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Anish B Korgaonkar: Dear John Bhai, How are you, will shoots be resumed for satyamev jayate 2

John Abraham: Hi Anish. We can't resume the shoot because we never started. Unfortunately I can't say exactly when we will begin. After lockdown ends we'll see what's possible. Take care.

Ajay Kishore: Dear John, I hope everything is okay at home. I don't know if you've heard of your namesake,a famous Malayalam film director. He was known for his critically acclaimed works like 'Amma Ariyan' and 'Agraharathil Kazhuthai'. There was even an article on Scroll, comparing the two of you. John Abraham(Senior) was an excellent Malayalam director like Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Please act in a Malayalam film, as you have Malayali ancestry. You as JA Sr in a Malayalam biopic-that would be great! Stay safe!

John Abraham: Yes I have heard of him, Ajay, and I'm very honoured to be mentioned in the same article. Malayalam cinema is extraordinary and I would love to appear in a Malayalam film one day. You stay safe too :))

Raftie Divya : Hi John, glad to know you are doing good in this situation. Take care and God bless! Love you too much...more than you know or can imagine...

John Abraham: You take care too, Divya. Lots of love :)

Dr Monmoyuri : Hi John, how are you ? I’m really excited by the announcement you made about the new venture Ayyappanum Koshiyum . Out of curiosity I just watched the original trailer of the film in YouTube Although I don’t understand Malayalam yet I like the trailer. It’s really your kind of film. Looking intense. I just hope you opt for the role of Koshy Kurian . I believe you will look perfect in that and will be playing the role perfectly. Love and luck to you 🙏

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri. I can't tell you anything about the casting yet, it's early days. But we hope to bring our audience a great film... whether I'm in it or not. :) Stay safe.

Suresh Bishnoi: Hii John Baba we celebrating 2years of Parmanu the story of pokhran one of most and my favorite patrotic movie proud of you baba and wish you very all the best for your upcoming movies best wishes from their side president of the John Abraham fans club india. Your little Tiger Suresh Bishnoi and all the Jafcians !

John Abraham: Best wishes to you and all the JAFCIANs, Suresh :))

Anoop: Hai john am from kerala ❤ am daily checking your face book page no update yrt, are you safe now? Am diehard fan of you dear. Miss you lot

John Abraham: I'm safe, Anoop. But I don't like social media so don't get worried if you don't see updates. :)

ArMaN: Hi Abraham sir.... I want triceps like you but my triceps has not been developed in 3 mounts so please give me tips that I can gain my triceps please sir....

John Abraham: Hi Arman. You don't say if you have access to a gym. If you do, try the close grip barbell bench press. But make sure you have supervision from a trainer so you don't lift too heavy too soon. This exercise needs proper form. It's good because it targets the triceps but also benefits the chest and shoulders. I wish you the best of luck. :)

Filomena Merola: Dear John, I hope you and your loved ones are all well. I have been watching Hindi (and Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi) movies for more than three years. It started as a “let’s see” kind of experience and it blew my mind! Interestingly, I have found the so called Bollywood movies more entertaining than the Hollywood movies. With such a variety that I found the Bollywood ‘label’ being too simplistic and diminishing.It goes without saying, you have become one of my favourite actors :)

John Abraham: So sweet of you, Filomena. Thank you :))

Shiv: Hi John , I work at the Delhi airport and do a 12 hours shift and 2 hours commuting. So whenever I get time I do hit the gym but I am unable to get the desired results. Needed your support and guidance as to what should I do in order to get a good bulked body.

John Abraham: Hi Shiv. The key to results is consistency. You say you hit the gym whenever you get the time, which is better than nothing, but to get real results you need to be doing a routine at least every other day, or even daily. And for that you just have to make the time. If I am on a demanding shoot, I will get up an hour or two earlier to make sure I get my workout done. Try not to sacrifice sleep for your routine, but perhaps there are other activities that could be changed to make room in your schedule. I wish I could say there was an easy fix, but there isn't. You really have to workout regularly. I wish you the best of luck. Take care and stay safe.

jin yeong: Hi john. How are you today? I've had a hard day today. I'm very happy to have to you. Take care of yourself.

John Abraham: Hi Jin, I'm fine and I hope you are too. Stay safe and keep well. All the best :))

Allan Jones: Hi John Sir, hope you doing good, This is Allan from Hyderabad, Me

John Abraham: Hi Allan. Take care :))

ArMaN: Hi John baba.... I hope you are take care in your home... One thing I can tell you sir I m very missing you and your movies but the Corona virus was... See you soon guru ji stay home and stay safe...

