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Abhishek Jaiswal: Hey Sir. I know you get a lot of requests but I do not know how else to approach you. My special friend Priyanka is a super huge fan of yours. Having you wishing her would really make her day. If u get time, please help me make her day. Thank you.

Leena Varghese: Hi john, My name is Leena and i live in ireland. I am a great fan of you. Over the years you have became a perfectionist and i like watching your movie. My son Alan (10 years) admires you and wants to be like you. Although he only knows you, salman khan, mohanlal and mamooty. I love your house design, it shows your simplicity and down to earth nature. Hope to meet you in person once. Bye

Siddharth Nimbalkar: Hello Sir, I m a big Fan of yours like many people but I am crazy abt your built and would like to have the same physical look. I work out regularly and wild request some guidance from you. Pls advise how do we connect.

Divya : Please remember me in your prayers and I hope to meet you soon... Don't want to swell and meet 😐

Divya : Hi John, thank you 😊 I'm on high steroids for Allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis. I also got mild cylindrical bronchiectasis. I on medication and physiotherapy treatment. Until now, I had maintained myself and now it does disturb me to know that I can put on weight. I'm taking low sodium food with less oil. No sugar.

Shivam Gupta: Hi John, in one of your interview, i got to know that you are a vegetarian, and me too.....love you..


Rajesh Nayak : Wish you Happy dusehhara !!John abhrahm Sir ji

Pranav: John sir as you have mentioned to wear proper footwear while running on the road, please guide me is sandal's could do, as i cant wear shoes right now as a portion of my left leg's thumb was cut on 5th May 2018

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. If you have a foot injury then you should avoid running until it has fully healed. And please do not try to run in sandals as that could cause more damage. You really need to wear proper enclosed training shoes for running, so that your knee and ankle joints are protected. But let your leg heal first.

Shivam Gupta: Happy Ramnavmi and vijayadashmi jhon sir, enjoy.....all the best for Batla house

Suresh Bishnoi: hy John baba Today you are coming to Chennai, in today's football match, I am also in Chennai, I will come here to meet you, I am asking you for this, tell me whether you will come or not ! All the Best for #NEUFC today Match Lots of love baba :)

John Abraham: Sorry Suresh. You know I would love to be there but I can't make it this time. I hope you enjoy the game. Cheer the Highlanders extra loud for me. :))

Divya : Hi John, Is the original DVD out of SMJ?Because of my illness I could not see it in theatre 🎦 As you know,I go to theatre only for your movies.

John Abraham: Not yet, Divya. But it will be available on Amazon Prime Video from October 19. Very sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you're feeling better now. Please take care :))

Qazi Umais Enayat: Hey John Sir, A small fan from Pakistan. God Bless You. Warm Regards, Qazi Umais Enayat

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Qazi. Take care :)

Divya : Hi John, as you know that the cable guy puts your movies every week, and this week he put our favourite movie 🎬 New York! We simply love ❤ this movie. Needless to say, we are thrilled! Already seen it twice.

anoop: Really proud of moment 2018 railway recruitment board exam question is Who is the hero of the movie PARAMANU REALLY PROUD JOHN ABRAHAM😍😍

John Abraham: That was really a question, Anoop? Wow, that's awesome :))

Ninad: Hey John, me and my best friend are THE biggest fans of you. We always go together to watch your movies. He is like my brother. We are just like you and Akshay. We both look upto you. You are our idol. My friend's birthday is on 21st October so please can you wish him a happy birthday? It would make his entire day. His name is Shreyas. Thank you. We love you! :)

John Abraham: My pleasure :) Happy Birthday for 21st October, Shreyas. I hope you have a wonderful day with your good friend Ninad. Sending a hug to you both. :))

Pranav: HAPPY NAVRATRI JOHN SIR!!!!!! Thanks for the reply for guiding me to go for lean body. My height is 6'2 (same as yours), weight is 111 kgs (Not same as yours, But i look like a regular lean guy when in any dress) i only feel fat as my tummy is out while siting, sleeping or checking out my form in the mirror. Hope this information helps you, please guide me more and more and help me out to go back to the lean shape.

