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Jay rana: Hi john bhai, sorry to be lated.. Happy Guru Purnima my Guruji 🙏🏻❤️

Sudhanshu Saxena: I am a big fan of yours due to your dedication and your hard work because you create a place in bollywood without any support/god father. I am also want to be like you so I am working in a field where no one is my god father and I also make my different place by my dedication and hard work. In this lock down, corona and work from home, I become fat now I need your help to again become fit from fat. Can you help me?

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John Sir, Hope you are all fine. Do you still go for your motorcycle rides like earlier days? All the best sir for your future projects. You are my inspiration. Love you always :)

Zabhaa: Hi John! Hope you are fine. I am eagerly waiting for Pathan to hit the cinemas. Would love to see your lean look. Please take care while shooting in this pandemic. You are my hero, my inspiration.

John Abraham: Thanks Zabhaa, you're very sweet :)

Jawad Mahdi: Are U still bringing some improvement in your physique?

John Abraham: I am always trying to, Jawad. It's a full time job :)


John Abraham: Thanks Vicky, love to the JAFCIANS :))

Vipul bankar: Hiiiii boss how r u john bhai plz tel me pathan Movie date

John Abraham: Sorry Vipul, I can't speak about that. :)

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, the other day RAAVYA my lil girl askd me your fav colours. I answered black and white. She laughed and said “ mumma u forgot 2 more.. it’s Saffron and Green. U forgot John uncle keeps our flag in his wardrobe?” It gave me chills

John Abraham: That's so sweet, Neyha. :))

Suresh Bishnoi: Hii Baba Your Little Tiger Here. This is Suresh Bishnoi President of JohnabrahamfansClub. I want to wish you a happy birthday for one of the your fan means our Brother Jafcian member, name is Param Choubey, you have already met him but you make his day a good one, thank you Baba love you and fully support too you always.

John Abraham: Hi Param, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope I didn't miss it. Have an awesome day. :))

Smita: Hi John sir, my name is Smita and I live at America. I watched your videos on Instagram and you look great. You lost so much weight sir. Can you tell me how you did it?

John Abraham: Hi Smita, there's no secret formula, I just amended my diet and workout. Muscles can only grow big and stay big with plenty of calories and serious weight training. :)

Praveen bishnoi: Hi_handsome it's me Praveen Jani biggest fan we miss you so much please share with us on the set of Pathan please John sir Always my favourite movies :batlahouse,mdrascafe ,new York,

John Abraham: Sorry Praveen, I can't speak about that. You'll have to be patient. :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, i wanted to know how can i convince myself to avoid oil in food i intake, as you know mothers have a habit of putting oil in most of Indian food we consume

John Abraham: Well, Anish, that's a tricky one. Upsetting mom is not good. But using less oil has great health benefits. Maybe you could explain that. Best of luck. :)

komal parmar: I follow very tight schedule for fitness, your ideas become cherry on cake for me, and even your study for body to diet to sleep to workout scientifically great. Your little inputs on fitness could be life changing to any Indian who admires you. Don’t stop for this and your toughness on disciple, which allures me more towards you. Your persona carries very attractive smile on your face, astonishing speaking in GUJARATI; hope to watch your next movie with GUJARATI culture That’s it .Love you John

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, Komal. All the best to you :)

komal parmar: Honestly speaking, I am not a fan following of big stars and celebrities, But I watch some of your movies and it really leaves a great impression on your characters and personality, I was curious to know more about you and come across your website and watch all your very helpful tips and knowledge about fitness and health and that really impress me . Personally, I do not know if destiny wants we could cross each other's way but I am sure you are a very down-to-earth personality. C U Later.

John Abraham: Thanks for that, Komal. All the best to you :)

Indu : Hi John, hope you're doing great. Considering your love for getting involved in different kinds of work, i was wondering if JA can convert one of its action movies as a video game starring you. Lots of love and hugs!! Please take care :)

John Abraham: That's a great idea, Indu. Maybe we will one day :))

abhigyan tripathi: jhon sir we want your long hair look and that sexy feel once again as it was in early 2000's

John Abraham: Hi Abhigyan, if the part required it I would grow it again. But we all must move on :)

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA, hope you are doing well. Yesterday on Instagram, I saw new cute members in Abraham family playing with Bailey. Such a treat to eyes. Congratulations 🐶💐💞

John Abraham: Thanks Neyha :))

Kanwal: Hi John, I really admired you since the first movie I’ve watched of yours which us karam because I use to and still do up until this day sing tinka tinka. I am thinking of launching my own makeup brand So was hoping maybe you could reply with encouragement words and good wishes.

