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Aditya: Namaste sir! its now become a habit or practice i must say that i take your well wishes before i start off with anything, from my tenth boards, my film called bullet that got delayed, now finally, twelth boards, by the time you reply, my boards will have started sir, but good wishes help anytime !! i'd love to start off with your best wishes!!

Raji: Hi John, So happy to hear that you will be producing a movie on social entrepreneur Revathi Roy. Such an inspiring and resilient lady full of passion and her contribution to the women empowerment is exceptional. Thank you for your effort in bringing such great real life stories full of values and ethos to a larger audience. Can't wait to watch the movie. By the way watched Batla House recently. Marvelous!! You pulled it off along with others very realistically and convincingly.

Arman AhMad: Hi guru ji....How Are You...is Everything is Fine? I want to say you that what is the release date of Welcome 3... Please tell me if it's confirmed....😘😘😘

Kriti kumar: I am at a complete loss of words ..to express my happiness n excitement each time I get ur like on my post..! That day is a celebration fr me...thank you soooo much John fr acknowledging fans ka love for you...Twitter has gotten me so close to u...I imagine you reading my posts n I feel blessed..thankyou for making my days special...much love..today n always!!

Surbhi : Hi John. Happy Maha Shivratri,. I am a huge fan of yours. You are an amazing actor and I wish you all the best for your upcoming movies.

Saptarshi Sinha: Hello John Sir! ❀️ It’s my 22nd birthday today! I write you on this special day every year and 2020 is no different. Sending you tons of hugs, love, positive vibes and the best of wishes for your upcoming movies.❀️❀️ Rock The Party, yayy! :)

Raftie Divya : Thanks a ton for the hug, John! It made my day. Your love and care means the world to me and especially in these trying times.

Sakina: Hi John, How are you doing?? Sakina is here to share something with you, on 3rd march , there will be my nephew's (MUHAMMAD) first birthday . I call him my Son. πŸ€—πŸ˜‡β€So It will be Pleasure for me if you wish my Son 😍 Sending you Lots of Pure DUA from Pakistan β€πŸ˜‡

Saroj Lakra: Hello John Sir, How are u I'm a big fan of yours You are my great crush. Your Force movie is my all time favorite I like this movie very much Because the type of movies I like, this film is exactly the same.I like you and Genelia D'Souja's chemistry very much That's why this film is special for me.I hope to see you and Genelia D'Souja's chemistry again on the silver screen with an exciting action romance film like Force Movie...lots of love John sir.

John Abraham: Hi Saroj. Force is very special for me too. I loved working with Genelia. Many people have told me how much they enjoyed our chemistry. All the best to you :))

Vipul bankar : Hiiiiii. Bollywood hulk how r u my boss? Whats is relij date of u r gangster movie mumbai saga

John Abraham: Hi Vipul. I'm doing fine thanks. At present the release date of Mumbai Saga is 19th June 2020. :)

Saroj Lakra: Happy Valentine Day Sir.....i love u

Bijita: I've been your fan years now and only discovered your site today! How strange. I've always thought you're a wonderful actor and love how true you are to yourself in life and career. Recently, I've been marathoning your movies. Something about them makes me remember there's a world bigger than myself. Looking forward to your upcoming movies. No doubt they'll be great. 3 whole movies in the works! How busy your life must be. Good luck and I hope you're taking care of yourself amidst your work.

John Abraham: Thanks so much Bijita. I am a workaholic so I'm thriving right now. :))

Raftie Divya : Happy Valentine's day my superstar, my idol! I was your fan, I am your fan and will always be your ardent fan ❀ Nothing can ever change that

John Abraham: Thanks Divya. Hope you're doing ok. Sending a hug to you :))

Saroj Lakra: First of all, I love you so much sir, I love you very much, I love all your films especially romantic Sir, do a film with Shraddha Kapoor like romantic action, we all are eager to see the chemistry of you and Shraddha.Sir, you are very handsome and charming and Shraddha Kapoor is a cuteness shop.We hope that Shraddha Kapoor and your chemistry will be seen if you accept our request. love u sir

Navnath: Hi John bhava, Jaan aahes tu aapali. One day I will meet you. Dreams come true soon.

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!! Today is my parents marriage anniversary. Love you sir!!!!!!! all the best for MUMBAI SAGA, ATTACK, SATYAMEV JAYATE 2 sir........ love you loads

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Pranav. Please give your parents my very best wishes. Sending you all a big hug. :))

Zabhaa: Hi John! I love your movies and am a very big fan of yours!

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, Zabhaa. So sweet :))

Chaitanya Sukre: hello john sir how are you?? i hope so all is fine in terms of health..i am crazy about your looks how can one be so handsome sirπŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜..as a die hard fan i also aspire to look like you..can u give me some tips to get a perfect jawline like u plsπŸ™ˆ.i know we have to stay hydrated..apart from that do we have to reduce salt intake and what else sir?