John Abraham: Thank you Arman, you too :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!! Do wish your mom a very happy mother's day from my side and thank you for giving us you in our life's sir!!! I hope all are fit and fine during this pandemic. I pray for all's well being

John Abraham: Thank you Pranav, so sweet of you. Please stay safe too. :))

Nithin V: Hai John Abraham, im from Kerala im big fan of you. i always try to watch your all movies. Im also a animal lover.

John Abraham: That's great, Nithin, thank you. :))

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai, i always wanted to suggest you about launching your own fitness clothing brand..for example a name "JA FITNESS" you are a fitness icon to youth

Anish Korgaonkar: Hi John bhai, Thank for your birthday wishes, John bhai can u tell me what is the best exercise which i can do at home, as due to lockdown one cannot go to gym

John Abraham: Hi Anish. There are plenty of things you can do at home even without equipment. Pushups, plank, squats, crunches and lunges are all good. Just make sure you do them regularly. Consistency is key to any workout. All the best :))

S Sanjay: Hi John, Just wanted to leave a note of appreciation for all the hardwork you put in your movies. You are my favorite Indian action hero. The fight sequels you execute are flawless and I'm sure you do it to the utmost satisfaction of the director. My favorite fight scene is the knife fight in Rocky Handsome! Your work here was more exciting than any Jason Statham's movie.Well, I'm an Aerospace Engineer by profession but I do get most of my fitness motivation from you. Wish you all the success!!

John Abraham: Thanks so much Sanjay. The fights take a lot of blood and sweat so it's good to know they're appreciated. Best wishes to you too. :)

Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john sir today 7th may my mom Varsha’s birthday is there..please bless her by taking her name

John Abraham: I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Varsha. Stay safe and take care. :))

Prateek Rawat: Hey John bhai, big fan but not more than my wife here. she is a HUGE FAN of yours . She watches every movie you acted in. she is just crazy about you. 8th May is her Birthday and she is not with me, she is at her parents and i am at mine so it would be very generous of you if you can wish her. Her name is Sonali and she will be more than happy if you do this for her. Thanks in Advance. P.S: You rock john bhai. i also love watching you onscreen. P.P.S : Please bring FORCE 3..

John Abraham: Hi Sonali. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for 8th May. I hope you will be able to celebrate even in lockdown. Sending you a big hug. Best wishes also to your parents. :))

Virag Masekar: Hi John, this is Virag again. I want to talk to you about socializing and hanging out with friends when situations are normal (not in this situation where COVID is present.) My question for you today is that I do understand that hanging out with friends until late at night is not healthy especially when you are someone who values his body and health because if you stay up late night, it effects your ability to build muscle and your ability to maintain your physique. How can I manage my time?

John Abraham: Hi Virag. This is a difficult one to answer as being with friends is something we cannot do right now. When things return to some sort of normal maybe try keeping your late night socialising to once a week. I know that sounds harsh but you said yourself that you value your body and health. Take care :))

Kishor Tatyasaheb Nangare: Hi John I am Kishor . Sir I big fan of your movies like Force, Madras cafe, Housefull and all your movies. Sir please make movies on Param Vir Chakra vijeta such as Major Somnath Sharma, Lance Naik Albert Ekka, Major Raghoba Rane, Major Hoshiyar Sing etc.These films inspire us

John Abraham: Thanks for the suggestions, Kishor. All the best to you. :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai.. wishing Priya maaam a very happy birthday today on 3rd of may.. God bless priya maam witth lots of happiness forever and God bless you both..Love you John bhai and take care.

Aakash Sinha: Hey john, I hope you and your family are safe in this covid situation , God bless you buddy. Today,i just visited your website and i spent quality time. You know i always wish to meet you some day and had some food together but i am not famous or rich enough to reach you ... hummm.. but its ok, i respect you from inside. Soo.. Well .. I just wanted to share.. I admire you alot as many in the country..hahaha...but on serious note, keep smiling and be as you are.Down to earth,calm and lovable..

John Abraham: Thanks for that, Aakash. I hope you're also staying safe. :))

Anish korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, Its my birthday on 11th of may, a birthday wish from you will make my birthday much more happier and amazing..Love you john bhai and you are the best. Lots of love bhai

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 11th May, Anish. I hope you have a super day. :))

Shiv: Hi John I want your blessings as my birthday was on the 2nd of April but could not write to you as I was busy taking care of my old grandparents.

