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lamia bouziane: Hi John, how are you? Hope you're doing well, No question this time, please just wish good luck to the Moroccan football team after the victory against the Spanish team and the qualification to the 1/4 finals. I hope your schedule allows you to watch a few matches.if you come to Morocco, you are welcome, I invite you hhh. All the best. Merci beaucoup (thanks a lot).

John Abraham: I wish them all the best, Lamia. Take care :))

Hamim Ahmed : Hello brother John, what's up? Nowadays wherever i go i always dressup like you. Because i am born as a fan of you, and another reason i am a fan of you is because my face looks same like you with similar dimples too. Lot of my relatives say i am John Abraham's twin lol. If you come to Abu Dhabi, UAE again anytime soon i will meet you in person. Because i love you alot bro, take care and may God bless you.

John Abraham: Thanks for the support, Hamim, it's much appreciated. :)

Jay Rana: Hello john sir..I'm jay rana.. Tomorrow 5th December is my Birthday..please wish me❤

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Jay. I hope you had a great day. Please accept my belated wishes. Take care :)

Sakina Yousaf: Hello John , happy birthday for 17th Dec in advance. You are getting better and handsome as age increasing while others are getting older😉❤️🥰 and you are invited by all my heart on my birthday at 7 December 🤩 lots of prayers and love from Multan Pakistan 🤲🌼

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Sakina. I hope you had a lovely day. Thanks for your sweet wishes. All the best :))

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...How r u ur big fan here I'm happy to say that j remember and Can ur dialogues From Movie Force 1 to Ekvillainreturns

John Abraham: Wow... That's awesome, Syed. :)

Kriti Kumar : Dearest John!! You are invited to your 50th Birthday Bash on 17th December at Bailey’s house! We have lots of cakes🎂n flowers💐n balloons🎈with fans flowing in from all over ..all set to celebrate! Please be there! Host n Dost, Kriti💕

John Abraham: Hopefully I will, Kriti, but dates and plans can change very quickly. If I can, I will. Take care :))

Hamim Ahmed : Hi, Brother John, how are you? What is the release date of Tehran? And which actor will play the negative role on the movie? I am patiently waiting for the movie, because i enjoy every movies when you fight and action. Also best of luck to Pathaan along with SRK and Deepika. Love you sir, take care. 🙂

John Abraham: Hi Hamim, we have announced it as 26th January 2023 but things might change. All the best :))

lamia bouziane: I want to see one of your films apart from Rocky handsome( which I have already seen) which one will you advise me? Thank you.

John Abraham: Hi Lamia. If you liked Rocky Handsome for the action, I would also recommend Force, Attack Part 1 and Dishoom which also has a comedy vibe. Take care :)

lamia bouziane: Hi john, it’s Lamia, I was happy to read your answer on my previous comment, thank you. I saw some of your interviews on youtube and honestly I am IMPRESSED by your intellectual level and at the same time by your simplicity and your modesty; I also really appreciated the message you are trying to convey to people about having a healthy lifestyle, for me it is essential too (I work in the Moroccan Ministry of Public Health and Social Security, environmental health division).Take care and goo luck

Harsh vardhan singh : Heyy john sir , I hope you're fine. I know you are very busy because of your upcoming projects that's why I wish you a very very happy birthday sir in advance I know that you are looking too young day by day 😊 but still I wish that you always entertain us with your rocking performance I love you ❤ sir again wish you a great birthday to the most amazing action hero of indian ❤

John Abraham: Thanks for the advance wishes, Harshvardhan, so sweet of you :))

Hamim Ahmed : Hi Brother John, how are you? Your upcoming movies in 2023 will be Pathaan, Tehran, Tariq, 100% and hopefully Sarfarosh 2 (Aamir Khan’s sequel directed by John Matthew Mathan) Whether you play lead role or antagonist role you always nail your character and i have watched all of your movies from 2003-2022 and each movies prove that you are a legend and a gem. Around 2023 i will join the Gym and make physique like you. Love you sir, take care and may God bless you. 🙂💪❤️🔥

John Abraham: Thanks so much for your support, Hamim. Best of luck in the gym :)

lamia bouziane: Hi John, how are you? I'm Lamia from Morocco, have you ever visited Morocco; If yes, what impression did you have and what did you like? in the meanwhile I wish you good luck.

