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Manisha Kumar: Hi John, just continuing on from my first email... Your show... Your words were truly humble and inspirational. My 2 beautiful friends who are are also a massive fan of yours were with me at the show. We were really hoping that we could meet you and take a proper photo with you, it would've been a dream come true, but unfortunately it got a bit chaotic on the stage and we were unable to even say hi.....

Manisha Kumar: Dear John, I hope you remember me, I emailed you not long ago before your show in Sydney. I am the friend of Sanjina and Hemang, Manisha =) So I finally got to see you at the Show in Sydney, it felt so unreal when you walked on to the stage. It was an absolute pleasure to see you live and to be in the same room as you. I Just wanted to share my experience about this show with you... i can't fit all my text in one email, so i will send a 2nd email now. Thank you. Manisha

Raftie Saima: Hi John. I m one of the craziest raftie of yours. I have joined twitter only for you I hope you have noticed me any day. I have messaged you manytime but dont know whats going wrong. I m ur fan since childhood you may dont believe that when I saw dhoom that time I was only 6

Nora Noor : Hi John how are you? quick free suggestion You should have some tattoos/ink on you body it will be awesome addition to your look.

Harsh Tokekar: Hi John, i wanted to know about your gym training, can you please share some tips with me so that i can also achieve my goal.

Saptarshi Sinha: Hi John Sir! Hope you are in good health and spirits! I am an 18 y.o. guy from Calcutta, currently on a Law course. My birthday is on February 20. So, while I am writing this message, you can say that I am the Soon-To-Be-Birthday-Boy! :) I would be extremely happy to count you in my blessings and would forever be indebted to you, if you kindly wish me for my birthday, Sir. :) ^^ And wishing you in advance,a very happy, prosperous and blessed 45th birthday. 300 days to go!! Rock Tha Party!! :)

Shraddha Choudhary: John 1more thing i want to tell u. I loved ur "ZINGAAAAAT" DANCE.☺ When u came here at nagpur for promo... I really enjoyed it... Even my family members also loved ur dance performance of ZINGAAAAAT at Comedy Night with Kapil. ☺

Karen Bavington: Hi John. How are you? Taking this opportunity to write to you. Came with my family to meet you at Filmistan Studios when you were shooting for Desi Boyz. Have a son Blake who looks like you. You advised him to go to the gym more often which he has done. He is getting married on the 4th of March. My whole family loves you. Reasons are many and you are our favourite.. If you can send a special message to Blake and Sukanya would be the greatest gift ever. Love

Vanessa Sofia Rodrigues: Hey John how are you ? Are you coming to Germany ? :) I wish all the very best to you. :*

SANGAM SINGH: sir,i kindly want to know which clothing brand(Full shirt) you wore in your movie 'MADRAS CAFE'......??

Shraddha Choudhary: Hi john... How hv u been. I seen urs new Fashion Trends collection in mintra. All Fabrics r amazing..i loved it. It's suits u perfectly. Specially (White,Blue) colors that suit u... U look so Handsome

Divya : Welcome back home John! Really very sweet of you to call Shiv. How thoughtful! These are the things that make you different. You are really very loving to your fans. God bless you 😊

rohit: Was just recalling the moments i saw you creating hysteria inside a mall in Pune during Rocky Handsome promotions. In 2016 dishoom was my firs fav then force 2 then rocky handsome. Just a small request want to see you in a shoojit sircar film again. And we love your productions like vicky donor, madras cafe. Want to see marathi movies under your banner.

Genesis Christian: Hey John.. I have started working out... And i can feel so much positive whole day... I Love you and i follow you.. you are inspiration to me.. soon i will reach my goal.

Bhawna Bishnoi: Hi John Palak's friend Bhawna here from Melbourne, Australia. I met you recently at the Dine n Dinner event. Big thanks for making it to Australia. It was an absolute honour to meet you. You have been my role model and inspiration for many years not just because of your fabulous performances but also for how humble, generous and grounded you are as a person, for your love for animals and also for your various charity work for underprivileged children.

John Abraham: Thank you Bhawna :)

Neel Desai: Hi John sir! It's me, Neel. How are you? I hope you are great! I wanted to give you a good news. I don't know if you still remember, but a LONG time ago I sent you a msg about my gym issue, in which I couldn't see any growth. I now have lost over 19 kilos. I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration and for helping me change into a better person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you have a great day! Bye sir!

