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Pranav JACIFAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!! Sir its been 26 days Batla House has released, all my colleagues, friends

Shiv: Hi John could you please tell me what should I eat before and after a proper workout .

Mohan: Hi John Abraham sir, hope you are well

Crystal : Hi John, So I was watching kabir singh today and I dont know why you were not casted instead of shahid. You would have done justice to the character. I hope you did not refuse the role. Dude the role was cut out for you. With lots of love Crystal from Canada

Nisha R: Thank You J for replying to my message. J I have a habit of writing, and collecting good thoughts from people. Thought to share with u once in a week. Can I? Today's Affirmation :You can't give your life more time, so give the time you have left more life.

Nisha R: Hi J how are you? The song "couple chupke" is still very fresh in mind , where deep down I knew that their is something magnetic in ur talent n that someday u will be recognized. And till today my mom says I guessed it right. Haven't seen much of movies, except for Dhoom, Satyamev jayete . I guess after parmanu u r doing superb. I have watched more interviews of urs then ur movies, as in movie we act but not in interview, n hats off for your loyalty. With Akki sir u r so comfortable.

John Abraham: Thank you Nisha. Such a sweet message. All the best to you :))

Nisha R: Sir, plz start your app n YouTube AC. Plz give our regards to ur Mom. Love her.. Take care J.

Rajeev gunjal : Hello my inspiration JA sir today is my birthday can you wish me please i am your big fan

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Rajeev. I think I've missed the day but I hope it was special. Best wishes to you :))

Shipra: Hi Sir, I wish I could meet you someday. You are a big inspiration of today's youth. Love you. :* I have become a big fan of you since 2018 and watched all your films many times. I wanted to ask you if you can make a movie over rain water harvesting as well as using the technology for generation of electricity using sea water. Also, 1 movie over the character of Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel. You look for social issues these days so thought you can give a look over these. Proud of you. :) :)

John Abraham: HI Shipra. Yes, the environment and the conservation of water is very important to me. Thanks for your suggestions. :))

Rajeev gunjal : Hello John sir my inspiration love you sir waiting for pagalpanti movie ๐Ÿ™

YUN: dear jai John I have been watching your movie recently, itโ€™s really great, ย  The perfect person like you Is it out of reach?

VICKY JAFCIANS: Hye THE ACTION ABRAHAM .. I m really excited for new stuff of ECKO UNLTD . I wear only ecko as like you even I promote also on social media and A request to you sir Tomorrow is my best friend's (GARIMA) Birthday plz wish her ... Love from all JAFCIANS

John Abraham: I wish you a very Happy Birthday Garima. I hope you have a great day. All the best :))

RiteshJohn: Happy Teachers Day to my guru JA Sir who always inspire me and lucky to have you as a guide i really miss you Sir Just waiting for pagalpanti poster so that we can start our promotion with the help of poster and i am so proud to be your fans and congratulations to you our First movie Batla House will entering in 100 cr proud moment for us Thank you for making such movies and i really miss you and mummy too please take care of our JA entertainment and our Abraham Family LOVE YOU SO MUCH Ritesh

John Abraham: Such a sweet message, Ritesh, thank you. :))

Shravani: Hi John! I unfortunately couldn't watch Batla House since I'm in Australia (waiting for it to come out on Netflix/Amazon to buy), but I've seen the trailer literally 50 times! It looks so good!! Just a couple of questions, please reply :) Are you planning on doing a Desi Boyz 2, Dishoom 2, Force 3, SMJ 2, Rocky Handsome 2? Would absolutely love to see a sequel to those movies! Please take it into consideration :) Love from Australia - Shravani

John Abraham: Hi Shravani. Out of that list only SMJ2 is definitely going ahead at present. But I would love to revisit the Dishoom and Desi Boyz characters. It's great fun shooting with good friends. :))

ramesh: Hai John, I watched all Photos and videos you posted on Instagram I am a big fan of you and your cute Bailey

John Abraham: Thanks Ramesh. I'll give Bailey a hug from you :))

Divya : Hi John, there's only one word to describe Batla house - winner! From the beginning to the end it's fantastic! I'm eagerly waiting for your next movie ๐ŸŽฌ

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Divya. All the best :))

Rahul Purohit: Jay Hind sir...Romeo Akbar Walter movie my Akbar look out now !! Thank you sir .being_john_666

John Abraham: Thank you Rahul :))

Aliza: Hi John, "Aetbaar" was one of my favourite movies of yours,The acting you have done in that is mind blowing! I think, nobody can pull off such roles better than you..