John Abraham: Hi Lamia, I visited Morocco for the Dishoom shoot. It was a desert location, very hot but we had a fun time. Great food, great people. I wish you all the best too :)

Virag Masekar: Hello John. I want to hear your advice regarding riding motorcycles. I have never ridden a sportbike before and I am interested in learning how to ride one. What do you first recommend when it comes to riding a sport bike or any other bike for a first-time rider?

John Abraham: Hi Virag. Any rider should make sure they have a decent helmet and wear it. That is essential. If you're a first timer you should practice first away from traffic just to get the feel of the bike in a safe environment. Riding a bike takes coordination and balance and if you can find somewhere reputable that offers a course on riding then take it. Start with a light bike then you can work up to something heavier when you've mastered the basics. I hope that helps. Best of luck. Be safe.

SYED AFRIDI: Hi John sir...How r u I Saw the teaser of Movie pathan its very outstanding Good to see u with Srk sir first time ur looking so Handsome and stylish in black outfit with Awesome Action..ur Action is Always brilliant this movie will definitely Rock at the box office and mark 300cr Club..All the best for ur upcoming movies..May God bless u with health wealth and prosperity in ur life love you forever ❤❤❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks so much, Syed. All the best to you :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai how are you hoping to meet you soon Big Brother :)

John Abraham: I'm fine, Anish. I hope you're well too :)

Hamim Ahmed : How are you? John sir, i am excited to see you in Pathan on January alongside Deepika

John Abraham: I'm sure you'll like it, Hamim :)

IK: hi John..cannot thank you and Dabboo Ratnani enough for giving me a new wallpaper 😍🥹 Lots of Love and a thousand HUGS ❤️

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Indu :))

Hamim Ahmed : Hello Brother John, what's up? I am a huge fan of you since 2004 even when i was kid and still a fan of you now and forever. You are my heart, and one day i have a dream to make a body like you in the gym. I love your action movies, when you fight and you can overshadow any actors your opposite in action movies because of your strong muscular physique and impressive fighting skills. I can't wait to see your upcoming movies besides Pathan where you play lead roles. Love you sir, take care.

John Abraham: You take care too, Hamim. I am fortunate to have great supporters like you :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) Just arrived from Dubai, i was in Bollywood Parks, and took a picture with you - on Force 2 poster :) So happy! Hope one day, i will have photo with you! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia!!! Love You and take care!!!

John Abraham: You take care too, Assel. All the best to you :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Loved the teaser of Pathan its super awesome John bhai wishing you all the best for Patah

John Abraham: Thanks so much Anish :)

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John, How are you doing? I'm just to ask about your health and wellness. Many prayers for you . You are my wish fairy who can make me smile when I'm down, it's everyone says in my family.❤️ Good luck my Good luck ( John Abraham is my good luck na 😊). Hugs🥰

John Abraham: I'm fine, Sakina. I hope you and all your family are too. Sending lots of hugs :))

BAHAR SAAED: Come to Toronto. We Miss You :-)Hope to see you soon. ALL THE BEST TO PATHAN.

John Abraham: Thanks Bahar :)

Silke P: Hello John, ich habe dir schon sehr lange nicht mehr geschrieben. Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut. I am at home at the moment because I have corona. I'm not feeling so bad because I have been vaccinated. The good thing is: now I have more time to watch your movies. :)) Ein deutsches Sprichwort sagt "alles Schlechte hat auch was Gutes" (A German proverb say "there is somthing good in every bad thing"). Many greetings from far away and take care of yourself

John Abraham: Get well soon, Silke. Sending a hug :)


John Abraham: Happy Diwali Dinesh :))

IK: hi John. Hope you are doing well. Your pics by Daboo Ratnani are killer, as always 😍 Can I have some hugs please ?? Lots of Love.

