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ibrahim: Hello sir I'm Ibrahim from warangal I have watched the trailor of your movie it was great and u look great in shredded body like gigachad im a gymholic I get lots of motivation and inspiration by watching zyzz aziz shavershian sir videos on YouTube like dont get distracted focus on fitness and bodybuilding kopera channel and calisthenics detected all the fans of you follow your gym routine and diet u have shredded and muscular body sir you look great in movie

John Abraham: Thanks Ibrahim, much appreciated. :)

Raftie Rima: Dear John, I just watched Ek Villain Returns...and wow! You took me through the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings for Bhairav.Honestly I feel this is one of your finest performances and I'm struggling to describe it. But hats off to you-big congratulations to the team and especially you for getting under the skin of the character so superbly.I never saw John...only Bhairav from start to end.May you reach every success with health and happiness.lots of love

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Rima. I am glad you enjoyed it. All the best :)

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai miss you so much hoping to meet you soon my Big Brother

John Abraham: Take care, Anish :)

Anurag Jalan: hello sir i have always look up to you since my childhood love u sir , just a humble fan of yours

John Abraham: That's so sweet. Thank you Anurag :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai i loved Ek villian returns

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Anish :)

Syed Afridi : Hi John Sir...How r u Congratulations for Success of Movie Ekvillainreturns it's beautiful Suspense thriller u Given Such a brilliant performance in negative role as bhairav I was So Excited and watched Movie Ending suspense was Emotion to me urs And Body Always Good super..Love u forever

John Abraham: Thanks, Syed, much appreciated :))

Kshiti Kshirja: Hello John sir!we are the twin athletes from Dehradun.Sir our coach has advised us to take ECAA /BCAA supplements fr better energies n muscle recovery.On consulting our years old paediatrician,he blandly refused to do so.We are 16 yrs old.John Sir pls guide us bcoz our coach n mom think polls apart n we are in a fix!Thanks sir🥰

John Abraham: Hi Kshiti. If your doctor advises against it then I think you should follow his advice. It would be very irresponsible of me to suggest that you go against the guidance of your doctor, especially someone who has known you for years. I wish you both every success. Take care :)

Kriti Kumar: Hey John! Heartiest Congratulations on the success of EVR!Ur performance was just phenomenal..so proud of you John!Ur hardwork n dedication is an inspiration fr all of us! Do take care of you during such heavy duty shooting schedules.Sending love to you from me n all fans in Dehradun !! 💕

John Abraham: Thanks for your concern, Kriti. I always try to be careful :)

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA, Hope u r doing very well. Congratulations on the well deserving success of EVR. 🤗💐 Saturday, Aug 6th is my bday. Will u pls wish me? It’ll make my day more beautiful. 🙃 Love n respect 💕

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 6th August, Neyha. I hope you have a super day :))

IK: Hi John, hope you're doing well. Watched EVR, loved Bhairav and the 🐅. Both being majestic and beautiful at the same time !! Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

John Abraham: Thanks so much Indu :))

Sagar Srivastava : Hello John sir, hope you are all fine and doing well. Sir, I've always looked up to you as my inspiration, my big brother in every phase, but sir as life is full of ups and downs so i wanted to ask you something very off topic that how to move on from someone's memories, the person who leaves you when there's not your fault.

John Abraham: Hi Sagar. There's no easy answer to this. Only time will dull those memories. In the meantime, all you can do is try to occupy your mind with other things. The pain will pass. Stay strong. I wish you all the best.

Himesh Gupta: I have watched your desi boys i really liked your character in that.I hope even I get so many girls following me and stare at me when I dance want to have a body like you..please give me some Tips

John Abraham: Thanks Himesh. I can't give specific tips because I don't know what your starting point is. But be consistent in your workouts and careful with your salt, oil and sugar intake and you should see results. But discipline is key. There are no shortcuts. I wish you all the best.

mirza ibrahim: Hello sir I'm Ibrahim from warangal I'm a big fan of you just watched ekvillain returns trailer and its great and you look amazing in shredded body

John Abraham: Thanks so much Ibrahim. Take care :))

Tom Whittum: I just saw the Instagram post for Ek Villain Returns. Kudos for whomever came up with the tag "In Cinemas This Villaintines Day."

John Abraham: Thanks Tom :)

Shubham goel: Just watched your conversation with ranveer on beerbiceps yesterday. Really sir you are an inspiration for every middle class person that he/she can also achieve what he/she wants. Really you are the most humble person even at this level. God bless you sir. Be happy😊. Always your fan🙏❤️.

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Shubham. Much appreciated. Take care :))

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...Ek villian Trailer Songs and promotions are Rocking well Now the next Song is also Upcoming Good 👍 Now Good to see u with New movie Tehran with Manushi Maam Shooting Going on Good All the best Count down has begin For Ekvillainreturns waiting to watch this movie definitely hit people will love and see u Action Always loves u Forever ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks Syed :))

Ajoy Sutradhar: Hello Sir, I'm Ajoy Sutradhar from Assam. My sister Sangita Roy is big fan of yours. 17th Aug is her birthday can you please make a wish for her. If you wish jst once then she will be very very happy.

