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Nisha : Hello Sir, Again I got one new idea. Recently, I went to Kerela there I saw a martial art called Kalaripayattu. I know Akshay sir does martial art, but this is something so different and I feel u should Highlight that form of art in your movie. U and Akki Sir will look the best and trust me This will be the trendsetter for new beginnings

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) You are so fantastic and handsome on Aprilia event! Congratulations!!! Vedaa teaser is so strong and impressive!!! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia! All the best on the work and take care! Love You!!!

John Abraham: All the best to you too, Assel. Take care :))

Bouziane L: Hi John how are you? congratulations on your new bike, ride safely, love you and take care.

John Abraham: Thanks, Lamiae, you take care too :)

Nisha: Hello, Yesterday I was watching Satyamev Jayate and one thought cross my mind that We have seen u doing and making film on most important topic. When will u make a film which will be based on female oriented movie. Like "Saraswathi Rajamani" who was the First Indian Female Spy. Even before I had suggested to make movie on soldier and given a title "tank"

John Abraham: Another great suggestion, Nisha, thank you :)

Shreeraj: Hello John bhaiyya. I'm your fan since my childhood when I watched 'Rocky Handsome' for the first time in theaters. I enjoyed it a lot! And I love the fact that you contribute so much to our wildlife and society. I hope you live a great and healthy life!!

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Shreeraj. Good health to you too :))

Sania: Hi John sir!!! Big fan from Scotland!!! just wanted to say i appreciate all the work you do in films but also in real life, especially raising your voice for those who can't and speaking up for animals!!! sending lots of love!!! hope u are doing well

John Abraham: Thanks Sania, I've had the pleasure of shooting in Scotland :) And I believe we should give animals a voice whenever we can. Take care and all the best :))

Vivek Mishra: Hi John, These tips are great. I have been working out since last 1.5 years and maintained proper diet. However, I have read an article which said you have not tasted sugar in last 25 years. I have also stopped taking refined white sugar for last 1.5 years. I am from Hyderabad and it is very difficult for a Hyderabadi to give up Tea!. I am however avoiding sugar in Tea. My question was will there be any impact on body if refined sugar is avoided altogether ? Please share your thoughts

John Abraham: There's no problem in avoiding refined sugar, Vivek. Natural sugars occur in many foods such as fruit, certain vegetables like carrots, yogurt and whole grains like brown rice so you won't be depriving your body of proper nutrition. I hope that helps :)

Safa : Hiii handsome you know you are just so cool you are the coolest guy ever and my favourite actor like i love motorbikes so muchhh aswellll and you do to so it’s just cool knowing your favourite actor also loves motorbikes and you are really good looking also I like how you live a healthy lifestyle it motivates me aswell and your movies are awesome. I wish to meet you one day you’re the only actor I would want to meet I’m living in England though. I hope to get my first motorbike this year.

John Abraham: I hope you get your dream bike, Safa. Ride safe :))

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir...Ur Fan Syed here As I told you that My left Hand was Fracture...My bone has Damage And Still Swelling is there I'm doing Massage and Adding Pati Also...CONGRATULATIONS As New brands Ambassador of Aprila Scooty...Good I'm Getting inspiration from you...May God bless you with lot of love and Succes Love you forever Sir ❣️❣️👍

John Abraham: Thanks Syed. Take care of your hand, I hope it heals soon :)

Swayamsiddha : Hi John.Hope you doing well.My son Ansh is the biggest fan of yours.He is 12 years old but he will have a gall bladder surgery on 29 th April😞.He is lil nervous.please say something for him .

