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Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, Just saw the trailer of "PAGALPANTI", it looks super amazing, the trailer and the timimg of jokes made me laugh.. I am 110 percent sure PAGALPANTI will be a massive hit.. Love you John bhai.. will come to JA office soon and personally give you all the very best wishes for PAGALPANTI.. LOVE YOU JOHN BHAI.

Rajeev gunjal : Hello my inspiration JA sir ji waiting for pagalpanti movie

Nisha : Hi John, Besides workout what time do you invest in? And looking at your growth in industry. Once can analysis that you don't want to get stuck in comfort zone and you always want to be the best version of urself.

Gaytree Appadu Townsend: Hello John , Just watched Batla House on Amazon Prime Video . Very good story ( I am very inspired by the non -formula movies that you are producing in India ) . I pray for your good health and life success . You are role model for all generation. Thank you for all that you do for mankind.

Indu again: Wish I could see that smile in person :) wish me luck ?!

Abhishek Karan: Hi John! A very Happy Thanksgiving to u from Canada.Thank u for being a role model since past 11 years.I express my gratitude to u for being the one I always have looked up to whenever I needed the words of encouragement.Thank u for the inspiration and for everything.Much love, SPARTAAAA :)

John Abraham: Thanks Abhishek :))

Indu : How does one get past crushing over you? Therapy?

John Abraham: That made me smile, Indu. You're very sweet :))

Julie Lunagariya: Hi john! Such a huge fan of yours. Words are not enough to express your work and my fan love for you. Hoping to see you very soon. Loads of love and positivity to you. Good luck!!

John Abraham: Hi Julie. Best wishes to you too :)

Aliza: Hi john, watched Batla House today, the film is exceptional and so intrigued by your role, you have done a fantastic job! As you are my most fav actor, From karachi,Pakistan i adore you alot and i wish to meet you someday in life!

John Abraham: Let's hope that happens one day, Aliza. Sending you a big hug in the meantime :)

Nisha: Hi John, it's so good to see you that you reply to every message addressing with name. My list of question doesn't stop here. I want to know what motivates you to aspire ur dream?

John Abraham: I'm a bit of a workaholic, Nisha. So I don't really need much motivation. I'm just lucky to love the work. :)

dinesh sarvaiaya: hiii..... sir namsty kese ho sir please mera birthday hai 19 october ko please wiss kar do please sir thnkyu sir....

John Abraham: Hi Dinesh. Happy Birthday in advance for the 19th. I hope you have a great day. All the best :))

Fahmida Jabin : Hello John hope you are doing fine . I am a very very very big fan of yours . I love everything about you . Your movies , your personality. There’s no single movie of yours that I didn’t watch . I just wish I could meet you for once . Just for once . But it’s not possible as I live in Bangladesh. Allah bless you and keep going . Tc

John Abraham: Thank you for your support, Fahmida. It means a lot :)

Ramesh: Hi John, your my Dearest brother. Love you..

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Ramesh :)

Trishnakhee Baruah: A very big thank you to you John for your reply. Meant a lot. its absolutely ok. i know u have been quite occupied with your upcoming projects. All the very best to you. Will always look forward to get an opportunity to meet you. Thank you once again.Its always a pleasure to write to you. Take care. :)

AAKHYAAN : Hello JOHN SIR, I am Aakhyaan from Guwahati . I am also an ardent admirer of yours like my Mom . Her name is Dr Monmoyuri. I enjoy all your movies. You are my most Favourite HERO. I wish you all the best for all your future Projects. Always Stay safe and PLEASE TAKE CARE doing STUNTS . Eagerly waiting for your upcoming Comedy PAGALPANTI. Lastly, I need your blessings for my forthcoming Examination.

John Abraham: Hi Aakhyaan. I wish you the very best for your exam. Sending a big hug to you and your mom :))

Trishnakhee Baruah: Hey John..first of all congratulations for such a great movie.. This is Trishnakhee again.Its being really long since I last wrote to you. Infact writing would be a very tiny thing to describe how much inspiration I get from you. I really want to get a glimpse of you and meet you for the second time yet with an another selfie in Guwahati. ISL is starting from 20th.Is there any possibility of meeting you atleast for 2 seconds? It is really a silly thing to be asked but i do believe in dreams.