John Abraham: That's awesome, Neel. It's you who is the inspiring one. Keep up the great work. SPAAAARRRTAAAA!! :)

shirley: help... i need to lose weight... but do everything that i shouldn't. how can i motivate myself to do the right thing. i'm 50, soon to be divorced.. need to be healthy for my two precious kids

John Abraham: Hi Shirley, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such a stressful time, but for motivation you've answered your own question. Do it for your children. Health is everything and you need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of them. I wish all the very best to you.

Tejashree Reddy: Happie Valentines Day Rocky Handsome.....

piyush: Hi john How are you please tell me your gym shoudle and diet properly and which time daliy workout time

Roop: Hi Johnny Abraham , ur so handsome n solid, I've got looks to die for, can u come on snapchat, thanks so much for coming to Australia!! Loved it;)

Mayank Choudhary: sir , first of all thanks a lot for giving reply of my earlier message to u . john u told us on the fb live that u r going to post some video on fitness and bodybuilding and yes we are waiting for this eagerly and I have joined gym just 5-6 months back and the worst thing we can see in a gym is people are doing exercise with wrong postures , its my humble request to u john that please make some series videos for us we all are eagerly waiting .. any plan of coming to banglore sir??

Vinayak: Hi John, Needless to say, I'm a big fan! :) :) I have watched you grow over the years (literally and figuratively) and right now I am more interested in the physical aspect of your growth. Now I don't know what your measurements are, but in terms of sheer size you have simply blown all competition away. How did you grow your arms John? I work out regularly and I'm in decent shape but my arms look proportionally small. I want to grow big guns just like yours. Any advice??

John Abraham: Hi Vinayak. If you want a muscle to grow you need to work it to 'failure'. That simply means doing an amount of reps until the muscle is exhausted. It's not how heavy the weight is. But remember a muscle needs nutrition to grow so make sure you're getting enough protein daily. I hope that helps. Best of luck :)

Dr Swastik Saini: Hello John :) I am a big fan of your personality :) As a fan, I can request you please keep doing films on Indian defence , RAW , IB , Para SF etc. It make the viewers proud of our country and increases the respect towards the men behind our peaceful life :) god bless you. Take care

John Abraham: Thank you, Sir. I will try. You take care too.

Suzaaa: Hey John I'd like to tell you that you are a very nice person. I can tell that from the start. I was watching your interview on Simi's Desirable and I was so impress by you, so much that I came to your official channel. So I'd like to say that you should not worry about gossips, news, and all that just be yourself, because that is pureness. Bye.

John Abraham: Hi Suzaaa, I never worry about that stuff because I just don't read it. But thanks for your concern :)

Raftie Pankti: Hey Hero, How are You doing ? Heard about your new projects. I am so excited about this. Cant wait to see you again on screen. I wish you all Good Luck dear. Take Care :) Raftie Pankti :)

John Abraham: Thanks Pankti. Hoping to bring you some great films. You take care too :)

Rukshana : So Excited to meet you in Sydney - Dur se hi sahi ..Couldn't afford the VVIP tickets...-)

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir i had a look nd search or the movies that you re working on 2017 expect hera pheri 3 there wasnt anything else so it made me so dispressed i want to know what is your next movie sir abraham hope you a great love me and soheila send you a big kiss

John Abraham: Hi Muhamad, I begin shooting in April but it's for a film I don't want to talk about yet. Force 3 will also happen at some point of time. I have no idea what's happening with Hera Pheri 3. If you find out please tell me :)

Genesis Christian: Hey john, Waiting for Banana and Satra ko Shadi.. Waiting to see you soon .. going to be in Mumbai in end of Feb.. Love You.. Fan J.A-17

Anmol Anand: Hi john sir,how are u?listened about force 3 making,please don't make the scene like as done in last scene of force 2.I was wanting to see u fighting as in Rocky handsome.Hope see u soon.

Shujai S: Hello to Bailey : ) Loved the video. She's very sweet!

John Abraham: Yes, Shujai, she is my beautiful baby :)

Anisa: Hi John... I am one of your biggest fan from Kenya... I truly love you. I have a collection of all your movies and usually watch them repeatedly. Please respond even if its just a 'HI', it will make me happy. Love you forever xxxx

John Abraham: Hi Anisa. Sending you a big hug all the way to Kenya:)

Divya : You know John, I'm so thankful for having Venetia's blog. It's like an antidote. Every night so soothing and healing. I feel so good to see your latest pics as well. Needless to say, you look so cute and adorable as usual. I will surely miss you John when you won't be here. Hope I meet you soon. Not that I'm not meeting you now - I do, in my dreams. I love you, I'll miss you. Come back safe. Love you, bye.