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. Feeling fat and being fat are two different things. It sounds like you just need to tone up. The stomach and waist area is where most men (even lean ones) carry excess weight. Crunches will strengthen the abdominal muscles and pull them in but not to a huge extent. To shift the fat that's covering them you need to attend to your diet - portion size is important, as is cutting out fatty and sugary foods and alcohol - but also doing cardio. Running, cycling, swimming or even brisk walking will help. But if you're running on the road please take care to wear proper footwear or your knees will suffer. I hope that helps. :))

Divya : If possible please remember me in your prayers.

Daniel: Hi John! I am Australian and I do Reactions and reviews to Bollywood films I was past on this website and just wanted to say a huge thankyou for making some amazing films!! If you would like to checkout my YouTube page it’s Daniel Stars as I have done a fair few of your films and songs would be great to maybe one day meet and interview you. Thank you again Kind Regards Daniel

jay upreti: happy navratri john and like i said earlier john is the new genre of bollywood. will meet you soon because still 95 autograph. long journey but i wont give up because i am your fan #95autograph jay upreti love you

John Abraham: Thank you Jay. :))

Elizabeth Samuel: John, I am Elizabeth, I am a nurse and a malayalee.I have always admired you at your simplicity, down to earth attitude. May the good Lord bless you and your family .Take care. Would like to meet you someday, Don’t think that’s possible, but my heart goes out to you, wishing all the best in life. Good luck.

John Abraham: So sweet, Elizabeth. Thank you, and best wishes :))

Dr Monmoyuri RAFTIE: ‪And here is how JOHN, your name always remind of what you really are‬ J Jovial O Optimistic H Hard working N Noble A Active B Bold R Rational A Admirable H Handsome A Academician M Mesmerising I wish your name had all the 26 letters .

John Abraham: That made me feel very humble, Monmoyuri. Thank you :))

Silke P: Hi. In the big German cities like Berlin (300 Km = 186 miles away from me) or Hamburg (64 miles away) the Hindi movies are shown in the cinemas. But in the smaller cities there are sometimes only 3 dates in the cinema for the movie. And if you miss them, you have to wait for the DVD. Viele liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland

Sakina: Hi john, hope you will be great as always I just write to have tips for increasing running stemina .would you please help me our? Hugs and love from Ammi

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. As with all exercise, to increase running stamina consistency is key. Training consistently will build your lung capacity and muscle endurance. You should also aim to increase the length of your runs by 5 or ten minutes as you get stronger. You don't have to run fast, just keep moving.And make sure you eat some carbs before a run so that you have enough fuel to keep going. That's whole grains, brown rice or oatmeal rather than sugar based foods. And recovery is important too. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and eat again after your run to let your body refuel. I hope that helps. Best of luck :))

Vanessa Rodrigues : Heyy Only now I got to see the parmanu. I loved the movie, I found the movie fascinating, with an emotional ending. I really loved it. Thank you very much. Im hoping to see Satyameva Jayate on Netflix too. I loved it... if your movies also came out in cinemas in Germany. And you look as always awesome in the movie. Much love from your portuguese fan 🇵🇹 😘 😘 😘

Silke P: Namaste Dear John! Ja das ist perfekt. Du hast alles richtig geschrieben. Du bringst mich zum lächeln. Ich freue mich! Yes that's perfect. You wrote everthing right. You make me smile. I'm happy! To friends we say in German " Du " (= in Hindi: tum). Is it ok that I say to you "tum"? I hope it doesn't bother you that I write to you so often. You are a handsome, warm-hearted, honest man with a magical smile, great character and a big heart for your fans. That's what I love about you. Love Big hug

Pranav: Hi John Sir! Before 2016 i was fit and had a good shape, but after that i don't know why am not able to be fit, tried once in this years starting then had a accident and from 5 months i have grown so fat that i don't like looking at my self, i try to wake up early, but then i can't wake up and go for exercise. Sir please guide me what do i do.

