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Vipul bankar: Hiiiii boss how r u sir u r mumbai saga movie fabules bhai and u r rol outstanding amratya rao great movie sir and which date rilej pathan movie bhai

John Abraham: Thanks, Vipul. That's much appreciated. :))

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, how r u? Because of u I have made some very nice friends n someone very spcl is Kriti Kumar from Dehradoon. M sure u know her. She s now my elder sister n these days she’s in pain. She’s CORONA ve.😞 I know she can handle this 💪🏾 But, Would u pls send ur blessings to her ? She’l b perfect 👍. Thanx

John Abraham: I'm so sorry to hear that, Neyha. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you recover soon, Kriti. Sending a virtual hug to you. Please take care.

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai.. how are you big brother.. Big Hug:))

John Abraham: I'm fine, Anish, you know it :))

AAKHYAAN : Hello JOHN SIR, I am Aakhyaan from Guwahati. I am an ardent admirer of yours like my Mom . Her name is Dr Monmoyuri . Hope You remember her. My Dad also loves your films. In February we had planned to visit Mumbai to meet U. Flights, hotel were confirmed. Unfortunately didn’t happen. My BIRTHDAY is on 8th April. Need your blessings 🙏. We miss u a lot in Guwahati. Please do visit our home n hometown. Every year I cheer for my favourite team NEUFC along with my Mom n Dad in STADIUM .

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Aakhyaan. Happy Birthday for yesterday and I hope you had a great day :)) I would love to come to Guwahati again but things are difficult right now. Take care. My love to your parents :)

zeinab: wow .hi this is the first time I am writing to you.i do not know I love you and I am patiently waiting to see you wherever you are. please reply to the message. dear john . I wish I was India and saw you up close

John Abraham: You're very sweet, Zeinab, thank you :)

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, I was curious to talk to u here. I watched Mumbai Saga on Saturday. Yippee ! It was fantastic JA. I am super happy for u. 😊 There were quite a few times wen u started the dialogue on screen n I completed it on my chair. Ha ha I was super excited. I brought the poster home as well. 😜 I salute ur hard work. Mazza Agaya. Best wishes for the next 👍👍

John Abraham: Thanks, Neyha, much appreciated :))

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello Sir, Mumbai Saga movie is excellent. your entry and look is super. awesome movie sir. you are always and best of luck for SMJ2. Thank you Sir

John Abraham: Thanks, Vaibhavi :))

Amit Kumar SHANU : Hi JOHN sir 🙏 first of all I am a huge fan of your ethic, desciple, personality and your kindness and I love bikes like you even though I have start savings for my superbike. . You are uniqe and your are just....... Speechless. I have seen your all videos on YouTube regarding fitness, bikes etc. My question is which routine you follow in your workout routine..? And how to maximize muscle growth like you. Share your valuable experience bd suggestions.

John Abraham: Hi Amit. My diet and workout varies depending on the look I am trying to create. But if you want to build muscle mass then you need to make sure you're taking on enough calories in the form of protein to build muscle and be consistent in your weight training. I hope that helps. All the best :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, saw Mumbai Saga today.. I just loved the film,, your acting skills are oustanding and lively.. Love you big brother.. Love you Amartya rao :)) Hoping to see you soon

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, Anish, it means a lot :)

nasim: Hello Sir! Many many congrats for pathan, mumbai saga, ek villain returns, satyamev jayate 2, hera pheri 3 and rocky handsome 2. Kindly tell me how to win over a girl's heart????

John Abraham: Thanks Nasim, but as for a winning girl's heart, just be courteous, supportive and kind. It'll happen if it's meant to be. Best of luck :)

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John, your action scenes was superb. Once opun a time when i get hurt by seeing Emran hashmi blast in hamari adhuri kahani 🥺🥺🥺but after seeing Mumbai saga climax i got satisfied with hamari adhuri kahani hisab baraber.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣Love you always..jeety raho ❤️❤️❤️❤️

John Abraham: Thanks Sakina :))

Ekansh Sharma: Hi John Sir, Really looking forward to watch your Movie "Mumbai Saga" this Sunday, sir I've been following you since Dhoom. You're my favorite.