John Abraham: Hi Sangita. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Please accept my belated wishes. I hope you had a great day. Lots of love :))

Syed Afridi : Hi John sir..it's good ur doing Anthor Movie Tehran back to back Good 👍..Yesterday Enjoyed ur movie welcomeback it's very comedy Action thriller body was brilliant and force 2 ur Action Car Stunt Super Now waiting for its sequel Force 3 with Sonakshi maam All the best for ur upcoming movie love u forever ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks Syed. All the best to you too :)

Tanima Kundu: Hi, hope you're doing well. Best wishes to you for Ek Villain returns. Eagerly waiting to watch. I took an off from work and watched Shootout At Wadala Dishoom, Taxi no 9211 and 3 versions of yours. It seems unbelievable that this is the same actor. Really extolling your work is difficult. Fantabulous. Am an ardent admirer of yours. May God bless you.

John Abraham: Many thanks, Tanima. Much appreciated :)

Tom Whittum: Been watching all of your Instagram posts. Thank you for sharing. Early morning, here, and I came across Baabul on Amazon Prime (it must be a new addition). Very interesting story line (for those of us non-Indian) and very important to all as it is a universal message. Your portrayal was a key part of the film.

John Abraham: Thanks Tom :)

SYED Afridi: Hi John Sir..Ur big fan here I'm So Excited i watched trailer.the trailer was brilliant it's Good to see u again in Action ur looking So Stylish and ur body Always Good and good to see u opposite disha Maam Good pair and Song was brilliant GalliyanReturns Ur looking so Dashing All the best for Ekvillainreturns love u forever May god bless u more and more ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Syed. Take care :))

Raftie Rima: Dear John, hope you're doing wonderfully.After watching Attack and the trailer and first song of Ek Villain,can I say it's so so sooo good to have you back :) I absolutely love seeing you on the big screen and Attack was a fantastic film.You were made for the part and how :) Ek Villain Returns is intriguing and I can't wait to watch it. Maine tera naam song sounds beautiful and I'm keen to hear that soon. You're what takes me to the cinemas and thank you for it:) Best wishes and love always to y

John Abraham: Thanks for the appreciation Rima. It means a lot. Best wishes to you too :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Loved the trailer of Ek villian returns John bhai it looks super amazing wishing you all the very best

John Abraham: Thanks Anish. Take care :)

Sagar Srivastava: Hello John sir, hope you are all fine.Just fell in love with the trailer of Ek Villain 2 and especially your character in it. Sir, I wanted to ask that how do you manage such great versatility of characters and roles, your transition for different movies? All the best sir, lots of love :)

John Abraham: It's not easy, Sagar, it takes a lot of work studying each character and getting the right look and mindset. I'm glad you appreciate it. Thanks so much :)

IK: Hi John.. ABSolutely Loved it... Could not take eyes off you in the trailer!! Will wait patiently for the movie now ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love!!

John Abraham: Thanks Indu. Love to you too :)

SYED AFRIDI: Hi John sir ur big fan here I'm from dubai lives in India I'm so excited and ready to watch Ekvillainreturns the poster was brilliant good to see u again with Action.. All the best for ur upcoming Movie love u forever ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Syed :))

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Happy Birthday to sweet Sia! Wish her many more yogurt cakes, tasty cheese and chicken :) Big hugs to Bailey! All the best on the work and take care!!! Love You!

John Abraham: I will, Assel. You take care too :)

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai wishing you all the very best for Ek villian returns

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :))

Arman: Hi sir best of luck for pathan and ek villan return and much more projects God bless you bhaijan....

John Abraham: Very kind, thank you Arman :)

IK: Hi John... Can't wait for Ek Villain Returns trailer anymore... Please launch soon ❤️❤️❤️ also, are you roaming around wearing the yellow mask too or just fans and JA team ? Lots of love and hugs !!

John Abraham: The trailer is online now Indu, I hope you like it :)

SyedAfridi: Hi John sir...waiting for movie ekvillainreturns returns ready to watch damm Excited love u forever

John Abraham: Thanks Syed :)

Syed Afridi: Hi John sir.. I watched ur movie Garam masala its very beautiful Comedy movie u given such brilliant performance ur action movie Shootoutatwadala and force give me inspiration love u forever being like u is my Attitude

John Abraham: Much appreciated Syed, thank you :))

Adil: Hi John.... How r you? I hope you are doing well... Eagerly waiting for your ek villain returns😍😍😍 hopefully it will be blockbuster at the box office✌✌... Take care. God bless you❤❤

John Abraham: Thanks Adil. You take care too :)

Ankur anand: Hi John bhai, I have been your fan for a very long time, I loved your work in force, rocky and attack 1, it was an awesome movie and my fav part was Far cry( action RPG) type kill cutscenes, it was fresh and I enjoyed my money's worth and beyond, I am waiting for Attack 2, Seeing you I got inspired and bought, YAMAHA FZS250 for my self and I am loving every day riding it. Film may or may not work at box office bhai but do not hesitate in bringing such fresh content Keep up the good work bhai

John Abraham: I'll try, Ankur. Ride safe! :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hey John Sir!!! Its my sister Ashita's birthday on 22nd please wish her.