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. You don't give any details like your age, weight, height so it's difficult to advise you properly. First try to get into a fixed routine. Get up and go to bed the same time each day. Eat your meals regularly so you don't snack between them. Keep sugary oily food to a minimum and go for lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Fitness starts with diet, and if you're eating right then you can exercise more efficiently. I hope that helps. Good luck to you :)

Pranshu: Hi John!! I have recently fallen back in love with the song Dil Kya Kare from Salaam-E-Ishq. I remember loving the song when it came out and I have rediscovered it as a university student. I wanted to write to you to express how wonderfully I think you portray your love for the character of Tehzeeb in the song. Every emotion you portray is only through expressions but you show such an innocent, playful yet deep adoration for Vidya's character. It makes me smile a lot. Hope all if well!

John Abraham: Thanks Pranshu. I'm glad to make you smile :))

Amit Kumar: Sir please do some photoshoots of yours , its been long since you last did so. Take care sir

Pranav : Hi John Sir!!!! Tomorrow is my birthday (2.10) How do you celebrate ur birthday??? How did u feel when Col. told you that u are the only hero who looks the best when in an army uniform?????

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. So sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great day. All the best to you. :)) For my birthday, I like to keep things simple. I don't like big parties, just a few friends gathered. :)

Joe John: Thank you Sir . For the advice and a ray of hope .By saying I was tied to my family environment i meant being in a middle class family where there was constant pressure to perform in studies orelse u ll not end up well was the concern whereas i was good in football too and i regret it being an engineer now.I always wish if i could get one chance to showcase what i got whether it was sports or my acting.I believe god will do accordingly. Thank you once again

Assel From Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October - My Birthday, My Big Dream - Your Wish :) I began my workouts in the gym! You are my inspiration! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia :) love you!

John Abraham: Wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance, Assel. I hope you have a lovely day :))

Nahush mohole: Baba What you will suggest for acne free skin and clear skin same like you..am on good diet Nd good suppliments..! Please suggest John baba Lots of love and Light to you !

John Abraham: Hi Nahush. You don't say how old you are but acne tends to settle down a lot by early 20s. All you can really do is keep your face very clean, never pick your pimples and keep sugary fatty foods to a minimum. I hope that helps. Take care.

Queen: Hi John I’m from UAE we love you so much 😍 I’m so excited for #RAW you’re Amazing actor and producer ❤️ Love you forever Queen 😘

John Abraham: Thank you Queen. So sweet :))

Rahul Prasad: I have loved to see your movies Parmanu and Madras Cafe. If possible, I would really like to see you in movies based on Indian Army's special operations like surgical strikes, operation khukhri or cactus or some espionage thriller like Body of lies (2008), Bourne Trilogy or Tom Clancy Jack Ryan. All the best and love you.

Asra Jabeen: Sir your replies and wishes to me make my day its like boost up (YOU ARE SUCH A GENEROUS SOUL) Sir i wish u loads and loads of indefinite success,blockbusters and healthy life. take care sir LOVE AND PEACE from me to you

Silke P: Namaste John! I'm looking forward to seeing your movie Satyameva Jayate too. (Everyone writes it is a great movie.) But I have to wait until the movie is on DVD. Because the German cinemas do not show every Bollywood movie. I have already seen the song 'Paniyon Sa' on the Internet. I love him. I wish you that the movie will be a great success for YOU!! Alles Liebe und viele Grüsse aus Deutschland. (=that's German) = Lots of love and greetings from Germany. :)

John Abraham: Hi Silke. Danke fr Ihre netten Worte. I hope I got that right. I studied German at school, but that was a long time back :))

Mehtaz: Hi John, hope you have read my account of meeting you in 'The Queen's Raft -Time for a treat...'. Do let me know if you like it. 

John Abraham: I've not read it yet, Mehtaz, but I remember that day very well, and especially your awesome special gift. It means so much :))

RAFTIE MONMOYURI: Hi John, It's a very SPECIAL DAY on 3rd of October. My husband and I share the SAME BIRTHDAY although he is 3 years senior. He has always been an ADMIRER of YOURS. He being a Nephrologist (Super Specialist in kidney diseases)always is very busy. However, amidst his busy schedule,somehow he always manages to make some time to enjoy YOUR FILMS in CINEMA and to accompany me AS WELL. Thus we always enjoy your films together. Your Words would really make our day . Wish u best of luck for ISL 5.

