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Shiv: Hey John, thank you so much for being very kind to me and saying hi, I really appreciate it. I wish you all the best and safe travels back home :)

Tanishq Chandravanshi: Hey John, I am your biggest fan. I have seen rocky handsome 20 times in 8 days and 3 times in day when i saw it first time. I am a great fan of your action too.

Dr Mrs Monmoyuri : Hello John, 19th November is my marriage anniversary. Few words for me and for my husband on our marriage anniversary . I will be so happy.

John Abraham: Hi Monmoyuri. Wishing you and your husband a very VERY happy anniversary. I hope you have many happy years more. All the best :))

Aditya k: Sir, we are starting work on a short film titled bullet. it releases in april.your best wishes please! i will send you the link once it releases sir.

John Abraham: Wow.. Best wishes for your film, Aditya. I hope you have great success with it :)

Aditya K: Hello john sir, I texted you today to tell a big thanks for the advice regarding my career.Finally i have spoken to many people, including you, and decided upon a good solution such that i will put in all the effort to become an actor and i will try until i succeed but worst case, thanks t your advice i have a Backup profession now. One more thing, i am planning my entry into the industry by the time i am 20/22 as a model and slowly venture into bollywood.(a bit of advice on the age please sir.)

Shahanshah Alam: Hiii....Sir I m ur biggest fan... And I want to meet u once...plssss sir

Pooja Chauhan: Hi John, it's been a year since I last wrote you and it was kind of you to reply. Sorry about this one though, for it is a selfish message. I'm in a really dark place in life right now. Can't talk about it over here but things are difficult. Sometimes I watch your interviews and I feel company of a friend, rather than a celebrity or a stranger. It doesn't make sense but you kinda help me being okay. So I just wanted to say thank you..for being around. How I wish I had a real friend in you John..

John Abraham: So sorry to hear you're feeling low, Pooja. I hope you feel better soon. Sending a big hug to you. Take care.

Arash Verma: Hi JA , i am your fan from Punjab,India.Being straight to the topic i have been ur fan from ur acting career and I very strongly wanted to be a part of bollywood as an actor. But to be perfect and get selected in Bollywood I need to work as a model like you to fulfill my expenses for building physique on the way and getting acting knowledge and all but i dont have any guidance to start my career in these fields.I would be eagerly waiting for your guidance on my email.It would be ur great favour.

John Abraham: Hi Arash. If modelling is the path you want to take into acting then the first thing to do is check that you're the right height. Agencies vary but the minimum for a male model is usually 5ft 11 inches. The next thing you need to do is get some decent photos taken of yourself so you can show those agencies. They'll need to see if you photograph well or not. I hope that helps. Best of luck to you :)

Syifa Apriani: Hi john, i am your fan from Indonesia. i will getting married next year, would you please say something and pray for me.. i love you. thank you

John Abraham: All the best to you, Syifa. I hope you have many happy years of marriage :))

Dr Mrs Monmoyuri Mahanta: Hi John, You have always been enthusiastic and passionate about football . Football has always been the love of your life . Hard work, dedication and determination by you and your team will pay back with a victory this season and things will be in your favour . Wishing all the luck and good wishes. It's not only about winning and losing; it's about thriving on a challenge. Much hopeful for EXCITING and INTERESTING matches by NEUFC this season . Be Optimistic , Have Faith. Long live NEUFC.

Ritesh Barathe : hello john sir, tommorow is my birthday on 14th November please wish me sir i will be so happy your big cray fan Ritesh and i am also eagerly waiting for your birthday on 17th December your one cute smile is everything for me i'll pray to god to keep u happy always love you john sir alot

John Abraham: So sorry I missed your birthday, Ritesh. I hope you had a great day. Please accept my belated wishes :)

Manisha Kumar: Hi John, This is Manisha here again. Thank you for your reply, it made my day, as always! I also really hope to meet you there too, just so you know who I am from the crowd at the show... i will be holding a blue rose (I hope no one else comes with a blue rose too haha) I have chosen blue, because that's my favorite colour, and I have read somewhere that you don't have a favorite colour. - Is that true? I can't believe I will be seeing you in 5 days! The count down begins! Love Manisha Kumar

Divya : Hi John, thank you so much for your wishes. It made my bday special and complete. Otherwise, my birthday 🎂 would have been incomplete.

Arjit Taneja: Hello John sir ,. Sir actually I want to ask that thus I am only of 14 of age but I want to stay healthy so plz can you give me some diet plan or tips Thanks

John Abraham: Hi Arjit. It's never too early to start eating healthily. Just try to stay away from too many sweets and fried foods. It's ok to have a treat once in a while but try not to overdo it. Avoid aerated drinks completely though, as they are almost pure sugar. Avoid adding extra salt to your food too. As for exercise, just get away from your phone or laptop sometimes and play a sport with your friends. The earlier you get into good habits the easier they will be to stick to once you get older. I hope that helps :)

Deepa wadhwa: Hi John Good evening Happy winters . I am also waiting for your movie Good Luck Handsome covey my love and regards to your family and lovely pets miss u .