John Abraham: HI Ashita, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a great day. :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai wishing you all the love

John Abraham: Thanks Anish :)

arisa: hi john...love from uk.....recently i have watched DOSTANA again as it is my FAVOURITE movie of yours....i also love your fitness tips as it is VERY HONEST and i can see that you value both PHYSICAL and MENTAL health which is very important.....wishing you

John Abraham: Thanks Arisa, you're very sweet :))

Himesh Gupta: Hi John I am biggest fan of yours . your body built is so good that many young boys like me always wanted to be guided by you

John Abraham: Thank you Himesh, that's very kind of you :)

Yavor Velinov: Hey John.It's you biggest fan from Bulgaria-Yavor.Sorry i haven't been active lately,but i lost my mother 4 months ago and it's very difficult,because me and her had very strong bond..Wanted to thank you about your movies and interviews,because watching them you make me smile and forget about the bad things.Your movies made me smile for first time in month.Love you soo much John hope to see you one day..Sedning big hugs i wish you could hug me and even just for a second to take the pain away

John Abraham: I'm very sorry for loss, Yavor. My deepest condolences to you at this awful time. Please take care.

Adrian Yonzon: Gained 10kgs in 2 montgs and bulked up to 81kg as a result..........and all the inspiration came from watching you go about your fitness regime........and also I loved the movie Attack and the vfx and the soundtrack which is motivating me during my workouts even though I wished the movie got the recognition it really deserves......wishing you all the best for Ek Villain Returns

John Abraham: That's awesome news on the gains, Adrian. And thanks for your support. It means a lot. :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai wishing you

John Abraham: Take care, Anish.

Meher Krishnani: I loved the movie Attack. Loved your acting, super good. I am good at guessing, I have already guessed the second part of Attack. Good Luck

John Abraham: Thanks, Meher :))

Indu Kaushik: Hi John .. Deeply saddened to know that the voice behind your first movie song is no more .. God bless KK's soul .. wish you both could have worked on more songs .. Take care .. lots of love !!

John Abraham: Yes, it's a great loss, Indu. Very very sad.

Neyha Sharma: M super happy n proud fan. Yayyyy! I loved it JA. You were outstanding. So attractive, So involved in ur character. The chase scene was phenomenal. It showed up in every scene how confident u were bout the results. LOVE N RESPECT 🤗 #attack

John Abraham: Thank you Neyha, so sweet :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched Attack! So impressed to tears by short tragic love, by incident with Arjun, by incredible new top level of fantastic action, by very interesting unusual original story! Brilliant performance as a super soldier! You are amazing! Big thank you! Jai Hind! Love You!

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Assel. Thanks so much :)

Kushal Patel: Hi John! My family and I, just watched Attack Part 1. It was awesome and so much fun. Please continue to make such films. Can't wait for Part 2 ! Thank you so much.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Kushal, glad you enjoyed it. Best wishes to your family :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai Love you always from the bottom of my Heart :))

John Abraham: Thanks Anish, all the best :)

Kshiti Kshirja: Hello John sir.We are the twin athlete sisters from Dehradun.Since we have a heavy workout schedule we are advised to eat lots of egg whites everyday.What’s ur take on eating eggs during boiling summers sir? Was ur intake the same thru out the year? We are glad to be ur fans sir..Kshiti Kshirja

John Abraham: Hi Kshiti and Kshirja. Obviously take care where your eggs are sourced from. So long as proper hygiene and refrigeration have been followed there shouldn't be any problem. Best wishes to you both. :)

Suresh Bishnoi JA: Hello Baba Your Little Tiger Here Congratulations for celebrating 1years Of Sardar Ka Grandson Produced By JA Entertainment. Can't wait for first look Ek villain Returns Love You Baba. 💪🏻🤘🏻❤️ Never Give Up Pain Is Temporary Pride is Forever. Big Huge 🫂 Please Say To My Hii Sia

John Abraham: I will, Suresh :)

Honey Modi: Hii John sir I'm Honey from Surat Gujarat Your Fan girl My Happy Birthday Today Sir i want your Best wishes and love sir. love you sir 💓

John Abraham: Sorry I missed your birthday, Honey. I hope you had a great day. Sending you a belated hug :)