John Abraham: Don't be nervous, Ansh. I wish you all the best. Take care and I hope you recover soon :))

Sakina Yousaf: Salam, How are you John ? Sending warm hug to you💕

John Abraham: I'm fine, Sakina. I hope you are too. Sending a hug back to you :)

Anish Balkrishna Korgaonkar: Congrats for new Aprilia RS 457 bhai, Hope to see it in your garage soon, it will be a treat to eyes :))

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :))

Syed Ibrahim : Hi John Sir...ur Fan Syed here I want to Remind you that's its My birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 Tomorrow on 19th April this Month So I need ur Wishes And blessings From you....May God bless you More And More love you forever Sir...❣️👍

John Abraham: Happy Birthday, Syed. Best wishes and have an awesome day :))

Swayamsiddha : Hi John ,How r you?Today is my bday .My mom was the only person to wish me first on my special day but she is no more😔. Missing her a lot.

John Abraham: Sending you birthday wishes, Swayamsiddha. So sorry to hear you lost your mom. Please take care.

IK: hi John, how are you? so you got more connected to aprilia in april 🤩 big congratulations !! also, saw your ipl clicks (sooo cute) and watched vedaa trailer. looking forward to watching the movie 😍 sending lots of love and hugs !!

John Abraham: I'm fine, Indu. Sending hugs back :)

LamiaeBouziane: Hi John, how are you doing? Happy Eid Mubarak! Your denim photos are breathtaking and sublime,you are looking very handsome😎, Maybe I’ll use one as a wallpaper on my phone, can I ? Take care John.

John Abraham: Of course, Lamiae. Take care :)

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir how r u....Ur Fan Syed here I saw the teaser of movie veedha its brilliant as u said I will Enjoy more it's was out an out Action...my hand fracture I fell down...I'm Happy to say that during the Shoot of pagalpanti U Also suffered injury [fracture] Same Hand we both brothers Same Hand injured...Love you forever Sir ❣️❣️👍

John Abraham: Get well soon, Syed.

Nisha: Hello Sir, I am a big fan of Abhishek Bachchan. Infact I share the same birth date with Jaya Bachchan. Can you please pass one message to Abhishek Sir that I m his big fan. Like Amitabhji, he too will one day be the biggest host in KBC

John Abraham: I will, Nisha. Best wishes to you :)

Hamim Ahmed Rafi : Hi brother John, how are you? Happy Eid mubarak from your loyal fan and on eid day before wearing new clothes i did back and biceps full workout. Then after working out i took a cold shower and started wearing new clothes. Recently i have watched the teaser of your movie Vedaa which was awesome, i am double excited for your upcoming movie Vedaa and many more. Wishing you best of luck brother, take care and love you brother. You are my idol and role model.

John Abraham: Thank you so much, Hamim. Eid mubarak to you too :))

Nisha : Hello, who are your best friends in film fraternity whom u share great bond?

John Abraham: I'd have to say Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan, Nisha. My guruji and my jiggerypoo :))

Virag Masekar: Hello John, my question for you today is regarding how many meals you eat per day including snacking. Despite having a busy schedule, how do you manage to eat healthy without being tempted to eat out? Do you meal prep the night before or early in the morning?

John Abraham: Hi Virag. The amount I eat, and when, throughout the day varies according the physique I'm trying to attain/maintain for a role. As for eating out, I'm rarely tempted as I like to stay at home. If I do go out most restaurants these days are flexible and accommodating when it comes to dietary needs. However, portion sizes are sometimes a problem. Prepping your own food at home in advance means that you're absolutely sure of what you're eating. So I'd always recommend that. I hope that helps :)

Ramesh: Hi John , Best wishes.

John Abraham: Same to you, Ramesh :))

SAMIR: Love your work! Ever thought of sitting in the director's chair?! 'Cause if you ever did, I have an excellent pitch!

John Abraham: Maybe one day, Samir :)

Priti: John Sir as u say any product is promotion in itself. I too agree with u. But I think any film has a small time frame to promote itself. So when u hve put such great efforts in giving life to a story, don't lessen ur efforts in promoting it. I am no one to say this but I sincerely wnt JA entertainment to do great. Also no one should regret about not watching the movie in theaters later as it might have Happened in case of "ATTACK'. pl.... s Sir this is my humble request.