John Abraham: So sweet, thank you Ekansh :)

Tanima Kundu: Hi John, watched Mumbai saga first day first show, cant delineate how amazing ut was, I am a t a loss for words. Loved it to the core, specially climax scene blew my mind. Your acting, what to say as always captivating, the plot story, your actions, your emotions everything just fantastic. Will watch it again. Best wishes. Take care.

John Abraham: Glad you enjoyed it, Tanima :))

Shiv: Hi John, Wishing you all the very best for Mumbai Saga, Attack, SJ2 and Pathan. Just had a question when is Mumbai Saga releasing on the ott platform since there's a risk going to theaters during such a pandemic.

John Abraham: Thanks, but I can't answer that yet, Shiv. So sorry.

Lovely: Jai Hind, John sir how are you? finally you are back in big screen after a long time.i hope Mumbai saga comes with new heights, success and fantastic things for your carrier.i watched the trailer and songs of Mumbai saga. it's Vry fantastic. John sir you looks vry different these days.bst of luck👍for Mumbai saga,take care.🙂

John Abraham: Thanks Lovely. You take care too :)

Tanima Kundu: Hi, finally the wait is going to be over, cant wait to catch Mumbai Saga first day first show. Happiness knows no bounds as will see ur movie in theatres after such a long time. All the very best. You'll rock. Take care. :)

DR MONMOYURI : Hi JOHN, I know these days have been hectic for U. Shooting for a film. Dubbing for another, Promoting MUMBAI SAGA .I know U love working so never feel tired BUT take care of ur health. Health is above all. And Grateful,U like myTWEETS. Sharing my basic Emotions, I become happy when I get likes from U n Sad when I don’t. I’ve recovered well. Excited to See U on big Screen this weekend. Love n Luck to U n Entire team of Mumbai Saga. Must say looking very Promising. Love u lots HANDSOME GANGSTER

John Abraham: Thanks for your concern, Monmoyuri. I'm glad you're doing well now. Health is everything :)

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello Sir, Hope you and your family are safe during this pandemic situation. i am very excited about your new movie "Mumbai Saga"..... Best of Luck Sir for Mumbai Saga..... Stay Safe

John Abraham: Thank so much, Vaibhavi. You stay safe too :))

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA , see u at the cinemas. 😊 #JohnKaGang 👍👍 Take care

John Abraham: Thank you Neyha :))

Mawluda Y: I am so happy,that I can watch new films before long, this is my motivation.I study hard everyday.Nothing else, just miss you VERY much(By the way, I have been listening to you song every day , and hope to hear you sing again.).ALL THE BEST-^3^-

John Abraham: Good to hear you're concentrating on your studies, Mawluda. That's very important. Best wishes to you :))

albert nelson: Hi John best wishes for your upcoming movie...

John Abraham: Thank you, Albert, so kind :)

Sakina Yousaf: hi John , wishing you all the best for Mumbai saga and all other projects. but sorry to say I'm not well, I don't know when life will be okey. missing internal peace and power. best of luck from weakest girl now .. 🥺

John Abraham: So sorry to hear that, Sakina. Please get well soon. Sending a hug :)

chaitanya sukre: Love u my fitness idol.. Going on to transform myself to become fully lean and muscular.. It's my birthday on 13th march need your blessing... And it's was great meeting u that day.. U are a gem of person.. Eagerly waiting for mumbai saga.. You are the best. Love u

John Abraham: Happy birthday for 13th March, Chaitanya. I wish you all the best. Have a great day :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, the song "O Bappa Mprya" from Mumbai saga is so energetic

John Abraham: Thanks, Anish :)