John Abraham: Hi again, Trishnakhee. I have a lot of shoots coming up so I can't say for certain how many games I'll be able to attend. But I do hope I can get there at least once :)

NIHARIKA RANI: hii...………. I am huge fan of you ..The movies parmanu ,madras café ,batla house are worth watching ..keep doing the best..and your smile is so refreshing..I found your website in Wikipedia and got chance to interact with the man in my dreams.. lots of love and best wishes Niharika

John Abraham: Thank you, Niharika. You're very sweet. :))

Nisha: Hi John, what made you choose these professional even though your father and brother are into architecture. John, could you plz share your home pic to ur fan

John Abraham: I did think about architecture, Nisha. But then, when I was working as a media planner, I was persuaded to enter the Gladrags competition and my life took a different turn. :)

Sharan shinge: Thank u so much 🙏😍😘#THE_JOHN_ABRAHAM_Sir_To_Give_Your_Special_Time_On_My_Cake_Cutting_Ceremony....Love you sir

John Abraham: My pleasure, Sharan. Best wishes to you and all the JAFCIANS.

Silke P: Hallo John! It has been a long time since I wrote you. I am so glad that your are fine and your movie is superb. YOU are superb!! On friday a will have a job interview. Please wish me luck that I get the new job. Thank you. All the best for you.

John Abraham: Hi Silke. I wish you all the best for your interview. I'm sure you'll do well. Take care :)

Shravani: hi john, very excited to see Pagalpanti, when is it expected to get released? November, December?? And will it get released in Australia? And are you planning on starting your own YouTube channel? Would love to see more of you and your workout/diet/life as an actor. Lots of love from Australia - Shravani :)

John Abraham: Hi Shravani. Pagalpanti will release 22 November. :))

DR MONMOYURI: Hi John ,The last part of my message didn't reach you. Probably due to some technical issues. Actually TODAY 3rd October IS MY BIRTHDAY. I need your wishes as always. And thank you so much that you remember me and my letter.🙏

John Abraham: Sorry I missed it, Monmoyuri. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. All the best :))

SAKINA : Hi John, how are you? Am very much upset.There's so many severe tensions in my life which I can't handle 😢💔 Despite these difficulties , praying for you 👍 T.c

John Abraham: So sorry to hear you're having a bad time, Sakina. Please take care. I hope all will be well soon.

DR MONMOYURI MAHANTA: Hi JOHN, Dr Monmoyuri again. First of all I apologize for keeping my hopes too high. You've Millions of Fans and So it's really difficult for u to remember each fan. Still I hope u remember my HANDWRITTEN letter that VENETIA passed on to u. You made a MIRACULOUS VIDEO for me which I've PINNED TWEET in MyAccount. So HUMBLED

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri. Of course I remember your sweet letter. And doing the video for you. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry. Take care, and best wishes to you :))

DR MONMOYURI: to meet u in Guwahati but FAILED. This time quite HOPEFUL. Few days left for ISL. So I've started COUNTING DOWN. I hope I'll be able to meet u this time. And what u said in the VIDEO has really made me very OPTIMISTIC. Looking forward for another MIRACLE to happen.I believe U so much. U r my Inspiration,my Idol,my lucky charm, my happiness. U have no idea how important u r to me and I have no idea how to explain it to u. Much love

Ramesh: Hi John, I am continuesly watching your Interviews, photos, videos, songs. because I like you alot. Especially your smile. I wish you all sucess.

John Abraham: Thank you Ramesh. So sweet of you :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John sir!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my birthday 02nd oct, just saw SMJ2's posters those look amazing sir no matter what I'm always there with you sir!!!!! love you loads, idk when will the day come when I could meet you in person

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. So sorry I missed this. Sending you belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a great day. Take care :))

Yara Solanki: Hi john💖💖 how are you I'm big fan of you 💕💕💕i see all movies i like all your movies😍😍😍😍i love you my love 😘😘😘

John Abraham: Thank you Yara :))

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October - My Birthday, My Big Dream - Your Wish :) Big hugs to Bailey and Sia!!! I love you very much!!! Assel from KAZAKHSTAN :)

John Abraham: Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance, Assel, just in case I forget. I hope you have a lovely day. Best wishes to you :))

Nisha: Hi J, hope u are fine

Aliza: Hi John, The song "bebasi dard ka alam" from the film BAABUL where you are playing a piano

Suresh Bishnoi : Hey John Baba I'm Suresh Bishnoi One of the Biggest fan of yours. All the best for your upcoming Pagalpanti Mumbai Saga and SMJ2. sir I've been working here for a long time film industry as an actor for a long time and I also have a dream to work with you for 1 day. I want your blessings baba love always :))

John Abraham: I wish you every success, Suresh. Best of luck. :))

Shravani: Hi John! Congrats on the success of Batla House!! I have a couple of questions for you, please reply, 1) When is Pagalpanti releasing? 2) Are you planning on starting your own YouTube channel? I would love to see more of you and more of your workout/diet/life as an actor

Humam Sultanım: Hello there. November 1st is my birthday and I look forward to your sincere wishes. I can have more happiness with your wishes and words on my birthday. It could be the greatest gift to me.

