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Meet Bagrawala: Hi, JOHN sir ...my name is MEET BAGRAWALA.....JAFCIAN from SURAT ...your Biggest fan ....Sir please wish me a Happy birthday on 30 November Yours sincerely, Meet Bagrawala

MD Arman: Hi.john sir I m biggest fan of yours... And I m very exited to the pagalpanti and Mumbai saga movie And my dream is I will meet you soon sir... Thanks Bhaijan...Good Luck for the Movies...

John Abraham: Thank you MD. All the best to you too :))

Ritesh Barathe Jafcians: hey JA Sir, Tomorrow is my Birthday on 14th November please wish me Sir, i will be so happy i wish me and hussain want to celebrate my birhtday with you :)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Ritesh. Things are very hectic right now but I wish you all the best. Have a great day. Sending a big shout out to you, Hussain and all the JAFCIANS. You guys are at the BEST.

Pawan rai jafcians: JohnAbtahm sir Today is my birthday Sir If you give a wish, or wil ne very happy Love you sir Pawan rai jafcians

John Abraham: Sorry I messed this, Pawan. I hope you had a great day. Belated wishes to you :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir, I have seen many videos for workout motivation of THE ROCK and I was just wishing you to make many workout videos for all the JAFCIANS. I even remember you had once done a Fb live in which you had said that you are planning to make videos for fitness. Sir your video will be a game changer for all the people around our country. I hope I hear from you for this soon sir!!!!!!!!! love you 3000 sir.

John Abraham: Hoping to do it one day soon, Pranav. But things are very hectic right now. Thanks for your encouragement. :)

Assel from KAZAKHSTAN: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Batla House! i was so worried how the truth would be proved! So impressed with the last scene and strong speech! Big thank you! Love You!

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Assel. Take care :)

sachin shetty: hello john,,,i'm your fellow colleague from jai hind college...all the best

John Abraham: Hi Sachin, all the best to you too :))

Silke P: Hallo Dear John! I saw the trailer of Pagalpanti. I can not wait to see him. I laughed a lot (as like Dostana= one of my favorite movie). I hope I can see Pagalpanti here in Germany cinema. I am sure he will definitely be a hit!! All the best and lovely wishes to you

John Abraham: Thank you Silke. Best wishes to you :)

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir how are you i was wondering if you can guide me if e.g you wanna improve your muscle how long should you take rest between each excserice and each set indeed have you got any tips on bodybuiling if you could give some tips it would be great sir taha is a great fan of tiger sheroff and he says are you having any plan with tiger you two look amazing in one movie inedd taha my bro loves you and gives you a great hug we wish you the best sir and we loveeee you so much

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir, Today is my bff's Shahnawaz Khan's birthday, a fan of yours

John Abraham: Wish you a very Happy Birthday Shahnawaz. All the best to you :))

Ajay Kishore: Hi John! I am a diehard fan of yours. I am a Rajinikanth fan as well. I admire you and Rajini sir for various qualities. Both of you have similarities: Simplicity, standing up for good causes and being honest (in real life). In addition, both of you have style and charisma, as action heroes (on screen). But you haven't acted together (I am not sure if you've met him). Why don't you and Rajini sir act together? (I would love to see both of you in the same film!) All the best for Pagalpanti!

John Abraham: Hi Ajay. Wow, acting with such a legend would truly be an honour. Perhaps one day, if I'm very lucky. But I'd probably be too awestruck to speak :)

YASH JADHAV: Hello John Sir,this is Yash.My Birthday is on 12th Nov so i want your best wishes!!!!And also wish you all the very best for #pagalpanti.Se you soon.

John Abraham: I wish you Happy Birthday for 12th Nov, Yash. I hope you have a really great day. Thanks also for your wishes :))

Mohammed Hassan: Hi John, How are you. i am a huge fan of yours and lives in Abu Dhabi, i was going though your tips on how to be fit and healthy, it is really good tips and also motivating.I will follow it.

John Abraham: Best of luck, Mohammed. I hope you find them helpful :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!! Loved both the songs of pagalpanti, Your physique in Tum Par Hum Hai Atke is the best

Shiv: Hi John, I am a huge fan of yours and wish you all the very best for Pagalpanti

John Abraham: Thank you, Shiv. So sweet of you :)

Sakina: Hi John, how are you? Any plan of visiting Dubai in November ? Because I wanna mewt you once in my life. :)

Humam Sultanım: Hello there. November 1st is my birthday and I look forward to your sincere wishes. I can have more happiness with your wishes and words on my birthday. It could be the greatest gift to me

John Abraham: Hi Humam. So sorry I missed this. I hope you had a lovely day. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. :))

Nupur: Hi John, I reside in Toronto currently, I never miss out any of your movies. I must say you are doing phenomenal acting in patriot movies. Much appreciate it. Looking forward for more creative content and wish you the best for your upcoming movies. Love you !!