John Abraham: I wish you every success in your venture, Kanwal. I'm sure you'll do very well. All the best! :))

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John, how are you? I wanna share a good news with you, I'm engaged with Ahmed recently. I'm going to start my new phase of life kindly say something positive about it. :))(

John Abraham: Congratulations to you and Ahmed, Sakina. I wish you every happiness for your new phase. Take care :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, i pray to God for your happiness always

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :)

Rajesh Sharma: Hello sir, this is my first time here. My best friend (NISTHA SUMAN) has her birthday on 5th of July. Both of us are one of your biggest fans. It will be the happiest moment of her life if she gets a BIRTHDAY WISH from you on JULY5.

John Abraham: Hi Rajesh, I'm so sorry I missed this. Sending belated birthday wishes to Nistha. I hope she had a lovely day. Sending a big hug :)

Shiv : Hi John, I wanted to know that I've been working out hard at home and I've included sofit milk, lentils,curd, boiled eggs and protien shake in order to get protien for my body. Is this enough or should I include something else as well. Need your advise on this.

John Abraham: Hi Shiv - to be honest, you are the best judge of that. Your protein additions are good, but your own observations of your body over at least a couple of months will tell you whether or not you've added enough to your diet. Changes won't happen overnight. I wish you all the best :)

Vipul bankar: Hiii boss how r u john bhai which relij date attack movie

John Abraham: We will announce it soon, Vipul. Thanks for your interest :)

Zabhaa: Hi John! It has been long I have not written to you. Hope you are fine. I follow you on instagram and love to see your posts. Your hard work has always inspired me. Stay safe and take care.

John Abraham: Thanks Zabhaa, that means a lot. You take care too :)

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John Sir, hope you are all fine. I just watched your movie " TAXI NO. 9 2 11 " I loved it and especially your character of Jay Mittal and the song " Aazmaale Aazmaale " is so touching. And in the end when Jay tears down his Will papers and decides to work by himself. All the best sir. Take care and Stay safe. :)

John Abraham: Glad you enjoyed it, Sagar. Thanks for the appreciation :)

Arman: Hi john sir... How are you A long time is going to see you in the cinema,s I .miss you very much baba 🧡💚❤️.....

John Abraham: I understand, Arman, hopefully things will improve soon. Please take care :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, thank you so much for always being there for me, you are my big brother

John Abraham: My pleasure, Anish :))

Hemant Singh Rathore: Hi John! Just finished watching your Movie Saaya! Your acting in this movie is tremendous. Your love for Maaya in this movie seems true and pure. Standing Ovation. 😊

John Abraham: Glad you liked it, Hemant. Thanks so much.

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Sardar ka Grandson! So beautiful, lovely, interesting, emotional story of love! So tragic that they couldn't be together afterwards. Big thank you! I love you!!!

John Abraham: Thanks Assel. Love to you too :)

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA, Staying home has made the lifestyle bit monotonous but thank u for the advice and words of encouragement. I m managing well so that I give proper time to my fitness regimen.🤗

John Abraham: Best of luck, Neyha. I'm sure you'll do well.

Saro: Hi john❤ how are you i am saro from afghanastan i am your bigest fan i like your all movie's we are waiting for SMJ2 I love youu soooooo much 😘 All the best

John Abraham: Thanks Saro. Best wishes to you :)

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John Sir, Myself Sagar Srivastava hope you are all fine and doing well with the grace of God . Sir I want to ask you that which is your first bike and which is your favourite bike ? Sir you are my inspiration and my idol, Best of luck sir for your upcoming projects and take care. Thanks

John Abraham: Hi Sagar. My first was a Yamaha RD 350. As for favourite, I can't really choose. Each has its own qualities. I love them all. :)

Adil: Thank you ❤John for giving the information on legs workout.. I hope you are doing well.. All the best for ek villain returns and pathan✌✌eagerly waiting for smj2🥰🥰can we expect any independence release john.. God bless you❤❤ take care

John Abraham: Thanks Adil, you take care too :)

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA, how r u? I want to ask you that after a busy day at work household chores. (house arrest) I get too tired. Will Exercising around 9 pm benefit my body or will only exhaust it more? Pls advice.