John Abraham: Thanks Indu. Sending lots of hugs :))

Sudeep Khana: Sir I die heart fan of you, Once I visited your office seen all your bike collections of yours I really liked that. Thanks for allowing me in your office.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Sudeep. Live to ride! All the best :))

Neyha : Hey JA, We do understand and respect your decision for not being socially active. 👍 Once in month or two, “ ask me anything “ sort of Instagram LIVE will definitely be a BIG treat for us. And yes We love you unconditionally. 🤗 TIA :)

John Abraham: Thanks for that, Neyha :)

HARSHVARDHAN SINGH : Heey john sir I hope you're fine I want some immediate advice from you sir if someone got feverd or cough and cold and he/her not able to perform excersise then how much time it will take to start losing muscle and after free from all the diseases then how much time it will take to get back in the same shape

John Abraham: Hi Harshvardhan. Very good question. After a heavy cold or flu give your body two more weeks after your symptoms have eased before resuming your workouts. And you should always avoid working out when you have a fever. You will lose some muscle strength after a few weeks inactivity but the good news is that it'll probably take just half that time to regain it. I hope that helps.

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...How r u ur big fan here I want to meet u once when I visit to Mumbai And Share Many things about my life incidence which related to u..As im happy to Remind u that's My birthday was in April 19th On this day I need ur wishes and blessings 🙌 I Enjoyed watching ur movies Force Satyamevajayate Mumbai saga ur Movies gives me Knowledge love you forever May god bless u with lots of love and success ❤❣👍

John Abraham: Lots of love and success to you too, Syed. Sending a hug :)

Anish Korgaonkar: Happy Diwali John bhai Love you always my Big Brother :)

John Abraham: Thanks Anish, same to you :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, wishing you

John Abraham: Thanks Anish, all the best to you too.

Swayamsiddha : Hello John ❤️ how r u?Today I wanna share something with you.few months ago I sent u message to praying for my mom coz she was in the ICU .we all tried our best ..but can't save her life.Now m just feeling devastated . sometimes I think I will finish my life but when I see your face I really feel positive. u r my inspiration n positive source of energy.Missing my mom badly😭😭

John Abraham: I'm so very sorry to hear that, Swayamsiddha. I'm sure you miss her very much. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Stay strong.

Mubasshir: Hi John sir how are u i am a big fan from pakistan i see all all movie and i am very excited for your next movie wish u all the best LOVE U JOHN SIR

John Abraham: Good to hear from you, Mubasshir. All the very best to you too :))

Harsh mehta : Hello John sir my name is harsh mehta and my I hope you are fine and you also take care about yourself sir my birthday 🎂 is on 25th October sir

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 25th, Harsh. I hope you have a super day. Sending best wishes :))

RAJDEEP: Hello John Sir! How have you been? Your performance in “Ek Villain Returns” is damn too great. Kindly suggest me some ways to boost my memory, sharpen my brain and enhance my intelligence. Please Sir.

John Abraham: HI Rajdeep. I'm not sure I'm qualified to help with that but reading is good. It exercises the mind and expands knowledge (depending on what you read of course). Doing word and number puzzles are also said to boost the brain. I wish you all the best. :)

Harshvardhan singh : Heyy john sir we are missing you madly please inspire us with a new fitness video's and the young generation gone wrong and run behind asteroids and other drug to make a good physique please sir 😀 you are the God of bodybuilding and you introduce the trend of bodybuilding in bollywood industry so sir again the time is came to inspire young ones who follow you as a ideal including me I hope you are fine and have a good health 😀 😊 ☺ I love you sir ❤