John Abraham: Belated birthday wishes for 2nd April, Shiv. Well done on caring for them instead of celebrating. :)

jay upreti: hi john , thank you so much for the wish . it means a lot. you never let us down . love you . stay safe . jay upreti love you :) #95autographtogo

Nishant Joshi: Hi John sir, I'm big fan of you sir. I've watched all your movies sir. I am big fan of your body too sir. I'm 14 years old and have problems regarding weight loss. Can you please give me some tips to lose weight during this Lockdown, Please!

John Abraham: Hi Nishant. I understand that it's difficult in lockdown to stay motivated. However, like most things in life, there's no magic formula or shortcut, you just have to put in the work. Take a good look at your diet, especially your snacking habits. Try not to eat late at night. And if you are limited for space, even running or jumping in place will burn some calories. I hope that helps. Staying safe at home is the priority right now. Take care. :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John sir!!!!!!! Its my bff Urvashi's birthday, so kindly wish her sir.

John Abraham: Hi Pranav, you don't say what date, so I hope I haven't missed this. Happy Birthday Urvashi. Best wishes to you. Take care and stay safe :))

Mudit Sharma: Hi John, my wife is your biggest fan . She is crazy about you and love to endorsed your movies and you more than you may do :). 28th April is her birthday and she is not with me in this lockdown. Please post a birthday wish to her Niharika Choudhary Sharma

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Niharika. I hope you had a great birthday. Once lockdown is ended you can have a proper celebration with your loved ones. Take care and stay safe. :))

rashmi: hi john jay this side please wish rashmi on this mail her birthday is on 27 thanks love you

John Abraham: Hi Rashmi - Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it but I hope you're staying safe and well and had a great day. Take care :))

jay upreti: hi john , writing after so long and i hope you and your family is well . please take care. you can post exercise video to motivate your fans like you used to do before.one more thing my girlfriends birthday is on 27. her name is rashmi. so please wish her i will send a message from her email id thanks and love you please take care #95autograph to go

Indu: Hi John, being a man of multiple talents, are you cooking too during the lockdown ? And any old hobbies you got back to because of the extra time in hand? .... P.s. i just noticed only guys call you John BHAI... *MUCH LOVE. Pls take care*

John Abraham: Hi Indu. I'm not sure I have multiple talents but thank you for saying so. I do love home cooked food and I sometimes do some myself, just simple stuff. You take care too :))

Ankit Sharma: Hello Sir I Appreciate your work for filmography and maintaining body. I think you are idle for youth. Thanks again Ankit Sharma

John Abraham: Thanks Ankit. It's nice to be appreciated. Take care :))

Dr Monmoyuri : Thank you John for inspiring millions and millions of us admist this crisis.... with such an amazing poem #Mera bharat mahan . There’s so much emotion, inspiration and motivation in the poem, with so many powerful words of encouragement.....with rays of hope and positivity. No doubt you RENDERED it very beautifully but astonished at the calibre of your DIRECTION . Amazing ! ANOTHER HIDDEN TALENT OF YOURS UNEARTHED. Love and Respect you always 🙏

John Abraham: Thank you Monmoyuri. Please take care of yourself. Great respect to you too. Stay safe :)

Bianca: Hi John. I hope you are fine and safe. Now that I'm in quarantine, I'm glad to see all your movies again.You are a very talented actor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always offering the best movies. Take care with all the dangerous stunts that you performed. Love from Romania ❤

John Abraham: Thanks you Bianca. So sweet of you :)

muhammad: hi sir how are u doing we miss you so much sir i want to know whether you are planning to come to iran imdeed your mum is an iranian we would be so happy to see you around here i myself know you as my idiol throughout my life and love you soo much indeed i m finishing my bachelor to move to indian for farmasi inshaallah wish you the best and we love you soo much please stay safe and be safe

John Abraham: Hi Muhammad. Due to the current crisis all plans to go anywhere are on hold. I would love to visit Iran but I really can't say right now when that would be. Please take care and stay safe.

Chaitanya Sukre: Hello john sir..my dad Shivaji is a covid warrior and is working for all of us so that we stay safe..Would be happy if you bless him with his name so that i can show him your message of you taking his name🥰

John Abraham: My pleasure, Chaitanya. :) All the best to you, Shivaji, in this great fight. You are truly one of our warriors right now. Thank you for helping us all stay safe. But please take good care of yourself too. Huge respect to you.