John Abraham: Request noted, Priti. Thanks for your concern.

Fatima R: You are truly inspirational. Keep up the great work! This is from your fan from Pakistan.

John Abraham: Thanks Fatima. Best wishes to you :))

Anish Balkrishna Korgaonkar: All the very best for VEDAA John bhai :)

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :)

Nisha : Hello, as u said u stay away from social media n that u don't use WhatsApp. I also copied from u, just uninstalled Facebook n instagram. Only Whatsapp is there

John Abraham: That's great Nisha :)

Priti: What is different about VEDAA that you took this Project sir? Anything special about this movie that u would like to share John Sir? Eagerly waiting for the movie...

John Abraham: I can't share anything yet, Priti. You'll have to be patient :)

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, VEDAA teaser is just MAGNIFICENT, very captivating and intriguing,I love it, hats off! I'm sure the film will offer a great experience of a beautiful and interesting story, a good acting and above all excellent and fascinating action scenes performed by you, which of we'll never get tired,I like all your films but I prefer to see you in action roles, action is made for you "I think", Rocky Handsome is back, all the best John and good luck John Abraham Action.

John Abraham: Thanks Lamiae. I love doing action :)

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir...How R u Ur Fan Syed Here... A wish u happy Ramzan May this festival brings us lot of love filled with happiness peace and joy...I Saw Ur Vedha Movie Teaser its was brilliant Good to see u Again in Action As Always... And Screeing with tamanah/Shravari Maam first All the best Happy And Eagerly waiting...Love you Forever Sir 🤝❣️❣️👍

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Syed. I'm glad you liked it :)

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, How are you? Hope you are doing well, Ramadan Kareem, all the best, Take care.

John Abraham: I'm fine, Lamiae. You take care too :)

Anish Balkrishna Korgaonkar: John bhai, It was great to meet you

John Abraham: All the best, Anish :)

Raghuveera: Hi John Sir, How are you , Hope you are doing well. Recently in one of your interviews I came to know that you have done MBA. Now currently I am pursing MBA first year. So as an experience what advise, guidance can you give to us and what path do be followed in this journey, I would like to hear from you sir. Thank you. And eagerly waiting for upcoming movie Vedaa. All the best sir.

John Abraham: Best of luck with your MBA, Raghuveera. All I can say is apply yourself to your studies, avoid unnecessary distractions and be diligent and dedicated. Hard work gets results. I wish you every success :))

Tom Whittum: April 2022. The last correspondence I had with you. At the time, you listed several movies and recommendations which I've whittled away at. And I do follow you on Instagram. This is basically "Wishing you the best" message.

John Abraham: Thanks Tom :)

Jeena: Hi John, I came across your website today. It is so nice that you have set a platform such as this, wherein we can reach out to you. Eagerly looking forward to all your upcoming works. Best wishes and love to you and your family.

John Abraham: Thank you, Jeena. All the best to you too :))

Subhankar: Looking forward to Vedaa!

John Abraham: I'm sure you'll like it, Subhankar :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) First look of Vedaa is so impressive! Very interesting and intriguing what is the story behind your character! All the best on the work and take care! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia! Love You!!!

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Assel. Bailey and Sia send hugs back :))

Sagar: Hi John sir hope you are doing well. Sir, today I wanna ask you about Shah Rukh sir like how is he more from a point of view of a co actor whenever you work with him. We love to see both of you sharing screen. Hope to see you two again soon :)

John Abraham: It would be my total honour to work with him again, Sagar. As an actor he is a complete professional and a warm and generous person. :)

Leo: John please buy a house in kalyan as I live in kalyan. So that we can meet ha ha ha.