John Abraham: I'm back home now, Divya, so there's no need to worry any more. Thanks for your concern :)

Divya : Hi John, a very happy and safe journey to you! I believe you are going to Sydney for an event which is on 11th. All the best for the same. I'll miss you 😞 Strange? Considering, we have never even met! Something's are there which can't be explained but the heat feels that way!

shivanshu sharma: hi john sir.. im big of ur's. you have got a very blessed personality. i respect the thing that being such a big actor your are so decent and simple person.all the very best for ur future.

John Abraham: Thanks Shivanshu, so sweet of you :)

Sakina: Hi John, writing here after a long time.. Hope you will be fine. Please share some information regarding your upcoming movie. Lots of love and best wishes :)

Shiv: Hey John, the days are getting closer. My biggest fear is that by the time we meet you will be exhausted at the event, I hope they take care of you. I promise I won't take up your time, just a photo with you and with my parents and i'll be out of your way; I'm going to call you Stallone so you know its me okay :) Please do take care brother and I wish you a safe flight with the crew!

John Abraham: It was great to see you, Shiv. Thanks for making such a long trip. Give my best wishes to your parents :)

Shubham Minde: Hi John sir,how's your leg now?

John Abraham: Hi Shubham. My knee is pretty much 95% recovered now. Thanks for your concern. :)

Umeda Majidova : Hello John. From the first of February we rejoice with your publication. Thank you very much. It is for us fans is very nice. I will pray to God that the Film Force-4 or Force-5 was shot in Russia and more precisely the city of St. Petersburg ;)

Karen Absolom: Thank you john you are so right in all aspect food and nutrition is my line of work my human giant ( my son) had a crush on fast food a few years back but now thankfully he change is way of eating and I think he was focus more on his upper bodyso you say he should do a full body yes you should start charging for giving advice 😘😘 just kidding love and adore you😍😍😍😍

Shujai S: 3 Basic wheels never go out of style...Gypsy, Jeep

Deepak: Hi John bhai, Really you are a god for me. I am ur biggesttttttttttttttttttt................. fan. I just wanna ask, are you really vegetarian?? Because I wanna build my body like you but without meat. I am consuming eggs but is it really possible to build a body without eating meat. Please answer my question. I am eagerly waiting for your response

John Abraham: Hi Deepak. I do eat eggs and fish for protein. But I don't eat meat. It is possible to build up your body without eating meat but it takes more work because it's difficult to get enough protein. I suggest you google 'vegan bodybuilding'. That should give you plenty of tips and advice. I wish you the best of luck.

Ashish Agrawal: Hello Sir, Read all the fitness tips mentioned at your website. truly amazing. I am a big fan of you ! Keep up the good work sir. I really loved your acting and comic timing in housefull 2 and garam masala.


John Abraham: Hi Manish, I mostly workout in my own home now instead of going to gyms in the city. It saves me a lot of time. Sorry if that disappoints you. I wish you all the best.

johnny: Hello Sir, Big fan of you and want the fitness like you posses .

leena: hi john im your craziest fan from your modelling days...you have improved soo much in acting i just love the way you are simple yet classy down to earth be like that

Vikas Thakur: hi john , i think u fine ,i want it say somthing for 10 days ...... please share your workout video in youtube as well as on or official site for ... how want it look like you please... not share full workout videos but some important part like ABS, SHOULDER, BACK, and very important especially LEGS ......... if u read it please please share and replay

John Abraham: Hi Vikas, I hope to be sharing more workout videos on Facebook very soon. And you're right, legs are very important :)

Bianca: Hi handsome. Just see u live first time on FB. When you smile my whole day become better ahahah..Loved Force 2

John Abraham: Thanks Bianca, you're very sweet :)

Raj: Hi sir

parisa: Just want to say hi ! 😃 Have a great day. Take care, miss you.

Shujai S: Hello Dashing, Should own a jeep as well! I drove my brother's Anti-tank RCL Army jeep, rough

John Abraham: That sounds awesome, Shujai. I own a Maruti Gypsy, does that count :)