Abhimanyu yadav: hi sir, i am your big fan from Nepal, my dream is to meet u once in my life

shafi mukadam: hi sir john i am your big big fan you are my ideal in fitness

pulkit: i am your fan john....lot of people still waiting your next movie.....we all support you....your next movie definitely will be block buster.......

John Abraham: Thank you so much, Pulkit. I hope so :)

Divya : Hi John, it's my birthday tomorrow - November 9. Would you be kind to wish me please? I'll be very happy 😊

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Divya. I hope you have a very wonderful day. Sending a big hug to you :))

Sakina: Hi john , hope you will be fine. I don't know why life become miserable. Nothing is going ok but I'm waiting something great to be happen :') Sometime I just got disappointed that why will be all set and amazing. Need something positive from you because mine positivity is almost over.. :'(

John Abraham: So sorry to hear you're feeling low, Sakina. All I can say is that we all feel that way sometimes, for different reasons. I'm sure it will pass. In the meantime, instead of waiting for something great to happen, why not try making it happen yourself. Some of the best opportunities that come our way are those we make for ourselves. I hope that helps. Please take care.

YURI: Hi John,I feel so good to receive a reply from you. Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

Ritesh Barathe: Hello john sir, You are the most handsome and cute and sweet and serious at the same time!! I love your personality all in one love you so wish i was a part of your team that would have been best thing of my life !! you are so talented and hard working keep it up and love you and respect you john sir from your big jabra fan Ritesh love u always sir

John Abraham: Thank you Ritesh. That's so sweet of you :))

Arjit Taneja: Hi John sir nice to see you do you remembered me actually in real I am real brother of Abhishek Karan Taneja He is a die hard fan of you he follows your personality your routine if you remembered that he came to meet you at Mysore during your shooting of parmanu the story of pokhran he is now at Canada doing MBA first year at Vancouver plz sir pray for him And all d best u for you and your team for parmanu the story of pokhran and all upcoming films

John Abraham: Thanks for the update, Arjit, and for your kind wishes. All the very best to you and Abhishek. :)

Deepak Sharma: Hi, John how are you i am Deepak Sharma from Bhopal big fan of yours....

John Abraham: I'm fine, Deepak. I hope you are too :)

Ambarish : Hi John, This is Ambarish. I am an IT consultant working for a software company. I truly believe and consider you as the most decent

Munisha: Hey, u know how u are coming to Sydney on Saturday. I would like to make a request that you should come visit Canberra too. Thank You

Manisha Kumar: HI John, This is Manisha here again. I cannot believe your show is only 12 days away!! I am super excited to see you. I really hope and pray I get to actually meet you and greet you this time around, as last time in February I wasn't able to . I again have purchased the VIP Tickets hahaha obviously by the sound of this you can tell I will do anything to just meet you and have a photo with you. I can't wait to see you. Lots of Love, Manisha XXXX

John Abraham: Hi Manisha. I hope all goes well this time. Hope to see you there :))

Ashish Kumar: Hello Sir, Your biggest fan here. The reason I am writing to you is one of my best friend Apoorva's birthday is on 12th of this month. She has been your biggest fan ever since she saw you for the first time. I know how much you mean to her. And a Birthday wish from you would make her day and I couldn't think of any surprise better than this. Its my humble request, if you could take some time out of your very busy schedule and write 2 lines for her. This would make her day. You are the best.

John Abraham: Hi Ashish. You're a kind friend :) This is for Apoorva. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Apoorva. All the very best you on your special day. Sending a big hug. :))

Lakshya Bahl: Hello Sir, For modelling which kind of physique is better- lean well toned or bulky muscular????..Please advise.

John Abraham: Hi Lakshya. It depends. For fashion modelling, lean is preferred. But there is such a thing as fitness modelling, for which you could get away with a bulkier physique. I hope that helps :)

Vijetha: Sir I am Biggest Fan of u ...as ur biggest fan and love for animals

Divyansh Thakur: Hi John satisfied by your answer last time, hope you have identified me on twitter and you have liked my tweet, but I am still having one question that now a days I have decided my career about Acting. that I also want to become an actor and I am doing very well about that but can you guide me so that I can find better pathway and reach to my success.....

DR BILAL MOMIN: hi. john.good morning,hope you will be healthy and very well.waiting for your next film pokhran.,good luck and best wishes

Dr Mrs Monmoyuri Mahanta: Hi John, I really Appreciate that in spite of being so busy u took out time to write and made me fortunate enough. Thanks for ur kind Words. You are a fantastic Actor. Most importantly your movies do have Content. PARMANU is much Awaited . My heartfelt wishes to you for all your upcoming Projects. I am very much hopeful for few more words from you as your words r always soothing for me.

John Abraham: Thank you, Monmoyuri. So sweet of you :)

Kumar SSaksham: Just wanna know the best diet to become fit , ofc like u ...

jessy: hi john, you said you drink lots of tea . is that regular or thulasi(basil) tea.. you use honey for tea?

