitanya Sukre: Hey john bro loved ur movie pagalpanti.but batla house has increased my love towards my nation..i just cant take of my eyes from that movie..madras cafe batla house damn good love it.can watch it 24*7..Sir you are my fitness role model

John Abraham: Thanks Chaitanya. So sweet of you :)

Arafat : Hi, Which are upcoming films apart from Mumbai Saga.

John Abraham: Hi Arafat. I have Attack, which we start in January next year, and the sequel of Satyameva Jayate also. Plus a few other projects in the pipeline :)

Kriti Kumar : hey John...feeling so shaky thinking u cud be reading this...I am Kriti from Dehradun,,,we met in Massourie an year back during the Batla house shoot...like every fan..wont say I am ur biggest fan...but that I am Johnuinely fond of you... u are the essence of my identity.

John Abraham: That's very sweet, Kriti. Thank you. :)

Varatharajan: Hello Sir, I saw Batla House last week and was really moved by your as well as the whole teams performance including people behind the scenes and brilliant writers to bring this story on screen. Hope you make different movies and great success.

John Abraham: Thank you, Varatharajan. I'll pass on your good wishes :))

mubarak khan: superb movie sir love you sir i always watch your movies love you john sir

John Abraham: Thank you Mubarak :)

Gaurav manjera: Hi baba. Won't say a big fan but a passionate follower. I am from dehradun and wish if i could meet you someday. Would be a dream coming true. Lots of love bhaiya.

John Abraham: Lots of love to you too, Gaurav. Take care :)

Yavor Velinov: Hey John.Don't know if you remember me it's Yavor-your biggest fan from Bulgaria.Now i am Englad.Just want to say what an inspiration to me you are-your movies,interviews give me the courage to fight life.I never miss a movie from you.Hope one day i will get the chance to see you even for just one hello.I will be very happy if one day i have a picture of you.I never been lucky to see you in person :( :( Still if i don't meet you i will forever support you in what you do.You are the best John

John Abraham: Of course I remember, Yavor. All the best for your life in England. Take care :))

Nitin Bhandari: Most of the movie I have seen recently, Acting in Batlahouse is best

John Abraham: Thank you, Nitin :)

Meet Bagrawala: Thank you so much JOHN sir for wishing me birthday wishes. Love you so much Yours sincerely, Meet Bagrawala

Aarushi: Hello, John sir Aarushi here, Hope you recognize me I think that you reply to all the emails on Thursday na and this Thursday 28 November also my birthday too , and what will be the occasion of this great happiness for me, I think that you are reading this message on my b'day... so please wish me...;) Congratulations for Pagalpanti... You're fantastic and I love your cuteness waali comedy:)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday, Aarushi. I wish you a lovely day. All the best :))

Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john i am a big fan of u.waited at your office today from morning 7 am till night 7 pm to meet u.but u dint notice me sir.i said hello u waved me that was it.hopefully we meet one day john sir..yours true fan chaitanya from aurangabad.liked your pagalpanti movie a lot.god bless you bhai

John Abraham: I'm so sorry, Chaitanya. Things are very busy right now and probably I was getting late for something. Please take care. All the best to you :)

Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john.i am your big fan.dhoom movie is my all time fav.i am a fitness freak so you are my role model for body building.your body is just awesome.u r an inspiration for me.to be so disciplined is a sign of greatness.i stay in mumbai.hoping to meet u once.πŸ˜„ lots of love john

Simran Narula: Gud luck for ur movie john sir I am so much excited about your movie John Sir and my day starts with pagalpanti song and in a day multiple times it buzz in my Room...Awesome woow it takes me another world and blew my mind....as you knw i am your greatest Fan from Dhoom to till now.you are my real super Hero like in Hollywood their is Avengers super hero but for me you are my Bollywood real Avenger... Me and my whole family is going to watch this comedy roller coaster

John Abraham: Thats awesome, Simran. I hope they all enjoy it. It's a family entertainer :)

Rajeev gunjal: Hello JA sir my motivation today i saw your babies collection they are fantastic amazing

John Abraham: Hi Rajeev. Yes I love my babies. They are all beauties close to my heart :))


John Abraham: Love to you too, Pranav :))

Ankit Bhanot: Hi John I am Big Fan of yours. Respect you a lot. I wish I could meet you and take some advise on Exercise and weight gain.

John Abraham: Hi Ankit. I can answer your questions here if you are more specific. What exactly are your goals?

Vanessa Rodrigues : Hey :) how are you ?? I can't wait to watch Pagal Panti β™‘

John Abraham: I'm fine Vanessa. I hope you enjoy Pagalpanti :)

Aliza: Hi john, Watched you recently on The Kapil Sharma Show, it was a fun episode and you look very handsome as always, your smile is so adorable! Pls keep on smiling like that always! Can't wait to see your upcoming Pagalpanti and future projects! All the best...Sending love from karachi, Pakistan :))

John Abraham: Thank you Aliza. Sending a hug :)

Raftie Divya : Hi John! Eagerly waiting to see you in Kapil's show tonight. Please pray for me.

John Abraham: Hi Divya. I hope you liked the show. All the best to you :))

Sandeep Kumar Tiwari: Hi.john sir I m biggest fan of yours... And I m very excited to the pagalpanti

John Abraham: I hope you like it, Sandeep :))

Harp Honey: Hello sir I’m Harp from JAFCIAN Group we wish your upcoming movie PagalPanti and sir You more and more success in Life. ( Stay And blessings from Punjab

John Abraham: Thank you Harp, so sweet :))

Meet Bagrawala: Hi, JOHN sir ...my name is MEET BAGRAWALA.....JAFCIAN from SURAT ...your Biggest fan ....Sir please wish me a Happy birthday on 30 November Yours sincerely, Meet Bagrawala

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 30th November, Meet. I hope you have a great day. :))

MD Arman: Hi.john sir I m biggest fan of yours... And I m very exited to the pagalpanti and Mumbai saga movie And my dream is I will meet you soon sir... Thanks Bhaijan...Good Luck for the Movies...

