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Sakina: Hi john, how are you? I am eagerly waiting for Dajdar e Haram . When will you release that ? 😇

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. I know it's a great song. But you'll have be patient. Take care :))

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS: Hello John Sir, I'm your big fan

King JAFCian: Hello sir. I want you to see in a damn awesome killer photoshoot with amazing looks.that new haircut is lit. Trust me. Its been 2 years that we have seen you in hot and handsome or some killer looks on cover page.aap hi socho.please sir at least consider this :) loveyou. king ;)

John Abraham: Thanks King, I will bear it in mind. Its been that long, two years? Wow.... it seems to me like I am always getting in front of the lens. :))

mubarak pasha: hi john sir Satyameva Jayate superb action awesome movie i cant wait and parmanu superb speechless i see movie total 25 times superb god bless you sir love u

John Abraham: 25 times? Wow that is awesome, Mubarak. I'm very humbled. Thank you so much for that great support. Bless you too :))

Divya : You know something, from the past few years I'm unable to see gory crime programs. Even if I read about such things I feel nausea. I don't know why?

John Abraham: I think that's a very natural response, Divya. I am sure many people feel the same.

Nikhil Gawade: John sir.. you are the best.. love you always and God bless you.. have a great day ahead.. All the best for Satyamev Jayate . And PaaniyonSa song is so beautifull...love you sir all time we are excited to see your movies... i m your biggest fan sir god bless you. SMJ WILL BLOCKBUSTER. Waiting for 15 aug

John Abraham: Thank you so much, Nikhil. All the best to you too. :))

Divya : So France are the champs. But I wanted Croatia to win.😞

RAFTIE MONMOYURI: Hi JOHN , the MIRACLE happened. YES, the Surgery was successful without any complication and now getting life back to normal . Today going back home city, Guwahati. Thanks John , for encouraging me through your Words. You are the one with the heart of a gold. 'PANIYON SA ' helped me a lot for fast recovery. Such a BEAUTIFUL and SOOTHING Song.

John Abraham: That's great news, Monmoyuri. I'm very glad you're on the mend. Take rest and have a speedy recovery. I wish you all the best :))

Bhavika: Hi John, My name is Bhavika and I live in California- have you been? I have been a huge fan of yours since your debut in Jism through your inspirational roles like when u discovered you had lung cancer. I find your emotions intense, profound, and well portrayed. I also am a fan of yours because you do not stray from your passion to act, stay in good health, and your love for bikes. Thanks for being an inspirational male role model for my 19 month old son- K.I.T- Bhav—-

John Abraham: Thank you, Bhavika. You're very sweet :)

SOUMYA GHATAK: Hi John..I hope all well..You know few days ago I told my daughter that John uncle had sent u birth day wish..she asked, who is john uncle?..I said, one uncle who exploded 'Paramanu Potka'..she replied I also want to explode 'Paramanu Potka'..I replied ohhh..no..no..no..

John Abraham: Ha ha :))

Prasun: Hi John, Please make a film on dhyanchand and you play his role. Prasun Sharma

dinesh sarvaiya jafacians: hi... sir namsty kem cho

Raftie Pankti: Love John, Hope you doing well. And yes Welcome to Gujarat. I really hope that you are enjoining here and having Fun in Baroda/Vadodara. "MAJA AAVE CHE NE?" ;D Well the rain is quite disturbing. But loving your all new looks for #RAW And now the main thing the song "Paniyo Sa" is just SUPERB. You and Aisha looks so dreamy. Loved the lyrics, chemistry and romance between u both. Please do take care and spending you lots of Love :) Yours' Loving, Raftie Pankti

John Abraham: Thank you Pankti. Yes, it's a lovely song. I'm glad you like it. Love to you and all my rafties :))

Suresh John Bishnoi JAFCIAN: #PaaniyonSa is Amezing Beautiful song to her and all of us are more than JAFCIANS. On Twitter I have spoken to everyone on Twitter and I have been very fond of our fans club. I am very happy on twitter with Following Jafcians friends' All the Best Baba For Satyameva Jayate ..❤❤

Swayamsiddha : Hi john m much excited to watch satyamev jayate.I have seen 20 times the trailer of this film.Really u r a superstar with full of action.15th aug is my momma's birthday n smj is released.But my momma is not well.she is on dialysis.both of her kidneys r damaged.pray for my momma😢😢.loads of luv from odisha bhubaneswar n from me.

John Abraham: Im so sorry to hear your mom is unwell. Please give her a big BIG hug from me. I wish her a very Happy Birthday for 15th August. And thank you for liking the trailer so much. Thats very kind :)

aloke: Hi Mr Abraham i am from KOLKATA could you please tell me your fitness schedule or supplements you take

Vaibhavi Nande: Hello Sir, My name is Vaibhavi. i'm from Vadodara. i'm classical dancer. just 2 month ago i have completed Visharad at "Bharatnatyam". I went to go raipur for national dance competition and there i was performaed Bharatnatyam dance on hindi song with your photo and i was win best performance certificate. Thank you !!!

