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Pranav JAFCIAN: Sir, to get a flat stomach (no abs as of now) what to do???? As i started exercise, but due to my injury (TOE CUT) the pain is still there so can't even do a push up or a plank

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!! Its my father's birthday on this 15th. Eagerly waiting for RAW

Rajesh Nayak : Hello John sir Wish you happy birthday advance 17 December is the biggest day for all Johnholicks Like festival! love you Sir! You are My Role Model My inspretion Many Many Happy return of the day

Pratik Thanki: Hey John sir! you are my role model.I love your Physique. I just need some tips from you to loose my weight.I am currently 18 years old, my height is 174 cm and weight is 85 kg. and i want to wish all the best for future. I love your role in desi boys. Hunter :))

sarvpriy: johna sir plz tell me to loose my tummy fats nd chin

Sai chavan: John baba.. When u will come to mumbai??

Ramesh: Hi John My advance Happy Birthday to you)))))))

Mayuri Lahkar Guwahati: hi,dear,one amongst ur huge fans! lotz of love!! waiting for many more good movies from u...

Shiv : Thanks John for your reply . It means a lot to me .

Sakina: Hi John, hope you will be fine and shine 😍 Tomorrow (7th Dec) will be my birthday. You are invited by my heart

Shiv : You are truly my role model and it is because of you that I have started gymming hard as I want a body like you and with your wishes I hope I excel with your support and guidance. All the best for RJW and Batla House .

John Abraham: My very best wishes to you, Shiv. Be consistent and you'll see results. It will take work, but nothing comes for free. SPARRRTAAAAA!!!! :))

Shiv : Big Fan of Yours and loved your movies like SMJ,Dhishoom,Force,Force 2 , Welcome Back , Rocky Handsome,Shootout at Wadala to name a few . Would like to have a nice pic with you soon .

Vicky Nick Mathur JAFCIAN: Hye THE ACTION ABRAHAM I want to be a model , I'm so confused , what should i do first , i need your help , you were the last SUPER MODEL ... can you give me some tips about modeling.... And WHAT IS THE DATE OF RELEASE RAW POSTER ??

John Abraham: Hi Vicky. The first thing you need to be is 5ft 11 tall minimum. If you aren't, a modelling agency will not sign you up. Next, do you have a decent physique? You need to be slim and well proportioned with good muscle definition. You can't be overly muscular as a model. You will look too bulky in clothes. Your skin and teeth also need to be healthy. Once all that is in place you must get some good photos of yourself to send to agencies. They will need to see if you photograph well. I hope that helps. All the best to you. :)

RajSantosh: hi john all the best for your next movies

john abraham fans: Hello sir ; Just watching Housefull 2 again and missing to watch you again in comedy movie waiting to see you again in comedy movie after 3 years in movie pagalpanti..

John Abraham: Yes it should be fun :))

Naaz Kirmani : Hi John , I have been your ardent fan for many years now. Apart from your bikes and movies ,I have always greatly admired you as a good human being. I wish I get an opportunity sometime to express this in person. Iqbals words rightly sum up what I feel for u ... “ Tu Shaheen hai parwaaz hai kaam Tera , tere saamney aasmaan aur bhi hain Best wishes..... now and always !!

John Abraham: Thank you Naaz. So kind :)

Himanshu : Best wishes for #RAW and #BATLAHOUSE ❤️ Keep doing such great content oriented movies And stay like this forever. Humble and down to earth 🤗 Stay blessed ❤️

John Abraham: Thank you Himanshu. That's very sweet. You stay blessed too :))

john abraham fans: Hello sir; Only few days left for your birthday please release the poster of movie RAW (ROMEO AKBAR WALTER) On your birthday we are eagerly waiting to see you in cinema houses give your fans as a return gift by relasing poster of Movie RAW on your Birthday!!💖💖

Dr Monmoyuri: Sorry John, Went out of mind . Forgot to ask you about your injury. Hope it's better now. Take care. Missing you so much here in Guwahati during the ISl matches. You really should have been here in the stadium in the last Match (23rd November). What a 'Game' it was specially during last 6 minutes , just AMAZING. Best and the most Memorable Game of ISL. Are you coming to Guwahati for the rest of the Matches?