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri. Wow you share a birthday? That's very special. My sincere best wishes to you both for 3rd October. I wish you very many more happy birthdays together :))

Sakina: Hi John, how are you? Am writing here to request you for bestest wishes. I have to appear in running test this Sunday. I am not that much faster runner. Please guide me about increasing stamina and wish me Luck. Yo are my magical superman. (Like Peer saheb) 😍😇 take care

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Sakina. I hope you did well.

GITASREE GOSWAMI: Sir, me and my best friend were in class six, about 11 years old girls ; when we were discussed (actually fought) for our first crush, which was a tall long haired boy named – John Abraham. We planned every single day to meet this boy. That day and today, two ladies about 26 years old, still planning to meet this man. I promise my best friend that we will meet you one day; but I don’t know when. Lastly thank you for giving us such a wonderful movie “Satyameva Jayate”.

John Abraham: Since 11 years, Gitasree? That's awesome. Thank you so much for your support all that time. People like you and your friend have made me who I am in the industry. Thank you for that. All the best to you both, always :))

mubarak khan: hi sir sep 25th my birthday so can you wish me sir its my request to you sir love u john abraham sir

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Mubarak. Many belated wishes to you. I hope you had a great day. All the best :))

mubarak khan: hi john i see batla house poster awesome one more super hit movie i cant wait sir best of luck sir

Dipesh Dhakal: John I'm devoted on you and it reached to another level when i saw "water" and "jhootha hi sahi". I have to tell you that i was not that fond of meeting celebs but you have changed my perception of celebrity. I'm waiting that moment when i shake my hands with you. (P.S and thats because you are such a good soul and wonderful person who loves animals and bikes) Are you planning to visit Nepal?

Asra Jabeen: ''BATLA HOUSE'' first look is released...........yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....sir u r definitely gonna rock this WISH YOU A HEARTY GOOD LUCK SIR LOVE YOU....................................................................

John Abraham: Thank you, Asra. :))

dinesh sarvaiya: hiiiii.... john sir namsty how r u aaj aapne jo poster dala he social site pe BATLA HOUSE ka bahot hi acha he superb hai best of luck and ab i wiss ki jald hi aap Raw ka poster post karoge thnkyu so much we love you sir

Dimpi Sarma: Thank u John sir for your lovely comment love you John sir 😍😍😍😍 sir I'm from North East,Assam sir I'm really really sorry because i forgot to mention my brother's name his name is Bhargab Bhardwaj sir he is your very very very very much huge, biggest and crazyest fan sir he love you so so so so much sir he has a huge and big collection of your videos and wallpapers sir he has only one dream in his life and that is to meet you once sir he is your very very much huge, biggest and crazyest fan

John Abraham: Best wishes to you, Bhargab. Thanks for your support :))

Joe John: Hi Sir, I don't know if this message is gonna reach you but u r a role model not only to me but many youngsters in Delhi. I am just a normal guy who has done small roles in school but couldn't do more than that maybe because of my family environment and never had the guts to open up. I am also a mallu guy raised in Delhi which might be the reason that I see you as my mentor.I have no idea as of now from where should I start my life now.I have limited wordss .Thank you.all the best upcomingmovie

John Abraham: Hi Joe. I also suffered from shyness but being an actor can help with that because it allows you to be someone else - someone who isn't shy. All I can say is follow your dream. Maybe join a drama group. Working with other actors will help you learn and develop. I hope that helps. Best of luck to you :))

Violet Walker: Hi John, this is Violet Walker, I really am touched by your love for animals, your a lovely human being and as an actor by profession you are the best because you have such a pure heart. It would be my dream come true if i get to meet you at least once in my lifetime. Stay Blessed :)

Asra Jabeen: Sir you always inspire us with your down to earth and so generous mannerism you are really a very good teacher to the present generation on how to handle success not to be overconfident and to be grounded always. In the showbiz world people like you so humble,natural and with a kind heart are very rare. inshallah allah aapko saari khushiyan de,sehat dein aur aapki duaen qubool ho ameen........LOVE FROM VISAKHAPATNAM