John Abraham: Thank you Aliza. :))

Rajeev Gunjal : Hello john sir i have one request please start your YouTube channel for sharing some fitness tips and sir Batla house movie is mind blowing that one scene when you crash the cell phone is amazing people starting shouting then i fill confident that i am the fan of this man thanku for such an amazing movie my inspiration my ideal my motivation Love you all from Kota, Rajasthan JA sir you fan Rajeev gunjal

VICKY JAFCIANS: HEY THE ACTION ABRAHAM, I wanted to increase my weight, I managed my diet and my workout and then I increased my weight to 4 kg, but now I have to increase my weight 5 kg more but now my abs are slowly disappearing, so what should I do now ? and i showed your reply to my father and he was super happy and his happiness means a lot to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH .... LOVE YOU FROM ALL JAFCIANS.....

John Abraham: Hi Vicky. Defined abs are always tricky because they are very reliant on a low body fat percentage to show. As men, we tend to store most unused fat on the stomach so if you get the slightest bit careless with your diet the abs will be the first to be obscured. Muscles do need calories to grow but take another look at your diet, the carbs in particular, and check you aren't overeating. Cardio is the best way to burn fat, so maybe up that in your regime. I wish you all the best. And good wishes to all the JAFCIANS too :))

Vaibhavi Nande : Hello John Sir, Me and my family watch "Batla House" really awesome movie. we all are enjoy lot. and best wishes for your upcoming movie "Pagalpanti"

John Abraham: Thank you Vaibhavi. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :))

Matinder Paul Singh: Hey John, I'm a big admirer of you and your lifestyle. I am loving your movies, the content you are choosing and the way you are acting, it's really amazing.

John Abraham: Thanks Matinder. So sweet :))

Rj Shreeti FJ: Hey john its Shreeti, I ma a big fan of yours.

John Abraham: That's great, Shreeti, thank you :)

Swayamsiddha : Hi john.How r u.Hope u doing well.My heartly congratulations to you for the success of Batla house.I was much excited for the movie but unfortunately that day came but I couldn't watch this due to the knee replacement surgery of my mother in law.she is in the hospital.But m very happy to know the reviews about the movie.For the 1st time I missed ur film.Still now m watching the trailer n it crossed 50 times.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜God bless you my superstar.

John Abraham: I'm sorry to hear that, Swayamsiddha. Please give my best wishes to your mother in law. I hope she's recovered now. I'm sure she was grateful for your support. Best wishes to you and your family :))

Afzal Shaikh: Hi John, Hope you are doing good.. saw your video with Mumbaikar Nikhil and came to knew about your upcoming project based on Isle Of Men TT.. I am very excited and looking forward for it.. all the best.. you are awesome bro..

John Abraham: Yes we are all very excited for it, Afzal. It starts shooting next year. I'm sure you'll like it :)

Gaurav : Hi John, I just watched BH, Never got a chance to compliment for your work. You have been persistent through your performances from past films and even now. It's always great to watch you! Keep doing amazing work

John Abraham: Thank you Gaurav. So kind :))

Anirudh jassy: hello john i wish that i can meet you and take a selfie with you i really hope that i can come to your movie and get a full access ticket so i can meet you

Manjil Thapa: Great Great Great fan of your bro from nepal but now i am here in juhu just wanna see you.


John Abraham: That's great, Vicky. My best wishes to you and your dad :))

Vaibhavi Nande : Hi John sir, "Batla House" movie is really awesome your role is really appreciated sir salute you.my papa is also police officer and he had investigated a case in surat gujarat and that case culprit was hanged and my papa was appreciated to all gujarat. i feel proud to my papa and you too sir. you are the best and greatest.