John Abraham: I can't make any promises, Monmoyuri, even though I've love to be there cheering for my boys. Shooting at present and it's a tight schedule. Next game you go to, cheer doubly loud to make up for my absence :))

Dr Monmoyuri: ........understand the story but few days back ,When I REWATCHED it , I was able to make some sense out of the movie and I find it quite INTERESTING . Although it's difficult to understand but it's a good movie and very unusual with a good message . And your acting is Superb. Technical aspects are very good. It's true that 'No Smoking 'is said to have been ahead of it's time. Now my wish is to see you in a role of DETECTIVE in future. Is there any plan? Please try. You will rock it.

John Abraham: Thank you Monmoyuri. No Smoking is one of my favourite roles. As for playing a detective... you mean a Sherlock type, rather than a cop? That would be fun. No plans as yet though. Not unless a script comes out of the blue and grabs me. Take care :))

Dr Monmoyuri: Hi John, I always appreciate your choice of Movies. Most of them are with a very good CONTENT. Parmanu, Madras Cafe, Water, SAW, Kabul express, Aashayein, Rocky Handsome , NewYork, Force are exceptionally good. Actions specially the KNIFE SEQUENCE in Rocky Handsome is to be appreciated very much. You are very good in comedies too like Garam Masala, Housefull 2 and DesiBoys. May be I was not that matured when I watched 'No Smoking' for the first time as at that time I really didn't .....

Tanvi Joshi: Hi John! Lots of love and best wishes, look forward to see you more in movies like Parmanu. Superb acting, happy to see you grow personally and professionally

John Abraham: Thank you Tanvi, you're very sweet :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!! I don't know why sir, but after your guidance also i am not able to exercise sir... idk whats happening sir.... I sleep at night thinking that i will workout tomorrow but the next morning alarm ring's

John Abraham: Hi Pranav. What can I say? You need to get up with that alarm and just go for it. That's it. No excuses.

Mukul: Hey John hope you are doing great. I have turned vegan recently after seeing documentaries like 'Forks Over Knives' and 'Cowspiracies' and I am enjoying the change. I was surprised when I came to know that you are pescatarian. What's your opinion about intermittent fasting ?

Padma : Hi John, Have great respect for you not because u r class apart actor, but because of the love you have for animals and the humbleness you carry for humans.. God Bless you!! and continue to be just the way you are

John Abraham: Thank you Padma, you're so sweet. :))

Subhangkhi: Hey John! I am one of the "loyal fans" of yours. I like watching your movies just because you are there. Although as an audience I think Madras Cafe was one of the best film. I hope to see you more in movies like above mentioned and Parmanu. I also admire youe work as an architect. You have a wonderful home, it's just a dream house. Anways, I wish you best for the future. Awaiting for RAW!

John Abraham: Hi Subhangkhi. Thank you :)) But it's my brother and father who are the architects. I did have a lot of input into my house design though. I love my home very much :))

Vicky nick mathur JAFCIAN : Hye , THE ACTION ABRAHAM ... Me and my two best friends biggest fan of your can you please say hye to them ... 1 :- garima ahuja 2:- shailja jha

John Abraham: Of course :) Hi Garima, Hi Shailja, I wish you both all the best. Thanks so much for your support. Means a lot! :))

Pranav: Hi John sir!!! So excited to know that next year RAW

Rajesh Nayak : John sir now you looks fantastic in beard!!

John Abraham: Thank you, Rajesh. I prefer a beard :)

Sandi McBride: I find your movies to be on par with any Hollywood film. Thanks for your dedication to your craft. You have inspired me to exercise more and attempt to become healthier. This is especially important to me because I suffer from a liver disease which can only be cured with a transplant. I know you will continue to motivate me. Thanks. And early birthday wishes.

John Abraham: I'm very sorry to hear of your illness, Sandi. Please take care and I wish you all the best.

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS: Hy John baba Today i saw a photo of launching sofit cookies, you looked very HANDSOME 😎 When the poster of Romeo Akbar Walter will come, we are waiting a lot BABA. And Take care of yourself while shooting Batla House. I wish all the best wishes for all the upcoming films. Love you my hero and all the JA ENT. team :))

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh. Best wishes to you and all the Jafcians and Rafties :))

Ritesh Barathe Jafcian: Hello John sir tommorow is my birthday on 14th November please wish me sir i will be so happy sending you big hug and lots of love to you i really love you alot please take care of your self love you all our JA entertainment 😍😘 .. Thank-you from Your highway Fan Ritesh and our Jafcians ..

