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Monmoyuri: May the Festival of Lights bring lots of joy, peace and prosperity to you and your family. Have a great Diwali. May God fulfill all your dreams.

yuri: Happy Diwali to you and you family

Aditya k: so sir, I was thinking about this, if hardwork, determination and all our concentration is put in , is it possible to become successful in this huge industry where one in a thousand make it big? and one thing!: this initiative of yours where your fans get to talk to you and you can reply individually is greatly appreciated sir as you are actually a inspiration to many of us.And your replies get us motivated!

Yuri: hello John,Wish you a very Happy Diwali

Deepa wadhwa: Hi John , how r u I want wish u HAPPY DHANTERAS May God full fill all your wishes. Love and regards to your Family members and your love pets.I feel proud when ever u reply me .please reply me.miss u

Dr Monmoyuri Mahanta: Hi john,Hope my message reach you in the very best of your health. I donot have words to express my respect for you. Your contribution towards society by 'Make a wish ' and involvement in PETA is really commendable. You are really very good. May God bless you always.

Divya : Hi John, I saw your chupke chupke Pankaj Udhas video and a couple of your old as well as new interviews. Now that I am recuperating, I don't think anyone or anything other than John Abraham can heal me. You are an antioxidant to my body. Yes! Antidote too.

Prashanth: Hi John, I'm just 24 and going bald which makes me feel depressed. Could you give me some tips to stop balding?

Shujai S: Hi John - Read about actors workout at night. Is it healthy

Monmoyuri: Hi John, I am eagerly waiting for ISL 4. Best of luck to your team NEUFC.👍 Always stay blessed .

Deepa wadhwa: Hi John your face is really charming with your awesome dimples. Keep smiling love and regards to your family waiting for your reply your movie PAAP is superb

Shiv: Hey John :) its your friend Shiv from Australia. Just letting you know that me and my parents will be coming to see you again at the charity event in Sydney. The last time we had a brief moment with you, it brought so much happiness to me and my parents. I hope you are taking care of yourself and training hard. See you soon my big brother! (please pass my regards to Minnakshi and Venky).

Deepa wadhwa: Hi John, how r u I hope u will be fine. Thanks for replying .In Rocky handsome the chemistry between you and shruti is awesome. I am waiting for your romantic movie. Romantic roles suits you more than any other really .waiting for your reply.convey my love to all your pets

Reena: HI John , All the best for your upcoming film Pokhran. May you get all success and happiness in life. I really want to meet you someday.

Divyansh Thakur: Hi. John Sir, i am also thin and slim like u as u are at 17...please suggest me some tips to get body like you because i have seen all yours childhood photos..

Krishna: Hi mentor, what are some best exercises to build bigger calves?

rahul: hi john

Divya : Hi John, today was my follow up at Nanavati hospital. As I was leaving, I read,"Inaugurated on 8 December 2007 by John Abraham", and I screamed excitedly,"John Abraham". Ashley asked stunned, "where?" I pointed towards the name plate. I have been there before four times before and I passed this entrance each time but today only I saw it! Yes! I'm very happy today.

Ankur Gupta: I wish that all your upcoming movies will do wonder at Box Office!!

John Abraham: Thanks Ankur. So sweet :)

Sachin: Hey there, I am from Nepal.i have nothing say because you are phenomenal. Actually i want to ask you a fitness related question.you may not answer this but just a little courage from your fan. I am 20 i have not yet go to fitness center or gym for workouts now i am interested. i want to build a body because now i know fitness is everything. can you suggest me some tips for beginner to build body like yours .good luck for your upcoming movie.

John Abraham: Hi Sachin. First of all, well done for getting interested in fitness. We all have to start somewhere, so my tip would be to build up slowly. So often I hear of people who have gone to a gym and tried to run too fast for too long, or lifted weights too heavy for them. They often get injured, disheartened and put off from going again. Don't run before you can walk. Chose a reputable gym and start gradually. That way you will build up your strength and endurance to reach greater goals. I hope that helps :)

Sham: Hi, what's the brand of t-shirt that you wore in ISHQA song intro in the Dishoom movie?

John Abraham: Hi Sham. If you mean the black one I wore for the whole film it was by Under Armour. Hope that helps :)

Ramesh: Hello john I am a big fan of you , my dream is to meet you one day . All the best your next movie.