Chaitanya Sukre: Good afternoon john sir..how are you..my dad being a doctor is working day and night with full efforts to help stop corona..Would like to get some tips from you for increasing strength in wrists and forearm

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai,saw your poem of hope #Mera bharat mahan.. I am very inspired by the video, the lines and lyrics are so motivating, my family saw the video and everyone loved it, thank you john bhai for motivating all of us.. Love you bhai, regards to priya maam as well as Bailey

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :))

Tanima Kundu: Hi, hope you're doing good. It's my birthday today and will be watching your movies with Maa, last night I watched Satyameva jayate with Maa and she loved it, it was 8th time watch and her 1st time, in an interview of yours you said you dont see yourself in mirror much and you defined why, I contemplated and really you were right, hadn't thought it that way before, I really admire you very much. Take care :)

John Abraham: Sorry I missed your birthday, Tanima. I hope you had a great day. Sending you and your Maa a big hug :))

Surbhi: Dear John. Hope you are doing well and are safe during this challenging time. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I had a nice day and celebrated at home with family.

John Abraham: That's good to hear, Surbhi. Take care :))

Silke P: Hallo John! I am so glad to read that you are fine. It's a crazy and scared time know. Thanks to your great films, I'm not bored. I hope to see many more films from you in the future. All the best for you and your family! Take care that's my biggest wish. :)

John Abraham: Thanks Silke. I wish you the same :)

Raftie Mehtaz: Hi John. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wishes. Our fur babies are good. We have 6 of them. 2 stays in the house

John Abraham: Six? Wow, that's wonderful, Mehtaz. Best wishes to you :))

Vishal Naik: Hello bhai, i have a wish to meet you in person man... The real Rambo of Bollywood... I wish you a very good health and keep making movies beacuse i am a very very very very big fan of your work, your acting, your fight scenes, your fight scenes seems real, the powerful one. I cannot compare anyone when it comes to a fight scenes and aggression i cannot compare anyone to you. I have a wish to meet you brother, but i think i am nobody to have that wish.. Good luck man, keep up the good work.

John Abraham: Unfortunately, Vishal, none of us can meet anyone right now. Stay safe. All the best to you.

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai, one stray dog from my locality,is taking shelter behind backside of my bike,next to my house,i have kept un-used cloth now where he sleeps, so he sleeps on it now, i provide him milk 2 times a day and bournvita biscuits, i am very attached to him now and named him Tiger :)

John Abraham: That's awesome, Anish. Give him a hug from me :))

Raftie Mehtaz and Jem: Hi John. It's Mehtaz and Jem from Guwahati. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and 17 yrs of our love on 16th of April. As we are staying home because of the lockdown, it would really mean the world to us if you could wish us. Please take care and stay safe.

John Abraham: Wow - 17 years together. Congratulations to you, Mehtaz and Jem. I hope your dogs are well. Stay safe at home and have a great day. Bless you both :)

Pooja George: Hi John, Wishing you and your family members a joyous and blessed Easter. It's when I ate Appam and stew for breakfast, I thought to wish you. I have seen in one of your interviews that you like Appams. Lots of love from Cochin..Stay safe..

John Abraham: Yes, I love them, Pooja. You stay safe too. :))


John Abraham: Thanks, Dheeraj. Much appreciated :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, I was going towards airport today morning to perform my duties, as some of our flights have been asked to get medical kits and medicines from all across to Mumbai.. this was when i reached near khar-subway, I saw a good healthy Dog which had a belt on his neck, for sure he was not a stray, some family must have disowned him after coronavirus pandemic, he looked scared

John Abraham: It's very sad to hear of pets being abandoned, Anish. And so unnecessary too. We must all do what we can to help them.

Tanima Kundu: Hello, I hope you and your family doing well, stay safe, take care:) I am binge watching your movies, two months back you came to Kolkata but I was on leave so couldn't meet you. You're really inspiring, I watched your Pagalpanti and absolutely loved it, I watched Batla House and your performance is mindboggling, and it's really astonishing that how aptly you mould yourself in different characters. Best wishes to you always. How's bailey?

John Abraham: Thank you, Tanima. So sweet. Bailey is fine. Thanks for asking. Take care :))