John Abraham: Wow. Congratulations Vaibhavi. Thats awesome. :))

Pawan Khandelia: John Bhaiya love you!! I am from Vadodara . Thanks for coming here got to see you even though from a distance but did see u!! Best of luck for everything you do !! God bless!! some day I will meet you face to face !!

John Abraham: Thanks for your wishes, Pawan. Were enjoying the shooting here very much. Best of luck to you too. :)

SOUMYA GHATAK: Hi dear John..How r u?..Brazil, Argentina, Portugal..all out of the tournament..I think France has a great chance..they r doing so well..showing the team game..zeal to win..must get success.

John Abraham: Yes France is doing great, Soumya. You were right :)

Kuldip: Hi Sir, am a huge fan of yours since your film "Dhoom". The trailer of your upcoming movie "Satyameva Jayate" is mind blowing and i have seen it numerous times. You are a fitness freak and i got inspired from you from the day i decide to join gym. One of your words you said long back to media...."I have always kept quiet about my personal life and will continue to maintain a dignified silence. It's just the way my parents raised me. I rather leave it at speculation."....just fabulous.

John Abraham: Thanks, Kuldip. Much appreciated:))

NAMRATA DWIVEDI: you are favorite charm hero when i see you on my screen i released from tensions .kash ham aapse ek baar mil pate john.

John Abraham: Thanks Namrata :))

Divya : John, are you still in Baroda shooting for Raw? Take care 😊 Be safe.

Divya : This week our cable TV is showing "Water" See I told you that he is a fan of yours 😊

Kirti Launganye: Watched the trailer of Satyamev Jayate, it is very promising, Eager to watch it. And you look fantastic as always. This genre suits you really well. Lots of wishes for your film. Can't wait! :)

John Abraham: Thanks, Kirti. So sweet :)

Aniket: Thank you for making Parmanu sir Thank you. You make India proud.From Orange city Nagpur.

John Abraham: Thanks Aniket, Im so glad you liked it. That film was like my baby :))

RAFTIE MONMOYURI: Hi JOHN, I am really Overwhelmed . If everything goes well , will start writing to you again. Hope my messages don't bother you . Expecting a positive outcome as I have YET to fulfill my DREAM of meeting you one day. Wish SATYAMEVA JAYATE to be a great success in the same way like PARMANU THE MASTERPIECE . I always pray to God (EVEN NOW I am praying) to keep your faith alive and to help you succeed in every stage of life. Tomorrow is my Surgery. Sending a big hug to my LUCKY CHARM.

John Abraham: Sorry Monmoyuri, I only just saw this. I hope all went well with you. Please message again when youre feeling better so I know youre ok. Take care.

Pranav: Hi John Sir!!! Loved the trailer of Satyameva Jayate, ur looking classic as always, am a big fan of yours and loved ROCKY HANDSOME a lot, watched parmanu recently, its a great step both as a producer and a actor both sir!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY ACTION HERO OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!! eagerly waiting for Satyameva Jayate... going to be a great movie, i sense it already

John Abraham: Thank you, Pranav. So sweet of you. :) I hope youve also been enjoying the songs from Satyameva Jayate.

USHA : Hi John, I am really very very happy to see your reply what i did not expect because you are so busy with your work. thanks John. It is very Honorable thing for a middle class people to get reply from you. I do not know that you understand what i am trying to say. It is a like Dream. Thank u soooo much. You will be see your up coming movie i.e. SATYAMEV JAYATE will be super duper hit on box office.

Divya : Force waa shown on cable for a week. Every Friday they put new movies. I hope this week we get to see New York. I love that movie. John, you know what, I have a strong feeling that the cable TV guy is a fan of your because he never fails to put a movie of yours.

John Abraham: Ha ha, thats a cute thought, Divya :)

Divya : All the very best to you for SMJ! Posters and trailer is very promising! I just loved IT!l John, please take care of yourself.

Shujai S: Keep roaring .....Awesome work patriotic films : )

Sakina: Hi john, Sakina is here after a long time, due to some net issues I couldn't write here. Just saw trailer of #satyameva today. That's outstanding and you are as awesome as always. Aggressive, dominated and fighter looks really suits you. I am sure you will rock again . May Allah bless you more 👍❤😇

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Sakina :))

Usha: Hi John. I watched your every movie many times. and some action scenes of your movie i watch many many times. Force 1 and 2 i like so much. Even In Madras Cafe your Acting was awesome. I like KARAM Movies also. your Gangster look was very very like. Recently I watch Parmanu this movie is awesome. great work.

