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Kshiti Kshirja: Hello John sir.We are the twin athlete sisters from Dehradun.Since we have a heavy workout schedule we are advised to eat lots of egg whites everyday.What’s ur take on eating eggs during boiling summers sir? Was ur intake the same thru out the year? We are glad to be ur fans sir..Kshiti Kshirja

Suresh Bishnoi JA: Hello Baba Your Little Tiger Here Congratulations for celebrating 1years Of Sardar Ka Grandson Produced By JA Entertainment. Can't wait for first look Ek villain Returns Love You Baba. πŸ’ͺ🏻🀘🏻❀️ Never Give Up Pain Is Temporary Pride is Forever. Big Huge πŸ«‚ Please Say To My Hii Sia

John Abraham: I will, Suresh :)

Honey Modi: Hii John sir I'm Honey from Surat Gujarat Your Fan girl My Happy Birthday Today Sir i want your Best wishes and love sir. love you sir πŸ’“

John Abraham: Sorry I missed your birthday, Honey. I hope you had a great day. Sending you a belated hug :)

Tom Whittum: A little slow in viewing your recommended filmography. I just watched New York New York. You got your acting chops in on that one. Gosh, all of you were really good in it. And the story itself is so important.

John Abraham: Thanks, Tom, much appreciated :))

Rajib Mukherjee: Hi John, I am trying to reduce the fat % of my body, I am 6 Ft and 93 Kgs. I am trying to come down to 85 kilos. Can you suggest me a diet that I can follow with 1 cheat day. I try to keep a sustainable diet and workout regime so that i don't fall off the bus. Thanks in advance.

John Abraham: Hi Rajib. Make sure you're including enough cardio in your workout to burn off fat. But diet is key. Have your carbs earlier in the day and keep your sugar intake as low as possible. And try not to eat late at night. I hope that helps. Best of luck.

Priyanka Paul Banerjee: Hey John, I just love you and i try my best to follow your fitness tips, though not easy i will try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lots of love from Assam.

John Abraham: Best of luck, Priyanka. Health is everything :)

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, I wanna thank u. Bcoz of u I found an elder sister, She’s Kriti Kumar frm Dehradoon. M rcvrng frm COVID n blve me dt 14 days she nvr missed to ask me bout my well-being n kept motivating me. She even courier hand made nutty bars for me. M blessed. Dts ur one fan doing for another. M sure ur proud.. Right? Yeh sab aap se Seekha hai JA.. Lots of love ❀️

John Abraham: That's awesome to hear, Neyha. I hope you've recovered now. Take care.

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John,Hope you will be fine and shine πŸ’• wishing you a very happy Eid ..😌 Tons of Love ❣️

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Sakina :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai..Love you always big brother

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :)

Suresh Bishnoi : Hii John Baba I'm very Lucky to i have you and Jafcians I'm completely soon 11Years Of JAFCIANS

John Abraham: Wow... Congratulations, Suresh. All the best to the Jafcians :))

Tom Whittum: Not on the list, but I caught Paap and Taxi 9211 (which is in my cue to play again). You were superb as always! Now its on to New York and Zinda. I look forward to them. Best wishes!

John Abraham: Glad you're enjoying them, Tom. Take care :)

Lea kapoor: Hii Johnny boy I'm Lea (JohnAbrahamFb) from Germany today's my birthday, can you plsss wish me?? Your wishes would make this day even more special.. I love you so sooo much πŸ₯Ί

John Abraham: Hi Lea, I'm so sorry I missed this. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a super day :))

Honey Modi: Hi John sir I'm Honey From Surat Gujarat I am very big fan of yours, I want to meet you one day" I'm watching your attack movie it was Awesome Sending Best Wishes and Love you sir !!

John Abraham: Thanks for the appreciation, Honey, it means a lot :)

Suresh Bishnoi JA: Celebrating #10YearsOfJaEntertainment John BABA Our Production House johnabrahament complete today 10 Years 1st Movie #VickyDonor JA MOVIES πŸ‘‡πŸ» 1.VickyDonor 2.MadrasCafe 3.Force2 4.Parmanu 5.SavitaDamodarParanjpe 6.BatlaHouse 7.RockyHandsome 8.SardarKaGrandSon 9.Attack !! sending Best wishes

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh :))

Carol: Hi john Your film is great went to see it in London can't wait for part 2 watched a lot of interviews you have be doing resently you are such a caring and humble person All the best Carol from London x

John Abraham: Thanks Carol, that's very sweet :)

Tom Whittum: Saturday night, Netflix making suggestions. I almost didn't watch but decided Why Not! Another movie you should be proud of: Sadar Ka Grandson. I'm not use to your logo so when your name popped up as a cast member, I said to myself, "That has to be the John Abraham!." Excellent movie and cast. Congrats!