Sakina: Hi John, how are you ? I will for bank job interview on 12 October in shaa ALLAH. Please wish me. (Tang toh nahi ajatey ap meri bar bar wish krany se 🤔😛)

John Abraham: Sorry I only just saw this, Sakina. But I'm sure you did well. Belated wishes to you. :)

ALVIN SHAJI: Hi John sir ho ware you?? i came outside your building seaglimpse and i saw you at your place with bailey. You were probably chilling with her babies. I shouted out your name so many times just so that i could see a glimpse of you. This was the 14th time i was waiting outside your place. I've always waited more than 2 hours every time. I heard that that you are coming for the mami fest I'm interning there i hope i see you properly this time, lots of love sir take care Alvin

Mahesh Verma: I want to meet u sir

Shujai S: Hello John, how are you? Beautiful day *

Shubhadeep: I like your fitness regime. I was 96 kg and have reduced 5 kgs. My target is to get rid of those fats and reach 70 - 75 kg. Thanks for highlighting the importance of fitness ! It was quite late when I realized the importance of fitness in life but better late than never. You keep inspiring me !

John Abraham: Wow. Well done, Shubhadeep. Keep up the good work. I'm sure you'll achieve your goal. :)

Divya : Hi John, thank you for your concern and advice. I'm getting better. Throughout on bed only - resting.

John Abraham: That's good to hear, Divya. Please take care :)

Jamshid Kader: Hi John, I really like the movies that you produce. You have a really good taste for movies. Why don't you produce some movies in Malayalam, because we have really good talented youngsters now in Malayalam film industry. I also heard that you and your brother have some restaurant and cafe businesses. Would you like to invest in Kerala? I really don't know why I am asking you all this through your website. Maybe I am desperate and I don't know what to do. Keep doing good movies. ❤️

John Abraham: Hi Jamshid, I have great respect and admiration for the Malayalam industry. I hope to produce a film very soon. Take care :)

Salman khan: Hello John sir, Sir which qualities are necessary to be an actor and Is it true that directors take high amount of money to launch new actors in their film?

John Abraham: Hi Salman. It depends upon what sort of actor you wish to be. If you want to play the hero then you usually need to look good (or for other people to at least think you're good-looking) and have a decent physique. Film is a visual medium and it's important to look the part. However, if you want to be a character actor you have more flexibility. Talent and an ability to be at ease in front of the camera always helps too :)

Divyansh Thakur: Hi, John sir again; i feel happy to get answered from your side and get motivated by u, basically u r my idol, and i want to become as like u, i am very motivated by your words, but sir can how i become like you;) i wake up early in the morning at 5 o' clock, then i go to park and do some exercise for 1:30 hrs. sir i want to know that when you are 17 do you think that you have to go in Bollywood and Build up your body because i think so and i want to know that you thought same that time

John Abraham: Hi Divyansh. At 17 I did want to build my body because I was very thin and wanted to look like Stallone :) But I never thought about getting into the film industry at that age, that didn't come until much later.

Sujeeth Verma: Your toughest moment in life ?

Divya : Hi John, on Monday, we went to a specialist. I have got Pneumonia. Yes, I feel exhausted now.

John Abraham: So sorry to hear that, Divya. Please take rest and do as the doctor tells you. Sending you a big hug.

Yogesh Bali: Just want to meet you once in my life John Bro

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October – My Birthday… My Big Dream – Your Wish :) I hope one day I will meet you… Big love and big hugs to dear sweet Bailey and her cute beautiful babies :) I Love You Very Much :) Take care yourself :) Assel From KAZAKHSTAN :)

John Abraham: Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Assel. I hope you're having a great day. Sending a big hug to you. And a kiss from Bailey :))

Abhishek: hello john bhai...apko esa kya likhu ki aap #notice kare...or aapse mai kya kahu...bas yhi kahunga ki i am nothing but a 20 years old D.U GRADUATE lives in Narela Delhi, if life ever gives me a opportunity to meet u some day..then i'll tell you that one day i was messaging you and that incident till that time i have still remember and today share with you. today im nothing and i have two dreams of my life first to become an inspector of delhi police and second to meet you. I LOVE YOU BHAI .