DR MONMOYURI : Saying thank U is really not enough JOHN, I’m truly blessed. Your Get well wishes - MY PANACEA. Really Grateful for taking the time out to wish me despite being so BUSY. I didn’t know ANISH would be making that video. OVERWHELMED to get a video get-well message from U which is UNBELIEVABLY helping me to bear the pain. Also would like to thank Minnakshi for wishing me on your be half. Love U JOHN from the core of my heart. Praying for your HAPPINESS n SUCCESS in every stage of life. REGARDS🙏

John Abraham: My pleasure Monmoyuri, I hope you're recovering well. Sending a big hug. Take care :))

Indu k: Hi John.. thanks for making these songs more beautiful.. lagan laagi tumse mann ki lagan, paaniyon sa, hai junoon, awarapan, ae meri zindagi.. these are forever classics.. i hope you love and cherish them a lot... lots of love !!

John Abraham: I do, Indu. And thank you :))

Raftie Rima: Dear John, Hope you're keeping well and safe. I'm so excited about Mumbai Saga and its theatrical release! Trailer looks fantastic! Hope and pray it is a huge success for you and the team.The audience has been deprived of the whole 'night at the movies' experience in the last year, so thank you for bringing that joy back :) Lots of love as always, stay safe and careful

John Abraham: Thank you, Rima. You stay safe too :))

Md Arman: Hi john sir... God bless you and I can say you that what is the releasing date of teaser of Pathan are you working with Shahrukh Khan sir.. Is that confirm...??

John Abraham: Sorry, I can't speak about that for now. :)

Yavor Velinov: Hi John.It's your big fan from Bulgaria.I hope you stay safe and well.Just wanted to say again that you are my hero

John Abraham: Thanks, Yavor. Take care and stay safe too. All the best :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Fantastic trailer!!! Very interesting what is the story behind your character! Positive or negative! So impressed and excited! I love you very much!!!

John Abraham: Thank you Assel, so sweet :))

sakina: Hi John, you are my favorite since 2006, now I'm 25 and proposal is here for me. Just say love you once i would be on seventh sky..plz plz plz and wish me good fortune for lifetime. lots of prayers and best wishes for you ❣️🙏

John Abraham: I wish you all the best, Sakina. Take care and be happy always :))

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai, the Trailer of "Mumbai Saga" looks Awesome.. loved it. " Amartya Rao" is going to set the stage on fire.. Love you John bhai :))

John Abraham: Thanks Anish. Always good to hear :)

Alia: Hi John omg 😱 I saw the trailer of MumbaiSaga awesome 👏🏻 I have to say that you look so hot 🙊I just can’t wait to see MumbaiSaga and Attack and SMJ2 love you ❤️Take care

John Abraham: Thanks Alia, you take care too :))

Mehtaz: Congrats John!!! You can't imagine how happy we are. First, there's the trailer of Mumbai Saga which is absolutely mind-blowing. On top of it, NEUFC qualifies for the semi-finals. It simply can't get better than this. Loads of love

John Abraham: Many thanks, Mehtaz. Good times :))


John Abraham: Thanks Tejashree. Much appreciated. Stay safe :)

Arman: Hi john sir... Jumma mubarak I can see your teaser of Mumbai saga soo much good and soo much action and I can waiting to see you soon in the cinema back with lockdown almost 1 year... Soo best of luck sir for all movies good bless you.. .