John Abraham: Hi Neyha. It depends on what time you go to bed. Exercising too late in the day can make it hard for some people to get to sleep and feel properly rested. But a moderate intensity workout shouldn't impact your sleep if you do it at least an hour before bed. Generally speaking though, it's better to try to exercise earlier in the day, especially if you want to do high intensity. I hope that helps. All the best :))

Arman: Hi, John Abraham sir I love you baba... I m miss you soo much stay safe stay protected 😭

John Abraham: Thanks Arman, you stay safe too :))

Adil: Hi John how are you? I hope you are doing well. As a fan of yours I want to ask you to give me some tips on legs workout 😊😊waiting for smj2. God bless you John😘😘😘😘😘

John Abraham: Hi Adil. You need to be more specific about your goals for your legs. Do you want to build muscle or shift fat? A reputable gym should be able to help you with a regime for your legs if you want to build muscle, but the lower legs are difficult to build up and take a lot more work. If you want to burn fat and strengthen the legs then running or skipping is great cardio, but make sure you wear proper footwear, especially if running on the hard road. I hope that helps :)

Taiyeba Hassan: thank you so so much for my birthday wish. I can't explain how much this means to me, this is the best gift of my life thank you so much, John. thank you.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Taiyeba. I hope you had a lovely day :)

Aditi sah: Your acting skills is so good that you can nail every character you are given to play in the movies. You’re truly very talented actor and I give that to you. Here by, I want to thank you as a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication in making your fans feel happy with your acting and movies. I don't know if you'll be able to read this. I don't know if you will reply but i will always wish success for you.

John Abraham: That's very sweet of you, Aditi. Thank you. All the best to you too :))

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA. Recently I’ve developed my love for old Bollywood songs. Kahin door jab din dhal jaye, Kora kagaz...etc Wow! They sound magical. Do u like listening golden oldies? Pls share some of ur fav songs and singers. Take care 🙂

John Abraham: Who doesn't like the old songs, Neyha. You used the right word, magical :))

Kshiti Kshirja : Hello John sir..We are 15years old twins,Kshiti n Kshirja 👯‍♀️ Crazy fan daughters of your crazy fan,Kriti Kumar from Dehradun.We are totally inspired by your hard work towards your body n we are trying to be the same.We are the best athletes of our school too💪🏽Sir pls let us know is it advisable to take proteins supplements besides the regular intake from food..? Hoping to work hard n do you proud.Keep inspiring sir!

John Abraham: Hi Kshiti and Kshirja. Well done on your achievements. I don't know your specific diet or regime or what your goals are so I can't really suggest what supplements to take. It would be better to ask the advice of your coach. I wish you all the best for future success :))

shahezadi sana: hi john this is sana am a huge fan of yours ,you use to like my tweets of tweeter. i have tried many times to msg on your website but was unable coz of some system problem.

John Abraham: Hi Sana, thanks for persevering and thanks for your support. It means a lot. Take care :))

Anshika J: Hey sir, I am a big fan of you, more than you I like your thoughts your personality and your modesty. Ur works are really good..the only two genres I prefer are action and comedy and you have done great in them.

John Abraham: Thanks Anshika. Much appreciated :)


John Abraham: Thanks Rajdeep :))

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai, wishing you and Priya bhabhi a very happy wedding anniversary, May almighty God always bless you both with lot"s of Love

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :)

safa : Hi John i hope your doing well i just want you to know that i love you very much and i hope nothing bad happens to you i always wished to meet you in real life but i don't think i will get the chance also you are one of my favourite actors i love your movies. Stay safe :))

John Abraham: Thanks Safa, you take care too. :))

Taiyeba Hassan: Hi John, coming 11th June is my birthday. I am a fan of yours. I would be very happy if you wish me please. and take care and always stay heal and hearty. lots of love

John Abraham: I wish you a very Happy Birthday for 11th, Taiyeba. I hope you have a great day :)

Naz: You are way too cool. I wish I knew you as a friend.

John Abraham: Thanks Naz, that's very sweet :)

Taiyeba Hassan: Hi John, I am Taiyeba from Bangladesh. I hope you are well by the grace of God. You are doing fantabulous work. I love that you have such a soft corner for animals and also the foundation called to make a wish, I think it's a great thing. And I hope in future we will able to see more works of you.may God bless you

John Abraham: Thank you Taiyeba. I believe we must always speak up for animals and protect them whenever we can. Take care.

Kriti Kumar: Hey John..I tried my best to overcome Covid all bcoz of your lovely get well wishes..but unfortunately this second wave is lethal.It’s nearly 2months now n I am still unwell..it keeps on reinfecting n inviting fever..I desperately need few words of positivity from you please..they wud mean much more than medicines..Much love 💕

John Abraham: I'm so sorry to hear you're still unwell, Kriti. Please take care and get as much rest as you need. I am thinking of you.

Adil: Hi John how are you? I hope you are doing well😘 iam your biggest fan since you debuted with film jism. Iam following your fitness routine and these days gym were also closed due to covid so that we working out through home🏠 wishing you all the best for your upcoming projects 👍👍what about smj 2 release? Waiting.. God bless you stay safe👍👍👍 love you❤❤

John Abraham: Hi Adil, thanks for your dedication. Hopefully we will have some news on SMJ2's release as soon as the situation becomes clearer. Take care :)