John Abraham: Glad you liked it, Tom :)

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John sir, hope you are all fine. Congratulations to you on the success of Attack. We all loved it. Sir, my friend's Abhinandini's birthday is on 16th April, will you please wish her this would definitely gonna make her special day more special. Thank you so much sir. Best wishes always :)

John Abraham: Wishing you a super day on 16th April, Abhinandini. Sending a big hug :))

JAFCIANS JohnAbrahamFansClub : Hii John Baba I'm Your JAFCIANS We all love you very much

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, guys. Much appreciated :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Love you big brother always :)) Big hug

John Abraham: Hugging you back, Anish :)

Swayamsiddha : Hello John.Hope u doing well.After a long time I m texting.My mother's condition was very critical and she was in ICU.Now her recovery is very slow😭😭.But my son wanted to watch attack n yesterday we watched the movie.I don't know how many times m getting goosebumps.salute u sir for the movie.Love you ❀️ plz pray for my mother.

John Abraham: I wish your mother all the best, Swayamsiddha. I hope she recovers soon. Please take care. Best wishes to you and your family.

KEYUR DAVE: Hi Sir, Hope you are doing well. Just want to share that you've made an amazing film Attack which I watched in Canada. Really appreciate your hard work and feel proud that I am your fan and will be forever. Such a well made film

John Abraham: Thanks for the appreciation, Keyur. We worked so hard on it :))

sakina: Hello John, I appreciate your effort of Attack. Don't loose hope or feel down whether audience is response is less than your expectations but your honest hard work is really great . you done fabulous job by introducing new theme in Bollywood. Stay strong and motivated .All the best for Next projects. Good Luck.

John Abraham: Thanks Sakina :)

Sakina : message continues... another good news 😍My mom has discharged from hospital and getting recovered alhumdulilah. She is saying thank you for your encouraging message and also saying Jeety raho beta meri duain ap k sath hein πŸ’•

John Abraham: That's great to hear, Sakina. My very best wishes to her.

Sakina : Hi John, How are you doing?I wanna wish you Happy ramadan kareem ( a blessed month of fasting) kindly wish me too . One request again please never go off social media we wanna see you on screen on social media on every possible platform. We love you by Heart πŸ’“ Congratulations for Great effort you made in form of Effort .I wish and pray you got more Progress and respect in every moment of Life 😌🀲May Allah almighty bless you good health , happiness and whatever you want :))) Take better care.

Suresh Bishnoi Jafcians : Hii John Baba I'm Watched ATTACK 2'Times What A Brilliant Movie. What A Awesome Performance By Our Action Abraham πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ🏻 This Movie Make Proud India And I'm very Proud of you Baba you make such a good movies. proud to be JAFCIANS Love

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh. Best wishes to all the JAFCIANS :))

Rahul Pardhi: Hi Sir I am watching your new movie Attack he is a blockbuster super duper hit movie and Lot's of Love you sir Keep Smiling Always πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ 😘 I love you Sir

John Abraham: I'm so glad you liked it, Rahul. Take care :)

Preeti Abraham : Hi John sir I just watched Attack movie in theatres yesterday with my homies really this movie is new horizon for Indian Cinemas what a fabulous action sequences the bgm the screenplay this movie is amazing in all aspects I truly appreciate the team for doing something different from others and starting a new phase for Sci-fi movies in Indian Cinemas waiting for part 2 lot's of love to you my fidato and all the very best wishes to your upcoming projects love you soo much take care my super hero

John Abraham: Thanks Preeti. We did our very best :))

Anish Korgaonkar: After watching "ATTACK" i can proudly say that new era of Bollywood has just began.. All the best to you my Dear John bhai

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Anish :)

Indu: Hi John .. the movie is 100% SYNC.. it can so be converted into a video game!! loved every bit of it..also, will your guard allow me at Bailey's residence for an autograph, if i bribe him with 10 attack tickets πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅ or i need another strategy ?

John Abraham: That made me smile, Indu :))

Tom Whittum: Since I can't catch Attack, I watched Vicky Donor last night. I understand why you are so proud of the movie. I about fell off my chair in that early mention of you. And I was about to exit the movie as the credits started and there you were singing and dancing. I watched the credits to the end.

John Abraham: Glad you liked it, Tom. My first production baby :))

Safa: Hi john i just want to say that you are one of my favorite actors and you are very inspiring, your acting is amazing just pure talent. I love watching your movies:)) Also can't wait to watch attack in the cinemas soon the trailer is awesome:)) Have a lovely day,

John Abraham: That's so sweet. You have a lovely day too, Safa :))

RAJDEEP DE: Hello Arjun Shergill! Watched ATTACK Part-1 1st day 1st show at INOX city center 2, Calcutta. Unparalleled! Absolutely mind blowing. Congratulations! You have again set a new benchmark in the action movies industry globally. Earlier also, Rocky Handsome had set a benchmark.

John Abraham: Very glad you appreciated it, Rajdeep. We worked so hard on it. Wish you all the best :)

RAGHUVEER: Hi, John sir Just watched the 'Attack' , The film is simply superb , and action is terrific .Can't wait for Part - 2. Best wishes.