John Abraham: Hi Jessy. I like most types of tea. Green tea is a favourite and I enjoy Thulsi Chai. I like honey as a sweetener because it's more natural but usually I take my tea just on its own :)

Leila Amalka: Good evening dear John! Me and my twin sister love you a lot and today our birthday :-) wish you all the best with Parmanu and waiting it very much! with big love all the best wishes :-)

John Abraham: Happy Birthday to you and your sister, Leila. I hope you both have a great day :)

Yuri: Hi John, Hope u r fine. I always pray to God to keep your faith alive and to help you succeed in every stage of life. Best of luck for Parmanu

John Abraham: Thanks Yuri. So kind of you :)

Deepa wadhwa: Hi ,good evening jhon thanks for replying me. U r really a gem I miss u every day .give kiss to all your lovely pets specially to Bailey. One I will meet u.

Amit Kumar: Hlo sir. Hope you are fine sir. Sir since 2.0 has shifted to April , can we get to see Parmanu on 26 Jan. Sir we all want Parmanu to reach wide audians and so 26 Jan is the perfect date for it

Iveta: Good afternoon John.I'm back again.I want to tell you a great pleasure,that you devoted your time to answer me.I totally agree with everything you said.And for the animals and for the fitness tips.I read very carefully everything of which I did not know.Let's say how to avoid fluid retention.And for the end I would like to tell you..I have learned about your offer to people and animals.I wish you every success in all areas.God always keeps you well.

John Abraham: Hi Iveta. Strangely enough, fluid retention can be lessened by drinking more water on a regular basis. That way, your body will become accustomed to getting plenty and so won't retain it. Too much salt in the diet also contributes to fluid retention, so try to reduce the amount of salt you use in cooking and don't add any to food once it's been served. I hope that helps :)

Kunal Kukreti: Hi john, im a big fan of yours. I Was just watching an old movie of yours lakeer and nostalgia hit me. I really look forward to meet you someday :)

John Abraham: Lakeer? Wow...Very nostalgic, Kunal. I hope you enjoyed it :)

Deepa wadhwa: Hi good evening thanks for reply and sweet kiss from lovely Bailey. I hope one day I will meet my favourite celebrity John and my lovely Bailey because all animals are my friends. and God listens the wishes of true friends. Keep in touch with me. Missing u everyday.

Hadija : Hi jhon am hadija khan from Canada the movies are good nice.

John Abraham: Thank you Hadija. Sending a big hug to Canada :)

Khushal desarda : Hi... Sir I like your style

Divyansh Thakur: Hi. John, thank you for answering me for my question that I have asked before...but I want to ask that should my height increase now at 17, because till now i am 17 and i have 5'8 inches and i want yo grow more but i didn't get enough time to do workout because right now i am in 12 standard and i have to work more to make my future. so please suggest me about that...and how much you have height at 17..thank you

John Abraham: I can't remember exactly, Divyansh, but working out more won't make you grow taller so don't worry about that. Our height is determined by how tall our parents are. Some people don't finish growing till their early 20s so you might get a few more inches. Sorry I can't be more helpful. All the best to you :)

Shwet: Hey john i am your biggest fan. I like ur smile.

Deepanshu Chaudhary: Hello john sir You are my fitness guru. And i really like your body can u plz send me the workout tips and video like

zakir khan: Hi john sir You looking handsome in race 2 And nice dressing style

John Abraham: Thank you, Zakir. Yes, that was a very stylish film. We all had to look good in it :)

Iveta: Hello John.My name is Iveta,and i live in beautiful Greece.I too great love for animals.That is why I am a member of an animal rights activist group.Some time I will come to India.I want to visit it Animal Aid in India.This will happenin the future.Now I would like some tips for fitness.And very simply if we become friends even herein the forum.Thank you very much.

John Abraham: Hi Iveta. It's good to speak up for animal rights because they have no voice of their own. Well done. I hope you get to visit Animal Aid one day. They do great work in India and elsewhere :) If you're interested in fitness, you can find several tips in the Fitness section of this site that might help you. Keep up the good work :))

Dr Monmoyuri Mahanta: Hi John, I m so Delighted to see you and Priya in the Jersey launch of NEUtdFC. I was lucky to meet Priya though incidentally in Radisson blu Guwahati in Nov 2015 during ISL 3 . Had a brief conversation with her about ur knee surgery. I was so impressed with her Simplicity . She has a fantastic personality. Love u both.Please convey my regards to Priya. My dream is to meet you also some day. I hope ur knee is fine now. Please take care while doing stunts.

John Abraham: Thank you Sir. I always try to take care doing stunts but if you want to do convincing action then you have to take the knocks if they come. I try not to take unnecessary risks but accidents do happen. I had a great surgeon and, very importantly, paid strict attention to my rehab so I had a good outcome. Thanks so much for your kind concern. :)