John Abraham: Hi Ritesh. Sorry I missed wishing you yesterday. I hope the Jafcians made sure you had a great day. Please accept my belated wishes and a birthday hug :))

John abraham fans: Continuing after message 1 . After watching rocky handsome i just started to watcha all your movies from starting Jism to the satyamevajayate .. I loved also your old look i watched all your movies and loved a.ll just watched saaya today again i liked it . And one wish that you should post your pics in instagram we missing you always and i think you should do one horror movie something different then other actors we want to watch in horror look . Watched all your movie 3-4 times in cinemas.loveu

John Abraham: Thank you so much for your support. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry. Take care and best wishes to you :))

John abraham fans: Hello sir ; these is first message it will continue in message 2 I was not intrestes in bollywood watching movies was only watching south movies but one day when i was in my nani ka ghar my cousion bought tickets of ROCKY HANDSOME i was not intrested in watching movie but that day we went after dinner to watch your movie and that movie twisted my life i was fan of yours after that movie and made your fanclub on instagram as @john_abraham_fans after watching rocky handsome continue

Nagarjun M: Hi John Sir im your big fan from bangalore i visit bandstand area every time i come to bombay just because u stay there,love your movies and your simplicity please visit bangalore.

John Abraham: Very busy at present, Nagarjun, but I hope soon :))

Mohammed Asif Ahmed: Sir, I watched your recent 2 releases of 2018. Both are immensely Epic! You suit in Action Power-packed. Keep working and your fitness is inspiration to youth just like me. I'm just 17 years but really forward for fitness. Lots of love and waiting for Batla house and RAW.

John Abraham: Thanks Mohammed. Good luck with your workouts. Remember, consistency is key. I wish you all the best :))

Shahela kaniz: Hi John, I'm your fan from Bangladesh. You have such a lovely smile full of freshness

John Abraham: Thank you, Shahela. You're very sweet :))

Mahadev Hembram: Hiii, john sir I am big big big big big big big biggest fan of you..I watch all your movies..(I'm frm WestBengal)..my favrt movie DHOOM Your performance in this movie is outstanding...I like ur hairstyle

John Abraham: Thank you, Mahadev :))

Pranav Patel: Hi John sir!!!!!!!!!!! Just came to know that there are 2 back to back movies of yours releasing next year YAYY!!!!!!! i.e., RAW

Ayse Ciftcioglu: Whatever you do, it suits you very well sir, suits because I'm watching sincerity and naturalness..I have seen not only a talented actor but also you're. Like one of their own. I think that's why you are timeless ctor (actor of all time) , I want you to be always, always on sir. Loves from heart, loves from Turkey...

Rajesh Nayak : Hello John sir When will the poster of RAW movie come

Jay Upreti: Happy Diwali to you and your family. :) #95autograph

Harish Javahar: Hello John, Happy Diwali

Divya : Hi John, it's my birthday 🎂 tomorrow. If I get to meet you tomorrow, it will be the best birthday for me. WOW 😲

John Abraham: So sorry I missed your birthday, Divya. I hope you had a great day :))

AJ: Hey J, AJ here. Greetings from New York. I hope you are having a great time shooting for Batla House. I am looking forward to the release. Thanks for replying to my earlier post. I must say that it feel good to follow a genuine and honest person in this whole plastic an fabric world. Thank you for keeping us motivated with your good acts and all the best for your future endeavors.. Come to NY.. we should grab a beer some day ..Keep it cool. Best regards, AJ

KEYUR DAVE: Hello John Sir, This is Keyur from Canada. Wish you a very Happy New Year sir. Finally, I have watched your both last films, Parmanu and SatyamevaJayte. Both the films are so good and specially Parmanu is very awesome. I love your work in both the films and feel proud that I am your fan

John Abraham: That's so sweet of you, Keyur. Thank you :))

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS: Wish you a very happy Diwali baba you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous and a blissful Diwali. May this festival of light brightens our lives with new hope joy and fortunes and lead us to a healthier and fruitful lives. love you always n forever

John Abraham: Thank you Suresh. To you too :))

Pranav: Happy Diwali John sir to you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you like to celebrate this festival sir?????

John Abraham: Just quietly, Pranav. With family and friends. :))

dinesh sarvaiya : hiiiii..... sir wiss you very happy diwali to you and your family and bahot sara peyar thnkyu love you forever

John Abraham: Thank you Dinesh. :))

Sakina: Hi John, How are you ? Happy winter. Just take care and protect yourself from seasonal flu fever. Take Ginger tea and stay safe in all weather.. 👍

John Abraham: I'll try, Sakina. Thanks for your concern. So sweet :)