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Raghuveer, that means a lot :)

Tom Whittumm: I can't believe it. The movie is playing in plenty of theaters in the suburbs but not one in town! (Washington, DC) Great reviews!

Abhishek Depawat: Dear John, if i watch movies then you are the reason(hero), if i watch kapil's show then you are the reason(guest), if i go to gym then you are the reason(motivation). you are the only person after my family whom i love so much. wanna meet you in real life. like a dream.

John Abraham: So sweet of you, Abhishek. All the very best to you :)

Tanima Kundu : Hi John, watched Attack 1st day 1st show and I'm completely speechless. From your every look to every action, just mind blowing, an enthralling 2 hours 9 minutes, every moment was so engaging, your acting was fantabulous. And here I'm falling short for words. Proud to be a fan of yours. You made my birthday month all the more special. Waiting for part 2 now. Take care. Best wishes.

John Abraham: Thanks Tanima, that means a lot :))

Niritka Satpathy: hi john sir...waiting for attack to release tomorrow.......all the songs of attack are mind blowing, awesome, fantastic and fabulous...

John Abraham: Glad you like them, Niritka. I'm sure you'll love the film :)

Ajay Kishore : Hi John!All the best for Attack- it'll be a superhit just like Rajni sir's flick- Robot 1.0 . Akshay Kumar acted in Robot 2.0. I'd like to see you in Robot 3.0 with Rajnikanth and Kriti Sanon-my other favorites!

John Abraham: Thanks Ajay :))

Ardent Admirer : Dear Prince, Attack looks really very Exciting. Would love to see you in the big screen this weekend. My Tickets 🎟 booking confirmed. Trust you as always - Love and Luck to you !! Regards Dr Monmoyuri

John Abraham: Thank you, Monmoyuri. I hope you enjoy it. All the best :)

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John sir, hope you are all fine. Sir, my friend Abhinandini is a very big fan of yours. She's currently pursuing journalism, will you please wish her this would surely encourage her a lot. Thank you sir and all the best for attack :)

John Abraham: Hi Abhinandini, all the best for your studies. Take care. I wish you every success. :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai its very nice to see posters

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :))

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, my lil girl ws 4yr wen she drew ur pic as a super soldier when I tuk her for Avengers infinity war in 2018. I wish I cud share dt pic here. She always wanted to see u as one. She prayed for it n now is vry happy fr ATTACK. This is a THANKYOU n GOODLUCK msg frm Raavya n her mom. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

John Abraham: That's so sweet, Neyha. Sending you and Raavya a big hug :))

Jay: Hello sir, I just watched your Aap Ki Adalat episode from 2012 I believe. I am highly inspired and a huge fan now. I am a 23 year old boy who has tried his best to get in shape but it's just not working out. Would it be possible for you to share a diet plan for vegetarian who have an Indian food diet? Thank you sir.

John Abraham: Hi Jay, you'll have to be much more specific as to what you've been doing and what your goals are. In what way is it not working out?

Kriti Kumar : Hey John! You have been working incredibly hard n we are sooo proud of you! πŸ€—Wishing alll the β€œluckness” to you in the world☺️ for Attack.. So Go Forth n Be Epic!!πŸ’ͺ🏻

John Abraham: Thank you, Kriti :))

jay upreti: hey john writing after so so long .remember the guy who needs 100 autograph . i have still 5 . attack trailer is amazing and all the best for it. you know we love you. i do not know when ill get my 6th autograph. but one day 100 for sure. and one more i have always one dream to invite you on my wedding but :( i got married recently . going to meet you soon i i know please let me know if you come to Delhi. all the best champ you are the best :)

John Abraham: Hi Jay. Congratulations on your wedding. I wish you every happiness :))

Tom Whittum: All the teasers on Instagram and Twitter have me hoping the movie has an international release. I'm slowly working my way through your filmography. I can't pick out a favorite yet!

John Abraham: It will, Tom.

Sonam : Sr wish u a get success for attack hope kbhi mil pau aapse

John Abraham: Thanks Sonam :)

PRANAV JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!! Had seen both the trailers of Attack recently and sir they were a blessing for my eyes and just want to let you know that this movie is going to be a blockbuster hit sir and in the history of Indian Cinema its going to be the best ACTON FILM MADE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you 3000 sir, I'm going for the First Day First Show.

John Abraham: Thanks Pranav, I'm sure you'll love it :)

Indu k: Hi John.. Heard you are leaving social media.. Can't blame you, stars do like to shine from a distance :) wishing you lots of success and happiness !! Take care ❀️ lots of love !!

John Abraham: Sending a hug, Indu :))

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John sir, hope you are all fine. Sir, just fell in love with the trailer of Attack and the concept behind it. Sir, as we can see you performing jaw dropping high action sequences in the trailer, sir how do you manage to perform such action sequences with so perfection ? Best wishes always sir :)

John Abraham: It takes a lot of practice, Sagar, with a lot of professional people who know what they are doing to guide me. However, accidents and injuries can happen, so please don't try to copy my stunts at home. :)