Gaytree Appadu Townsend: Greetings John, I live in Washington State ( never got to watch your movie previously ) even though I have read about your modeling careers on some magazine 15 years ago . Few weeks ago ( I decided to turn to Hindi Comedy on you tube every evening in-order to de-stress myself work -I got to watch one of the Kapil Sharma show where you were of one the guest ) since then , I have started to browse on your interviews and watched Satyameva Jayate . I am very impressed by your action .Good Job.

John Abraham: You're very kind to say so, Gaytree. Thank you :)

Neha Sharma : Hi John, Got to know today about Satyamev Jayate 2 .. Really excited. Congratulations and All the Best 👍💐

Shiv : Hi John, I am regular at the gym and my motive is to build muscles but I am confused as to what to eat and what to avoid. Need your help . Thanks

John Abraham: Hi Shiv. Protein is key to build muscle. So make sure you're including enough in your diet. And steer clear of added sugar as much as possible. Fruit, either fresh or dried, is good for a sweet hit. Hope that helps :)

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello John Sir, Tomorrow on 26th September is my Husband's Birthday and i request you to wish him. His name is Nakul. If you do then that will be a biggest gift for both of us. your blessings are like god's blessings for us. Thank you.

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Nakul. I hope you have a wonderful day. All the best to you :))

Gottumukkala Preethi : Hi John sir I'm Preethi congratulations for your recent hit #BATLAHOUSE #SAKISAKI 😜😜, John sir there's one request to you, today is my brother's ( VENKATESH ) birthday please wish him John sir we both are huge fan of you, lot's love to you from all your fans....😊😊

John Abraham: Hi Venkatesh, I think I may have just missed this. But I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great day. Best wishes to you :))

Uttam Praksh Manher: Hello John, First of All, I love you for your works and looks. I want to build a body like yours. So Im currently have fallen for a girl and I want to impress her, so can you give me some tips to impress her... :)

John Abraham: Hi Uttam. I don't think I'm very qualified to give tips on girls. I was always very shy myself. The best thing I can say is just be yourself. I wish you the best of luck :)

Neha Rai : U r the best actor ❤️

John Abraham: Thank you, Neha, that's very sweet :)

Nisha R: Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

VICKY JAFCIANS: HEY THE ACTION ABRAHAM is it important to eat fats before fat burning training or i can eat carbs also ... i am really confused ... Now my body weight is okh and i want to burn fats and my workout time is morning so what should i eat in pre-workout meal FATS OR CABS??

John Abraham: Hi Vicky. Someone asked a very similar question to this last week. I've not heard of eating fat before doing fat-burning exercise but what you DO eat before a workout varies depending on what kind of training you're doing. There is a lot of specific advice online about the best kinds of foods to eat before and after cardio and they usually include good carbs like oatmeal. But definitely don't eat immediately before a workout (leave at least 30 mins to an hour), and make sure you drink enough fluids. Water is essential for any exercise regime. I hope that helps. All the best to you :)

Rajeev gunjal : Hello my inspiration John Abraham sir all the best for your upcoming movies and waiting for your next movie love from Rajeev JAFCIANS (Kota rajasthan)

John Abraham: Thanks for your wishes, Rajeev. So kind of you :))

Shiv: Hi John could you please tell me what should I eat before and after a proper workout .

John Abraham: Hi Shiv. To be honest, this varies depending on what kind of training you're doing, whether it's cardio, HIIT workouts or weight training, and also what your body type is and what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight or build muscle, or both? There is a lot of specific advice online about the best kinds of foods to eat before and after. But definitely don't eat immediately before a workout (leave at least 30 mins to an hour), and make sure you stay well hydrated. Water is essential for any exercise regime. I hope that helps. All the best. :)

Mohan: Hi John Abraham sir, hope you are well

John Abraham: Very well, thank you Mohan. I hope you are too :)

Crystal : Hi John, So I was watching kabir singh today and I dont know why you were not casted instead of shahid. You would have done justice to the character. I hope you did not refuse the role. Dude the role was cut out for you. With lots of love Crystal from Canada

Nisha R: Thank You J for replying to my message. J I have a habit of writing, and collecting good thoughts from people. Thought to share with u once in a week. Can I? Today's Affirmation :You can't give your life more time, so give the time you have left more life.

Nisha R: Hi J how are you? The song "couple chupke" is still very fresh in mind , where deep down I knew that their is something magnetic in ur talent n that someday u will be recognized. And till today my mom says I guessed it right. Haven't seen much of movies, except for Dhoom, Satyamev jayete . I guess after parmanu u r doing superb. I have watched more interviews of urs then ur movies, as in movie we act but not in interview, n hats off for your loyalty. With Akki sir u r so comfortable.

John Abraham: Thank you Nisha. Such a sweet message. All the best to you :))

Nisha R: Sir, plz start your app n YouTube AC. Plz give our regards to ur Mom. Love her.. Take care J.