John Abraham: Thanks Arman. That means a lot. All the best to you :))

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA, I am so happy to hear bout MUMBAI SAGA theatre release. Hoping for a very good year for all of us. I feel so proud to be your admirer when I see ur shoot glimpses. Congratulations for the new projects and best wishes always. 💐💐

John Abraham: Thanks Neyha. So sweet :))

Bodhisatwa Banerjee: Hi John, thank you for making Mumbai Saga to the theaters I have seen the posters today cant wait to see the film. I know that the teaser will be out tomorrow but I've loved it. And I knew that the reports of releasing the movie on an OTT platform was just a rumor. Mumbai Saga is meant only for the theatres. Cant wait to see it

John Abraham: I hope you enjoy it, Bodhisatwa. :))

Tanima Kundu: Hi, I hope you're doing good. I am so so happy to see news of your movie. I was working in office and watching ur movie in break and then saw your post, cant explain but my happiness knows no bounds. All d best to you, I wish you great achievements. Impatiently waiting to watch you in big screen. Keep rocking.. keep smiling. Take care :)

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Tanima :)

Mj John: Hi John sir.I am Mj John..one crazy fan of yours from Kolkata.My life is completely inspired by you sir.I am 22years old n want to take up modelling as my career.Pls give me tips to help my body grow for it accordingly.Thanks n lots of Love..

John Abraham: Hi MJ. The first thing to tell you is that to be a successful male model you need to be a specific height. If you are under 180 cm it will be difficult because designers like a tall frame. I hope that helps.

Indu: Hi John.. heard about the injury.. dedication can be demanding sometimes.. do take care and get well soon !! Lots of love !!

John Abraham: I'm fine, Indu. Thanks for your concern. :)

mukhtar Ali: Hi John I am mukhtar from pakistan and a big fan of your health and fitness regime. I just wanted to ask if you can help me get in shape or at least put me on the right track so i can take it from there. I completely understand if that is not a possibility and i have read whatever is available on the website. Thank you.

John Abraham: Hi Mukhtar, I'm sorry I can't mentor you in person but if you give me some idea what your goals are I might be able to make some more specific suggestions to help you. :)

Saptarshi Sinha: Hello John Sir! I hope my message finds you in the best of health and spirit. I can’t wait for June to come any sooner, I’m super excited for Mumbai Saga! With that being said, my birthday is on February 20. Would be kind enough to bless me on my special day? The last four years of my life have been absolutely fantastic, and that’s all because of your special birthday wishes every year! God bless you, dearest Sir. :) And as always, Rock The Party! 🥳

John Abraham: Happy birthday for the 20th, Saptarshi. I hope you have a great day. Take care and all the best :))

Neyha Sharma: Hi JA, When I write to you I often talk about my little girl Raavya. She’s also very fond of you just like her crazy mum. It’s her birthday on the 20th feb. Can you please bless her? Thnx

John Abraham: Hi Raavya. I heard that it is a very special day on 20th February. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a really lovely day. Sending a BIG birthday hug :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, please be safe

John Abraham: I always try to, Anish. Take care :)

Sakina: Hi John , its Sakina from Pakistan.I saw your actions and bleeding . I love your action but can't see you bleeding. so please take care while shooting fight scene because when you get hurt i feel the same pain.. 🙏🤗❤️ lots of love and prayers for you ❤️🤲😇jeety raho Piyare John 🤗

John Abraham: You're very sweet, Sakina. Please don't be upset. I'm fine :))

Safa: Hii i cant wait for your new movies to come out soon i am so happy for you and i hope you are safe and doing well. I love you so muchh :))

John Abraham: I'm fine, Safa, thank you :))

Bodhisatwa Banerjee: Dear John sir, I,ve heard that Mumbai saga will be releasing in the OTT platform. I wanted to be released it in the theatres. Its alright but please release it very soon I cant wait to see Mumbai Saga

John Abraham: Hi Bodhisatwa. We all would have preferred a theatrical release but these are difficult times for the industry and some tough decisions had to be made. I hope you enjoy the film online. All the best to you :)

Indu k: So glad to know you will be the villain in a thriller.. you'll rock it as the sexiest villain in the world... Lots of love !!

John Abraham: Thank you Indu. It's fun to be villainous on screen :))

KRITI: Hey JOHN my love how r u?This Feb 12th is my Birthday.jst need ur love,blessings

John Abraham: Happy birthday, Kriti. I hope you have a super day. Lots of love. Take care :))