John Abraham: I wish you good health too, Harshvardhan. Thanks for your message :)

Neyha Sharma : Hi JA. Hope ur doing very well. Congratulations to u n ur team for Tara vs Bilal. 💐 Just wanted to remind u that social media is so boring without you. 😑 Can u pls pls pls help us?😜🙃🙏 Love u sooo much 🤗

John Abraham: I'm sorry, Neyha, it's just not for me right now. But maybe one day. Take care :)

Sagar: Hello John sir, hope you are all fine. Sir, my friend Alok's birthday is on 13th of October, will you please wish him this would definitely gonna make his day best also he's also a great fitness enthusiast and big fan of yours. Thank you so much sir and all the best for your upcoming projects :)

John Abraham: Hi Alok, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Have a super day. All the best. :))

Hamim Ahmed : John Abraham sir, i have been a fan of you since i was a kid. You play your roles very well in the movies and i love watching your action movies because you are one man army when it comes to fighting with your muscular hunter physique. Your upcoming movie is Pathan where you will play the antagonist (villain) role in the movie. After Pathan i can't wait to watch your many more upcoming movies where you will play lead roles. Especially Tehran and Sarfarosh 2. Carry on Sir, God bless.

John Abraham: Thanks Hamim, working hard on Tehran. :)

Sakina: Hi John, I want to wish you happy teacher's day because you taught me a lot in different perspective , I have been polished many things by your guidance and have been saved from many rubbish things . Thank you John ❤️Salamat rahein 🤲

John Abraham: That's so sweet, Sakina. Take care :)

SNEHAL HUDDA: John Sir, wishing you all the best for your future films and excited for Pathan , I'm your fan since your movie Taxi 9211 and nobody has taken that space in my heart, just a small request sir My birthday is coming on this week on October 8 so if you can wish me on my birthday, I would be grateful !!

John Abraham: Wishing you a great day on the 8th, Snehal. Sending a big hug. :))

Sharan shinge: Hi Good afternoon John sir Sharan Shinge (Jafcian) Force Bouncers Pune Sir Wish Me My Birthday 4th oct 2022 my motivation only John sir love you and miss you sir

John Abraham: So sorry I missed this, Sharan. I hope you had an awesome day. Take care :))

Rajat Deb: HI Dada , When will come to Kolkata? love you dada, You are good be healthy that is what I pray.

John Abraham: Thanks Rajat, good health to you too :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October - My Birthday, My Big Dream - Your Wish :) Every news about you makes me so happy! Big hugs to Bailey and Sia!!! I love you very much!!!

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Assel. I hope you had a lovely day :))

Harshvardhan singh : Heyyy John sir my name is harshvardhan singh and my birthday is on 25th of October iam your huge fan sir and I love u so much

John Abraham: Have a great day on 25th, Harshvardhan. Sending a hug! :))

Anish Korgaonkar: John bhai i am thankful to God because he blessed me with a Big brother like you :)) wishing you all the happiness in the World.

John Abraham: Same to you, Anish :)

Sakina : Hi John , hope you will be happy .No question this time 🥰 Just want to say Love you and sending warm hug to you ❤️

John Abraham: That's sweet, Sakina, thanks so much. Sending a hug right back :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Love you from the bottom of my heart John bhai

John Abraham: Best wishes Anish :)

Aryan: Hi Sir I m a kid who loves you and your actiong, when i grow up i just wanna be like you, you are my inspiration.

John Abraham: Thanks, Aryan, I wish you all the best. Take care :))

SyedAfridi: Hi John Sir...How r u ur big fan here I'm Doing my workout 💪 Regularly and having Good diet too and Watching ur videos Regarding fitness in videos u said about fitness that Discipline is Most important and Diet too that's absolutely Correct.. I will my best to get shape of u like in Movie Force ur body was brilliant love you forever ❣ ❣👍

John Abraham: Good luck to you, Syed. It takes hard work and dedication so I wish you all the best :))