John Abraham: Thank you, Nupur, so sweet of you :)

Vipul bankar: Hiiii , john bhai u r reyal king of Bollywood and u r king of body building sir u r bysep is very big I thin 19 inches u r RAW movie fantastic sir special u r carecter I like sir and best of luck pagalpanti movie # sir which date Mumbai sanga

John Abraham: Hi Vipul. Mumbai Saga is aiming for a release in June 2020. But, as you know, release dates often change due to circumstances. :)

Divya : Congratulations John! For the promising posters of "Pagalpanti" and for Satyamev Jayate2. All the best to you!

John Abraham: Thanks Divya. To you too :))

Raftie Divya: Happy Diwali my superstar! You are the best!

Aliza: Hi John, Yesterday, i watched "Jism" for the first time.Since then it has become one of my most favourite movies of yours! Although it is your first film, you have pulled out the role so amazingly there is a lot of emotion in that, i literally cried at the end, You were very charming! I am totally crushing on kabir.. Sending love from across the borders!

John Abraham: Thanks Aliza. Yes, it was a very important role for me. I'm glad you're enjoying it after so many years :)

Ritesh Barathe Jafcians: Hi John Sir wishing you a very happy diwali with lots of love to our Abraham Family

John Abraham: Thank you Ritesh. I hope you and your family had a great time too :))

muhamad noorzaei: hi sir how is everything going I am very happy to see you in the new movie in pagalpanti its been long time you hadn't been acting funny or comedian movie when the trailer of pagalpanti was released it was great I am a very huge fan of yours and always I tell people john Abraham is a big brother of mine I love you and your movie inshallah may lallah let me see you in the future by the way my sister her name is sima wants you to make her a wish sima love you a lot sir take care we love you

John Abraham: Thank you, Muhamad. Sending a big hug to you and Sima. Take care :))

Sakina: Hi John , I just wanna say to you " Khush Raho" 🙂

Manish Buliya: Sir Your looking and body is very nice. Your role is better in Dhoom Movie. I watch this movie many time. Wish You Happy Diwali

KEYUR DAVE: Hi Sir, I'm messaging yo after so long due to my busy schedule, but I always look for your news about movies and work everyday from my tight working schedule. Lastly I watched BatlaHouse, and for that I drove about 400 kms to the cinema hall in Canada, a very fantastic movie and I like your performance in that. Really feel proud when such movie comes from your side. Now looking forward for Pagalpanti and MumbaiSaga. My best wishes to both the films.

John Abraham: Wow, 400kms? Thank you so much, Keyur. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry. All the best to you :)

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello John Sir wish you a very Happy Diwali to you and your family. I saw "PAGALPANTI" trailer it's really awesome and fully entertenment movie and you are also awesome as always. Love you John Sir. "BEST OF LUCK FOR PAGALPANTI movie Sir" Thank You.

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!! Just saw the trailer of Pagalpanti and i loved it... your costumes, dialogues, expressions all are the best sir and from the trailer itself I can sense that the story will be more comedy!!!!!!! JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT YOU ARE THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO COMEDY SIR. LOVE YOU 3000

John Abraham: Thanks Pranav :))

Silke P: Hallo John! You give me luck. I was nervous but your words encouraged me. Thank you. I have the new job. :) I'm looking forward to Pagalpanti. I'm glad it is a comedy. I'm sure it will be a success because you are awesome!! I wish you all the best and much much success for PAGALPANTI. I send you a big hug and lot of love.

John Abraham: Well done, Silke. I never doubted you could do it . All the best in your career. :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, Just saw the trailer of "PAGALPANTI", it looks super amazing, the trailer and the timimg of jokes made me laugh.. I am 110 percent sure PAGALPANTI will be a massive hit.. Love you John bhai.. will come to JA office soon and personally give you all the very best wishes for PAGALPANTI.. LOVE YOU JOHN BHAI.

John Abraham: Thanks Anish. So sweet of you :)

Rajeev gunjal : Hello my inspiration JA sir ji waiting for pagalpanti movie

Nisha : Hi John, Besides workout what time do you invest in? And looking at your growth in industry. Once can analysis that you don't want to get stuck in comfort zone and you always want to be the best version of urself.

Gaytree Appadu Townsend: Hello John , Just watched Batla House on Amazon Prime Video . Very good story ( I am very inspired by the non -formula movies that you are producing in India ) . I pray for your good health and life success . You are role model for all generation. Thank you for all that you do for mankind.

Indu again: Wish I could see that smile in person :) wish me luck ?!