John Abraham: Take care, Leo :)

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir..How r u ur fans Syed here I'm happy to see the poster of veeda And ur look with sharavi Maam is brilliant..Now ur Doing a negative role in South Movie That's a very good..I just want to Ask Why don't you work with Great director like Rohitshetty Sir his Action Movies Story are outstanding..And U can Give Comeback with vidyut Sir Again with an high intense Action you both are Equal with Stunts Suits Each other Fans Get So Excited love u forever Sir ❣️❣️👍

John Abraham: Hi Syed, I love shooting action but sometimes it's just a case of the right script being offered and the dates working out for everyone. I'm glad you liked the Vedaa poster :))

Nisha: Hello Sir, Recently on this page, I just read a comment of yours when one of your fan asked u to suggest a movie and to that u said one sentence which touched my heart . U said " our own industry". This shows u r so dedicated, honest, pasionate towards this film fraternity that u consider this as " our own industry". When one is loyal towards his craft and consider as own then trust me your craft will one day will make u reach on peak.

John Abraham: Thanks for your appreciation, Nisha. It means so much :))

Abhigyan Tripathi: jhon sir assume me as your fan who is very much open to view anything without any judgement Pls suggest you 2 movies which you want me to see as not as an fan but as an audience with no pre or post judgment thoughts it would be my luck if i get that 2 movie names from you

John Abraham: Hi Abhigyan. Picking just two will be tough. Do you mean from Hollywood or our own industry? Or any film at all?

IK: hi John, hope you are doing great ... Congrats on the new house and car 😋 ... They are both beautiful, just like you 😍 Sending lots of love and hugs your way !! Take care ❤️❤️❤️

John Abraham: Thanks, Indu. Sending hugs to you too :))

Leo: John this is just an idea I feel that all the movies to star in try to start as an underdog like getting beaten up then you try to overcome it by the end of the movie. If you try South Indian type styles it might not work.

John Abraham: Thanks for the suggestion, Leo. Best wishes to you :)

Thomas John P: Dear John Abraham,, I wish you try for the role of JAMES BOND. You have the potential for a smart agent. And best wishes Thomas PJ

John Abraham: Wow... Thanks for your confidence in me, Thomas. Take care :))

Nisha: Sir, so true. U know Sir, your thoughts , your disciple always stand out from the crowd. That's whey u r who u r. Sir, do u have any plans of writing a biography of U?

John Abraham: Not yet, Nisha. Maybe one day :))

Karen: Hi John, I just read this info on yahoo entertainment about the rumors that you'll play the villain in RC16: "John Abraham is a versatile Bollywood actor who can play negative and positive roles with utmost brilliance." Ah, such well-deserved praise for a truly humble superstar! I wish you continued success. Much

John Abraham: Thank you, Karen. Very sweet :)

Yavor Velinov: Hello,John.It's Yavor your biggest bulgarian fan i hope you remember me.If it wasn for you and your movies i don't know.Last month my aunt passed away right in front of me and i couldn't save her after that i got very sick-still recovering would love some motivation from you my hero i look up to,because i am really in dark place and i just after loosing everyone i love i don't see why i should keep fighting.With me being gay in this very conservative country it's justi want to give up..Love you

John Abraham: I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt, Yavor. Please accept my condolences. I also wish you a complete recovery from your illness. Never give up the fight, even in the darkest days. You have great strength within you, I know it. I wish you all the best.

Nisha : Sir, why is it so that you reply on this page and not on Facebook and Instagram?

John Abraham: Hi Nisha. Because I dislike social media. I don't even have WhatsApp on my phone. I like to keep things simple.

Atharva Shukla: Hi John sir, I don't know if you remember me, but you replied to me here last year. And I just wanted to let you in on an update, I asked about consistency and discipline, and I stuck to your advice, grew from 6'1 to 6'3 and gained from 53 kg to 59 kg today morning. You've been my inspiration for so long, and I just want to say, I love you man, and I look up to you. Thanks for replying ;-]

John Abraham: That's awesome news, Atharva, congratulations for staying dedicated. Hard work always pays off. Thanks for updating me. Take care and I wish you all the best :))