John Abraham: Hi Chaitanya. That's a tricky one. A good jawline is primarily down to bone structure but the best way to make your face look more defined is by keeping yourself at a reasonable weight. Too much salt or alcohol can also make your face look puffy, as well as being detrimental to health, so keep both to a minimum. I hope that helps :)

Anish Kogaonkar: Dear John bhai, I love you so much, you are the kindest and most honest humans i have ever met, its been more han 9 years now that i know you and everytime i meet it feels so good because you are a Good human.. Dear John bhai i wsh you all the best in your upcoming movies Mumbai saga

John Abraham: Thank you, Anish. So sweet of you. Wish you all the best too :))

Arman Ahmad: To my dearest John sir... I m the biggest fan of yours... And yours friendship is.the world's beautiful Jodi..John Abraham sir and Akshay sir... Make some Noise for the Desi boyzz Lott's of love...😘😘😘😘😘

John Abraham: Thanks Arman. Yes Akshay is the best. I would love to work with him again :))

Assel from Kazakhstan : Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Pagalpanti! Laughed so much! You are fantastic in all genres of cinema! Big thank you! First look in Mumbai Saga super!!! I love you!

John Abraham: Thank you Assel. I'm glad you liked it :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John sir!!!!!!!!! I was watching ur fitness video and in that you told that you are planning to come up with videos soon

John Abraham: Yes I did say that, Pranav. And I'm sorry I haven't found the time. Hopefully I'll get to do something soon. Thanks for your patience :)

Ajeet Prakash: Respected JOHN sir, me and my father is big fan of yours. i just want to say that i love u sir. New york, Madras cafe, kabul express, batla house, paramanu, satyamev jayate, force, Rocky handsome, force 2, RAW etc. r my favorite movies. and best of luck for your upcoming movies. lots of love sir. be safe and god bless u sir.

John Abraham: Thank you so much Ajeet. Sending a big hug to you and your dad. :))

Vaibhavi Nande: Hello sir Happy Republic Day in advance. your upcoming movie Mumbai Saga's first look is awesome.i m very exited for this movie.all the best for Mumbai saga.you are always superb sir.lots of love sir.Thank you.

John Abraham: Thanks, Vaibhavi, so sweet of you. :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Just saw a photo in which you are standing besides a stealth black Royal Enfield 350 classic electra. I own a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and your photo has made my day sir, LOVE YOU 3000 CRORE INFINITY SIR

John Abraham: Wow, that's great, Pranav. Ride safe! :)

Chaitanya Sukre: continueed..but reports suggests my protein intake is less and also water..thus i ll increase it..but sir what is happening is i m getting impatient wanting to reduce hips in a early time..i know body takes time and thus i m having craving and i m taking multiple cheats due to lack of motivation.please do help me out on how do i reduce my hips....

John Abraham: Hi Chaitanya. I don't know what you've been reading but you can't have visceral fat on your hips. Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that accumulates around the internal organs and can cause heart attacks and other problems. There's not really any diet I can suggest to reduce your hips specifically. You just need to be consistent with your workouts - cardio such as cycling or running will burn fat - and eat a sensible diet. Crash diets are very bad and don't really work in the long term, as you have discovered. There is no magic fix I can give you. If you want to be fit you have to put in the work. Maybe team up with a friend so that you motivate each other. That might help. I wish you all the best :)

Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john sir.pls help.my current height is 177cm wt 77 kgs body fat 24 according to reports my ideal wt should be 68 and i need to gain one kg of muscle mass also..but problem is that i have too much visceral fat in my hips region..thus my body fat is 24..i m trying to reduce my waists n hips with diet n exercise but its not happening.and i m feeling down.would like to get your tips on how do i reduce my hips..i tried to do crash diets but it dint go well .so i m on proper diet but

Raftie Divya : Thank you for your wishes, John. I hope God helps me to overcome this turbulent and extremely stressful time in my life.

Kriti kumar: Hey John..I am just 5ft tall n weigh 68kgs..my thyroid keeps on fluctuating from .6 to 9 .pls give ur expert advise bout diet n excercise bcoz It will be pathar ki lakeer for me..!! I excercised like crazy ending up fatter n discouraged...pls help me shrink n become disease free.,I promise Ull be proud of this fan of urs!! Much love..

John Abraham: Hi Kriti. I'm so sorry to read of your health problems. However, I am not a doctor so it would be very irresponsible of me to suggest a regime for you. You really need to consult a medical professional about what exercise and diet is best to help manage your condition. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I do wish you all the best. Please take care.

Nidhin George Jacob: Hi John, First of all, best wishes for 2020. I am an avid fan from Netherlands. It was great pleasure reading the contents in the website. I am so amazed to know that you love β€œPuttu” and β€œAppam”. Once again best wishes for your future endeavors. God bless. Nidhin

John Abraham: Thank you, Nidhin. :))

Raftie Divya : Hi John, day before yesterday I came to your office and first time you were there but in a meeting. I gave a letter to Pawan, hope you got it. Kudos to your staff - they all are so polite and truthful. We fans come with so much love and are sometimes overwhelmed with our emotions so it's really nice when the staff handles us fans so well so there's no heartache or else it can be very hurting. God bless you.