John Abraham: Hi Abhishek. Please don't say you're nothing. You are someone. Someone who will one day be an inspector of police. I wish you all the best for your dream. I'm sure you will achieve it. Take care :)

Bobby Nair: Hi John, I am a big fan of yours. You are of my same age. I like your action movies very much. But you are good in comedy roles also. I am a Keralite from Kochi, settled in Mumbai. I am working in an Oil

Salman khan: Hello,John sir as your big fan I want to know that how does it feel when whole world know you and people can search you on google? How does it feel you personally being so famous?

John Abraham: Hi Salman. Well, I'm quite sure that the whole world doesn't know me. And nowadays anyone can google anyone else, famous or not. I don't really think about it day to day, unless I go to an event and there's a very big crowd. That still surprises and humbles me. :)

aditya k: hello sir... is me again... have you been a mentor to anyone so far?

MANJIT DAHIYA: Hello john sir, how are you i hope you are fine. wishing you and your family a very very happy dessera from me.

Divyansh Thakur: Hi, John.. Hope u are fine there. I want to ask only one thing from your side that how u have entered in Bollywood Because i want to become Actor Like u ,but i am still confused that will i become Doctor or John. I usually think that i am your 2nd part and i almost try to do expressions like u, as your forehead and many more..... i usually say to my classmates that one day they will see me in the Bollywood as John part 2 You are my God or every thing so sir please guide me....Thank You.

John Abraham: Hi Divyansh. I entered the industry by invitation. I was a model first, so my face had become known. Then a producer got in touch and wanted to make a film with me. It's not something I'd ever thought about but I went for it and here I am now. Acting is not an easy profession. Like anything, you really have to work hard. But one thing I did do was finish my education first. I was already working as a media planner when I decided to enter the modelling competition. If I hadn't been a model I doubt I would be in the industry today. But who knows? I hope that helps :))

priyanka atre: Hello John , wishing you and your family a very happy Dasra from me and my family :) when is your next film please ?

John Abraham: Hi Priyanka. My next film is 'Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran' coming 23rd Feb 2018.

Vivek M: Hi John sir!!!Good day greetings to you.You are my role model and your lifestyle,diet, your mindset and the way to interact to people is simply fantastic and its got a considerable good influence in me.Especially your "Never Give Up" attitude and your positive outlook towards life.I have watched almost all of your movies and I need to say that you keep on growing on all aspects than before each time when we see you on screens.Lots of love and a huge hug!Hope to see you soon sir.Have a great day.

John Abraham: Thank you, Vivek. Sending a big hug to you too :)

deepa wadhwa: Hi John Good morning Happy Dussehra May this Dussehra light up for u The hopes of happy times, And dreams for a year full of wishes. Best Regards and love to your family. waiting for your reply.


ARHAN: Hi John, I just wanted to ask you some tips about fitness.I 'm 16 years old, and recently about 2 months ago i have started my gym, probabily I do functional training 3 days a week and rest days are spent doing weight training.My height is 5 feet 5 inches, I think I have lost gaining my height last 3-4 months,[can be due to gym] my daddy 's height is 5 feet 8 inches, I hope you reply me !!

John Abraham: Hi Arhan. Don't worry. Training at the gym won't affect your height. At 16 you are probably still growing and may get another growth spurt before you are 20. I wish you all the best :)

rahul: hi john

MANJIT DAHIYA: hi.. gud morning sir,thanks a lot for your reply.i don't do anything. but if you allow me i have something special for you means about FORCE-3.

Manaswi Mazumder: Hi John, I am a great beau of yours since childhood days. Presently I have got a govt. job and I have to remain away from home mostly. Feel immensely perturbed mentally as I have lost my father too in recent years.

John Abraham: I am so sorry to hear that, Manaswi. And it's tough when you also have to work away from home. I know this is easy to say but time does heal. Please take care. All the best to you.

deepa wadhwa: Hi jhon good evening firstly Many thanks for reply me .I want to tell u something about me that I have abdopted 7 dogs with their Mom (Tipsee), All are street but all are loving dogs . I also love my pets very much. Take care . Best Regards to all your family members.reply me when ever free. your smile is marvelous.

John Abraham: Wow, 7 dogs! That is awesome. You have a kind heart, Deepa. Bless you :)