John Abraham: Best of luck, Indu :))

Abhishek Karan: Hi John! A very Happy Thanksgiving to u from Canada.Thank u for being a role model since past 11 years.I express my gratitude to u for being the one I always have looked up to whenever I needed the words of encouragement.Thank u for the inspiration and for everything.Much love, SPARTAAAA :)

John Abraham: Thanks Abhishek :))

Indu : How does one get past crushing over you? Therapy?

John Abraham: That made me smile, Indu. You're very sweet :))

Julie Lunagariya: Hi john! Such a huge fan of yours. Words are not enough to express your work and my fan love for you. Hoping to see you very soon. Loads of love and positivity to you. Good luck!!

John Abraham: Hi Julie. Best wishes to you too :)

Aliza: Hi john, watched Batla House today, the film is exceptional and so intrigued by your role, you have done a fantastic job! As you are my most fav actor, From karachi,Pakistan i adore you alot and i wish to meet you someday in life!

John Abraham: Let's hope that happens one day, Aliza. Sending you a big hug in the meantime :)

Nisha: Hi John, it's so good to see you that you reply to every message addressing with name. My list of question doesn't stop here. I want to know what motivates you to aspire ur dream?

John Abraham: I'm a bit of a workaholic, Nisha. So I don't really need much motivation. I'm just lucky to love the work. :)

dinesh sarvaiaya: hiii..... sir namsty kese ho sir please mera birthday hai 19 october ko please wiss kar do please sir thnkyu sir....

John Abraham: Hi Dinesh. Happy Birthday in advance for the 19th. I hope you have a great day. All the best :))

Fahmida Jabin : Hello John hope you are doing fine . I am a very very very big fan of yours . I love everything about you . Your movies , your personality. There’s no single movie of yours that I didn’t watch . I just wish I could meet you for once . Just for once . But it’s not possible as I live in Bangladesh. Allah bless you and keep going . Tc

John Abraham: Thank you for your support, Fahmida. It means a lot :)

Ramesh: Hi John, your my Dearest brother. Love you..

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Ramesh :)

Trishnakhee Baruah: A very big thank you to you John for your reply. Meant a lot. its absolutely ok. i know u have been quite occupied with your upcoming projects. All the very best to you. Will always look forward to get an opportunity to meet you. Thank you once again.Its always a pleasure to write to you. Take care. :)

AAKHYAAN : Hello JOHN SIR, I am Aakhyaan from Guwahati . I am also an ardent admirer of yours like my Mom . Her name is Dr Monmoyuri. I enjoy all your movies. You are my most Favourite HERO. I wish you all the best for all your future Projects. Always Stay safe and PLEASE TAKE CARE doing STUNTS . Eagerly waiting for your upcoming Comedy PAGALPANTI. Lastly, I need your blessings for my forthcoming Examination.

John Abraham: Hi Aakhyaan. I wish you the very best for your exam. Sending a big hug to you and your mom :))

Trishnakhee Baruah: Hey John..first of all congratulations for such a great movie.. This is Trishnakhee again.Its being really long since I last wrote to you. Infact writing would be a very tiny thing to describe how much inspiration I get from you. I really want to get a glimpse of you and meet you for the second time yet with an another selfie in Guwahati. ISL is starting from 20th.Is there any possibility of meeting you atleast for 2 seconds? It is really a silly thing to be asked but i do believe in dreams.

John Abraham: Hi again, Trishnakhee. I have a lot of shoots coming up so I can't say for certain how many games I'll be able to attend. But I do hope I can get there at least once :)

NIHARIKA RANI: hii...………. I am huge fan of you ..The movies parmanu ,madras café ,batla house are worth watching ..keep doing the best..and your smile is so refreshing..I found your website in Wikipedia and got chance to interact with the man in my dreams.. lots of love and best wishes Niharika

John Abraham: Thank you, Niharika. You're very sweet. :))

Nisha: Hi John, what made you choose these professional even though your father and brother are into architecture. John, could you plz share your home pic to ur fan

John Abraham: I did think about architecture, Nisha. But then, when I was working as a media planner, I was persuaded to enter the Gladrags competition and my life took a different turn. :)

Sharan shinge: Thank u so much 🙏😍😘#THE_JOHN_ABRAHAM_Sir_To_Give_Your_Special_Time_On_My_Cake_Cutting_Ceremony....Love you sir

John Abraham: My pleasure, Sharan. Best wishes to you and all the JAFCIANS.

Silke P: Hallo John! It has been a long time since I wrote you. I am so glad that your are fine and your movie is superb. YOU are superb!! On friday a will have a job interview. Please wish me luck that I get the new job. Thank you. All the best for you.

John Abraham: Hi Silke. I wish you all the best for your interview. I'm sure you'll do well. Take care :)