John Abraham: Thanks so much Divya. I'm sorry I wasn't there but very glad that you were looked after. Thanks for caring so much. All the best to you :))

Aastha: Mere words are not going to be enough to express my love for you. I love you so much sir. My personal favorite movie of yours is Aashayein and my life has changed ever since. Padma's character was relatable on multiple levels and seeing the bond blosom between you two and the way you were there as a confidant for her, it was really beautiful and helped to keep going and believe that there is hope. God bless you and your family.

John Abraham: Thank you, Aastha. Aashayein is one of my favourites too. It was a tough role so it's nice to hear it is appreciated. Take care :))

Sakina: Hi john, how are you?? Needs some help :( regarding diet plan because I'm getting gradually fat but I wanna be smart again.. my age 25 and waist 32 😷height 5'7.. I'm starting luke warm water plus honey with empty stomach. What should I do more?? Please help guru jee 😐 Mom is paying regards and ALLAH bless you !!!

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. Although it's important to stay hydrated I'm not sure why you are adding honey to your water. Do you mean this is the only thing you are eating in the day? If it is, then I advise against it. Crash diets are never good for the body. If you think you are getting fat then the best thing to do is exercise more, brisk walking half an hour a day is a good start if you're not used to exercising, and take a look at the portion sizes of your meals. I hope that helps :)

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir how are you how is your health by the way i heard you got some injury on the movie attack if i m not mistaken ineed sir i am happy that another movie of yours is releasing ineed may allah bless you bcz you are always in my prayers and ineed my brother taha also loves you we wish you the best towards your future may allah be with you so much i will see you in my future inshaalah the balta house was spectular love you soo much from me and taha

John Abraham: Thanks so much for your concern. I injured my arm a while ago and just needed to rest it. It's already much better. All the best to you and your brother :))

Aliza: "Jism" is one of my most fav movies of yours all times and the captivating songs in it, So many emotions encapsulated in this movie.. From unanswered prayers, unrequited love, unwavering disillusionment, unresolved disappointments, and unfulfilled expectations. A lifetime is not enough to parse through the many different strands of sorrow......

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!! Just saw you ATTACK clap board post, I'm super excited for this new flick sir!!!! love you loads!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE VERY BEST SIR, BE SAFE WHILE PERFORMING ALL THE ACTIONS SIR!!!

Shahzad jafcins: Best wishes to @TheJohnAbraham Baba for #Attack. The shooting of this movie has been started. We are waiting for official poster.

manthan jain: sir iam big fan of you and all the best for your upcoming movie and you are the best actor of the cinema

Shujai S: Desi Sparta! Meet the Spartans my fav. movie. Got humor in it . Such long time and not a single hollywood movie. Atleast, a western Sparta seems right than copied Desi Sparta! - South Indian!!

Virag Masekar: Hi John. This is Virag. Happy New Year! I enjoyed your Batla House film and I just love how you played the roles in Satyameva Jayate and Parmanu. I can't stop watching these films. I am sorry to hear about the failure of Pagalpanti. I will watch the film still for your performance which you have improved a lot in your ability to play comedy roles. I am eagerly waiting for your next film, Attack.To build muscle size, how often and how much should you eat and drink protein shakes per day?

John Abraham: Hi Virag. A protein shake can be taken between meals, as a snack or before or after your workout. If you are exercising regularly you need more protein to help muscle recovery and promote growth. It's best to have your protein at equally spaced times through the day. But how much and how often you use shakes depends on your age, body type and what you are trying to achieve. So it's best to consult the trainers at your gym to work out your specific needs. I hope that helps :)

Surbhi: Hi John, Happy new year. I am a big fan of yours. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming movies.

Sannaya: Here's wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to my favorite and all his loved ones. Have a great year filled with love, happiness and success. 2020 is going to be great (Its a JOHN ABRAHAM song)

malika: Hi John sir . Happy New year i hope this year a blockbuster year for you . I am a big fan of you In afg Very very love you .

Indu: Happy New Year John. May 2020 bless you with lots of love and progress !! Cheers :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: "May the new year be filled with brightness and hope so that darkness and sadness stay away from you. Happy New Year!" Love you sir.......... I wish you all the success and happiness sir, eagerly waiting for ATTACK

Shubhalaxmi Shetti: Annaya, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

Chaitanya Sukre: Happy new year my fitness idol john meri jaan..God bless you!!Hope so your movies go massively hit as always

Raftie Divya : Have a great 2020! God bless you and all your near and dear ones! Stay blessed!

Dr Monmoyuri : Contd.......Anyway, every end has a new beginning so I am again quite hopeful to meet you in 2020. I really want to meet you IN PERSON at least for once before I die. Please help me to meet my idol whom I admire the most. Happy new year ! 🌷

Dr Monmoyuri : Hi John, It’s been quite a while since I last wrote to you . Hope you are in good shape. Today is the last day of 2019 and it was a very special year for me . Because my letter reached you in this lucky year and thus you came to know about my existence in this world. I apologise for keeping my hopes too high but I actually had too much hope to meet you in 2019. Unfortunately didn’t happen. ..........pls continue....