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, saw Batla house with my family, let me tell you we loved the movie.. such a master piece it is.. Well played ACP Sanjay Kumar.. I have also written a card for you which I wish to give it to you . I will come to your office to give you that card and also a big tight hug.. I will always love you and support you John bhai.. lots of love and respect big brother.. Regards-Anish Korgaonkar

Dr Monmoyuri: Movies like this... it was truly a challenging but VERY DEFINING role for you. Kudos! You did it flawlessly ! 'Batla house' is so much more than just a thriller. I always believe It's your SINCERITY and PASSION for work that proved to be the most POWERFUL WEAPON for you to success. May you have abundance of success,health, wealth, prosperity and HAPPINESS. Take care

John Abraham: Thank you, Monmoyuri. I am really glad you liked it. It took a lot of work. Best wishes to you :)

Dr Monmoyuri: ......till the very end. Kept me so intrigued that it didn't let me blink even for a second. I actually don't have words to explain. Fall short of words.Truly to have seen such a 'Masterpiece' in theatre is WORTHWHILE. I am SO proud of you JOHN. You have really set your benchmark to another level. I am very happy for the love and appreciation you are getting from audiences and the critics as well. Congratulations on adding one more feather to your cap !! May God give you the grace to do more....

Dr Monmoyuri: Hi John, I went to see Batla House on the first day itself with family despite heavy Rainfall

Chan: i am very impressed with your movies and request you to make a movie with reference to Mumbai attacks specially nariman house resue.

Aliza: Hi John, I am a die hard fan of yours from karachi,Pakistan! I'm obsessed watching your films and interviews.You are very handsome

John Abraham: That you, Aliza. That's so sweet :))

Jitesh: Loved batla house Hope it reaches 100 crore mark I believe that RAW was an underrated movie and you were fantastic in it I think you should work on your PR

Deepika Yadav: Hi John Sir!! I wish I could meet you in real... I'm your biggest fan.. since I watched Dostana.. I just love you so much... I wish my dream come true... Watched your Batla house.. superb acting sir๐Ÿ˜Š

TEJASHREE REDDY: Love u John.....

Dhaval Panchasara: Sir big big big fan of you whenever i visit mumbai i tried to meet you but i can't bcz of your security i hope i can meet you(my idol) once in my life thanks...

Raftie Divya : A very happy Parsi New Year to you and your family ๐Ÿ˜Š Stay blessed always!

John Abraham: Thank you Divya. You too :))

PRIYA SAINI: Watched Batla House today.Edge of the seat thriller, intense, simply fantastic narrative which makes one ponder over things. There were several moments which drew loud cheers and there were whistles and claps - that scene where the cell phone is crushed, then the court room scene when the defense lawyer is rendered speechless. PS: I could have met u for 2nd time had the Delhi event(12Aug) not got cancelled. Had prepared something to present you as a token of love, respect. Hopefully some day!


John Abraham: Thank you Pranav. :))

Vijeta : Omg i just love you, u r my first crush, you wont believe me if i tell u that i have seen movie jism more than 30 times n your song awarapan is always on my repeat mode. i just love you, eagerly waiting to watch batla house, wishing you tons of luck and love always. my brother used to stay in banglaore he told me once that he has seen you, coz you use to stay near his house. i am die hard fan sitting far far far away, sending you hugs, love and wishes all the way from Zambia.

Ishani: John sir u are my hero. I saw your batla house yesterday ...it's fabulous

John Abraham: Thank you, Ishani. So sweet :))

Raftie Divya : Hi John, I don't need to wish you all the best for Batla house because it is a winner and it will do exceedingly well. I am super excited to see you in Kapil's show tomorrow. You are my happiness! You make me smile when I am down in the dumps. You mean the world to me โ˜บ

John Abraham: I'm glad I can make you smile, Divya. Please take care :))

ramesh: Hi John I wish all success your movie batla house.loveuuuuuuuu

John Abraham: Thank you Ramesh :))

Vinay Kumar V: Bro..I love you since i have watched Dhoom and these days been watching all of your movies which shows a difference with the other films, I rarely watch movies, but i swear i liked all your movies since Force, Force 2, Madras Cafe, Parmanu, Shootout at Wadala etc..Wishing you huge success above all..If Luck permits will meet you (and express my dream of happiness) in my lifetime for sure.

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Vinay. So kind :)

Tejal Tank: Hello John.... M Tejal Tank from Ahmedabad Gujarat. m good fan of U actually i impressed your simpleness your nature and yes of course your Body

John Abraham: So kind, Tejal. Thank you :))

Shahzad jafcins : May Allah bless you and your family with love and prosperity. #EidMubarak # john sir

John Abraham: Thanks Shahzad. My best wishes to you and all the JAFCIANS :)