John Abraham: Thank you, Usha. Very sweet of you to say so. Take care :)

SOUMYA GHATAK: Hi Dear John..how r u??..watched PARAMANU with my wife..enjoyed the thrill of the movie..your acting!!!!!!..simply fantastic..awesome..beautiful..etc..etc..

Anish : John bhai.. you are the best.. love you always and God bless you.. have a great day ahead.. All the very best for Satyamev Jayate Anish Korgaonkar.

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Anish :))

Nahush Satish mohole: #Parmanu crosses ₹ 65 cr... [Week 6] Fri 11 lakhs, Sat 16 lakhs, Sun 18 lakhs. Total: ₹ 65.36 cr. #Parmanu biz at a glance... Week 1: ₹ 35.41 cr Week 2: ₹ 16.42 cr Week 3: ₹ 7.03 cr Week 4: ₹ 3.28 cr Week 5: ₹ 2.77 cr Wknd 6: ₹ 45 lakhs Total: ₹ 65.36 cr India biz. HIT. (JAFCIAN)

Mitarth Singh: satyamevjayate trailer #loved it. love your action scenes. Parmanu was an incredible movie sir. Ending made me cry. The message to follow your dream and passion with dedication was so strong. lots of love and God bless you and your team for future.

John Abraham: Thank you, Mitarth. Bless you too :))

jay upreti: john abraham is the new genre of bollywood

John Abraham: That's very kind of you, Jay. I still think I have a long way to go though. :)

Shubham goel: Awesome trailer #satyamevjayate. Abhi parmanu ka fever utra nahi tha aur ab yeh. John at a rocking phase. Just keep this going on john. And congratulations for #parmanu success.

jay upreti: amazing trailer of satyamev jayte. and if parmanu was released in eid . tab bhi hit hoti. hahaa eagerly waiting for the movie like always and also for your 6th autograph. j upreti #94autograph

Tejashree Reddy: Hai John...SMJ trailer is Mindblowing...Awesome...Superb...Action Packed...Trilling... cant wait to watch this movie...thank you for making good movies and choosing great scripts....its always a treat to watch ur movies...congrats for the success of PARMANU....love u loads...ALL THE BEST for ur future projects :)

John Abraham: Thank you, Tejashree. So sweet :))

Ramesh: Wow!! wonderful John your new appearance of movie trailer " Satyameva jayate" superb

John Abraham: Thank you, Ramesh :))

VICKY NICK MATHUR : Hye ACTION ABRAHAM , SMJ trailer full of Action , only and only You can do ... Really really proud to be you fan ...... Love you so much ❤️

MOHIT MINIYAR JAFCIAN: Hi John bhai ,I'am proud to be ur fan. The trailer of Satymeva Jayate was amazing your look and action is mindbloing . congratulation to u bhai for movie. it will be super duper hit.

John Abraham: Thanks Mohit. So kind :))

Assel: Good evening dear John :) Congratulations with Parmanu success!!! So happy for you!!! Happy Birthday to sweet babies Bailey!!! So missed her!!! Lot's of love

John Abraham: Hi Assel. Thank you. You can see some new pictures of Bailey on her account :))

Jasmina : Hi John! Im for switzerland... now I am in India! I really like you, your movies. Hope to meet you one day ✨ With lové

Karen Absolom: Hi John congrats on your new movie but I am sad i am on the other side of world wishing to see it luckily I have Netflix and Eros I watch most of your movies on those but it will be awhile before I see your new movie keep up the good work i saw the trailer and it looks amazing it is like you live the life of the character amazing dying to watch the movie

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS: Hii John sir Celebrating #9YearsOfNewYork this is a great movie all time my fvrt...! And The poster of Satyamev Jayate is very good Amezing everyone Jafcians loves it very much... I know There will be lots of action in this movie. can't wait Damn Excited for SMJ trailer All the very best For SMJ baba I sending love and best wishes keep it up 👍👍 And a lot of love in JA Entertainment 😍💃

John Abraham: Thanks Suresh. Very kind. :)

Raj Gadre: Hello John Sir, Let me congratulate u first for ur class movie based on imp subject "Parmanu,story of Pokhran". I have been watching ur movies regularly

RAFTIE DR MONMOYURI MAHANTA: Hi John, It has been almost a month since I wrote to you last . Actually I am extremely anxious these days as I am undergoing a major Surgery in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon on 9th July . Being a Doctor I am already aware of the probable complications and uncertain consequences. It really becomes difficult to cope with when a Doctor herself becomes a patient. Trying but unable to overcome the anxiety. But one thing is sure that ur words bring lot of joy n kills pain in life. Love you SO MUCH.

John Abraham: I'm very sorry to hear you're not well, Monmoyuri. I'm sure everything will be OK. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.