John Abraham: Thank you MD. All the best to you too :))

Ritesh Barathe Jafcians: hey JA Sir, Tomorrow is my Birthday on 14th November please wish me Sir, i will be so happy i wish me and hussain want to celebrate my birhtday with you :)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Ritesh. Things are very hectic right now but I wish you all the best. Have a great day. Sending a big shout out to you, Hussain and all the JAFCIANS. You guys are at the BEST.

Pawan rai jafcians: JohnAbtahm sir Today is my birthday Sir If you give a wish, or wil ne very happy Love you sir Pawan rai jafcians

John Abraham: Sorry I messed this, Pawan. I hope you had a great day. Belated wishes to you :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir, I have seen many videos for workout motivation of THE ROCK and I was just wishing you to make many workout videos for all the JAFCIANS. I even remember you had once done a Fb live in which you had said that you are planning to make videos for fitness. Sir your video will be a game changer for all the people around our country. I hope I hear from you for this soon sir!!!!!!!!! love you 3000 sir.

John Abraham: Hoping to do it one day soon, Pranav. But things are very hectic right now. Thanks for your encouragement. :)

Assel from KAZAKHSTAN: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Batla House! i was so worried how the truth would be proved! So impressed with the last scene and strong speech! Big thank you! Love You!

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Assel. Take care :)

sachin shetty: hello john,,,i'm your fellow colleague from jai hind college...all the best

John Abraham: Hi Sachin, all the best to you too :))

Silke P: Hallo Dear John! I saw the trailer of Pagalpanti. I can not wait to see him. I laughed a lot (as like Dostana= one of my favorite movie). I hope I can see Pagalpanti here in Germany cinema. I am sure he will definitely be a hit!! All the best and lovely wishes to you

John Abraham: Thank you Silke. Best wishes to you :)

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir how are you i was wondering if you can guide me if e.g you wanna improve your muscle how long should you take rest between each excserice and each set indeed have you got any tips on bodybuiling if you could give some tips it would be great sir taha is a great fan of tiger sheroff and he says are you having any plan with tiger you two look amazing in one movie inedd taha my bro loves you and gives you a great hug we wish you the best sir and we loveeee you so much

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir, Today is my bff's Shahnawaz Khan's birthday, a fan of yours

John Abraham: Wish you a very Happy Birthday Shahnawaz. All the best to you :))

Ajay Kishore: Hi John! I am a diehard fan of yours. I am a Rajinikanth fan as well. I admire you and Rajini sir for various qualities. Both of you have similarities: Simplicity, standing up for good causes and being honest (in real life). In addition, both of you have style and charisma, as action heroes (on screen). But you haven't acted together (I am not sure if you've met him). Why don't you and Rajini sir act together? (I would love to see both of you in the same film!) All the best for Pagalpanti!

John Abraham: Hi Ajay. Wow, acting with such a legend would truly be an honour. Perhaps one day, if I'm very lucky. But I'd probably be too awestruck to speak :)

YASH JADHAV: Hello John Sir,this is Yash.My Birthday is on 12th Nov so i want your best wishes!!!!And also wish you all the very best for #pagalpanti.Se you soon.

John Abraham: I wish you Happy Birthday for 12th Nov, Yash. I hope you have a really great day. Thanks also for your wishes :))

Mohammed Hassan: Hi John, How are you. i am a huge fan of yours and lives in Abu Dhabi, i was going though your tips on how to be fit and healthy, it is really good tips and also motivating.I will follow it.

John Abraham: Best of luck, Mohammed. I hope you find them helpful :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!! Loved both the songs of pagalpanti, Your physique in Tum Par Hum Hai Atke is the best

Shiv: Hi John, I am a huge fan of yours and wish you all the very best for Pagalpanti

John Abraham: Thank you, Shiv. So sweet of you :)

Sakina: Hi John, how are you? Any plan of visiting Dubai in November ? Because I wanna mewt you once in my life. :)

Humam SultanΔ±m: Hello there. November 1st is my birthday and I look forward to your sincere wishes. I can have more happiness with your wishes and words on my birthday. It could be the greatest gift to me

John Abraham: Hi Humam. So sorry I missed this. I hope you had a lovely day. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. :))

Nupur: Hi John, I reside in Toronto currently, I never miss out any of your movies. I must say you are doing phenomenal acting in patriot movies. Much appreciate it. Looking forward for more creative content and wish you the best for your upcoming movies. Love you !!

John Abraham: Thank you, Nupur, so sweet of you :)

Vipul bankar: Hiiii , john bhai u r reyal king of Bollywood and u r king of body building sir u r bysep is very big I thin 19 inches u r RAW movie fantastic sir special u r carecter I like sir and best of luck pagalpanti movie # sir which date Mumbai sanga

John Abraham: Hi Vipul. Mumbai Saga is aiming for a release in June 2020. But, as you know, release dates often change due to circumstances. :)

Divya : Congratulations John! For the promising posters of "Pagalpanti" and for Satyamev Jayate2. All the best to you!

John Abraham: Thanks Divya. To you too :))

Raftie Divya: Happy Diwali my superstar! You are the best!