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Pallavi Rahul Kadam: Hi John! I'm listening to your Guftagoo interview on RSTV. To be frank, I'm not your die-hard fan. So never watched your movies in theatre. Now, I got influenced with your sensible thoughts

Sonal Vora: Was very happy with Parmanu. Great story. Keep up the great work. Also saw Force 2, it was very engaging. Good choices in casting. Keep making good films, John.

Silke P: Hallo John, WOW! Finally I got the DVD Satyameva Jayate here in Germany. You have once again done a fabulous job. I love the song Paniyon sa. You are awesome!! I am glad that you are shooting a comedy now. I wish you a lot of success. Take care, because people like you with a golden heart are rare.

lakshike: hi,im lakshike 25old from srilanka.thank you try to advise, appreciate that, acting is the easiest way to reach successful in life thing is i'm failing every gols on my life relationship,occupation,target etc,all goes wrong ,cosmic not support me,im unlucky, every thing is losing at last step. all things have limits i'm done living like this.i must light my bulb now .no clue no supp.no friends no powers no love care. glad to meet you:) long live!

Tanvi Joshi: Hi John! Wish you very best for your upcoming movie Romeo Akbar Walter, the music is pleasing to the ears.Expecting the movie to be great action thriller to watch on 12 April 2019. :) love

TANIMA KUNDU: Hi, i don't know if you'll read my message or not but with this fervant hope in my heart i am writing to you. I won't say I am a big fan of such stuff. Earlier i had thought of the very few things I love in my life , you're one of them but later I realised it's not love it's something beyond which can't be defined neither it can be expressed. As I read , "the most beautiful things can be felt by heart only" from your acting to action, your looks to smile (your dimples, I can't take off my eyes

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holi and Navroz to you and your family sir.......... may you get all happiness and RAW

Shubhalaxmi Shetti: Annayya!!! I watched few of your movies like Baabul, Madhoshi, Water etc. I liked all. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOREVER ANNAYYA!!! I wish to be your sister forever. Want to learn good qualities, values

Shujai S: Wondering when doing a hollywood movie?!

Nazgol: Happy Norouz in advance John Abraham🌸🍯🌷🎇🐣wishing you lots of happiness, love, joy, good health and prosperity 👍take care 👋

John Abraham: Thank you Nazgol. So sweet of you :))

Aliza: Being a huge fan i have been watching a lot of your films,interviews,press meets etc.You are exemplary quintessential guy you're a man with golden heart i love the way you think and speak You are so attractive and real Your personality reflects humility,honesty and sincerity.. from karachi,Pakistan i adore you a lot and i wish i meet you someday in my life!

John Abraham: Thank you, Aliza. That is very humbling. All the best to you :))

Pakhi Verma: Hello Sir ❤ With a huge respect Wanna say a big Thankyou! As u inspired others, u added meaning to my life too, Bcoz of u IM very focused on my studies n now for fitness too. I've learnt discipline from u so im also taking care of my body and for that I would always be thankful to you Sir❤ N The Raw trailer is amazing! Best wishes to you Sir

John Abraham: Well done, Pakhi. Taking are of your health is one of the most important things. Best wishes to you too :))

lakshike: hi john, i need to become a successful person same you i've no clue ,wish your support. longlive!

John Abraham: Hi Lakshike. Do you mean successful in acting? I need a little more information before I can advise. Take care :))

Pakhi Verma: IM Really Sorry Sir 🙏 Yesterday the whole message was not sent because of the network Issue. But Im so glad that you replied to me Thankyou Sir❤ N i want to send my all feelings to you again. Because the day is special for me

RAFTIE Dr Monmoyuri: Hi John, I couldn't resist myself asking you about the present condition of ONE of our hero Federico Gallego. NEUFC has WON every single heart this season and NO one is disappointed with the result. This time an emotional connection has developed between fans and the team which is VERY IMPORTANT. This is ACTUAL WIN. Grateful to YOU and the Management for the Wonderful team. Humble request to you to retain the whole team SPECIALLY the Coach Eelco Schattorie for the next season IF POSSIBLE .

John Abraham: I hear he's doing well after surgery, Monmoyuri. Thank you for your wishes. I believe NEUFC have put an update on Facebook with photos. Morale remains high, which is good. Take care :))

Pakhi Verma: Hello Sir❤ With a huge Respect,Wanna say a big Thankyou! As u inspired others,u added meaning to my life too Bcoz of u I'm very focused on my studies

John Abraham: That's really great, Pakhi. I wish you all the best :))

Himanshu: John Bhai if possible plz play a character of dentist in ur next comedy movie (after pagalpanti for sure 😆). Special Demand : BDS student

shivani rajput : Hi Sir, With due respect i want to say , you truly a creative genius

John Abraham: Wow. Thank you Shivani. I'm not sure I am, but thank you. I wish you all the best :))

Malika: Hi dear Haw are you? I'm your crazy fan of Afghanistan I'm your big gggg gggg ggg ggg fan your smile vary cute I love your Smile I hope your face Always Smiley I love you so much your Upcoming movies really great you really lovely I hope Always be happy in your life my heart 💞 💞 💞 all the best

John Abraham: Thank you, Malika. You're very sweet :))

Assel from KAZAKHSTAN: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched trailer!!! Super!!! Very interesting, so impressed by patriotism!!! First song is so beautiful! I love you very much!!!

Gagan Kohli: Hi John Sir. i have been have far away from gym for 1.5 years and my weight has became from 78kg to 105kg.I am not able to focus and i am getting depress.please guide me john sir what should i do..

John Abraham: Hi Gagan. Exercise is important for health but you don't need a gym to train. Running and cycling are great exercise. If weight gain is a problem then you need to look at your diet. How much are you eating? Are you snacking late at night or between meals? Are your portion sizes reasonable? Are you eating too much oil or sugar? Most trainers will tell you that body maintenance is 40% training, 60% diet. So try that. I wish you all the best. :)

Shahzad JAFCINS: Congratulations to #RomeoAkbarWalter team and speciall #JohnAbraham sir #RAWTRAILER cross #27Million Views in just 1 Week.!! We love from pakistan 💖❤ Love u hero

Rohan : Hi John bhaiya,how are you? It has been a delight to watch your movies so far.Along with an exemplary muscular body and physique your smile is the best asset of yours.I admire your honesty,sincerity and simplicity. Your roles in the latest movies like Satyameva Jayate,Madras Cafe and Parmanu were amazing. I am sure RAW will break all time records.Keep up the good work! (Love your comedy movies too) Looking forward to meet you some day sir! Wish you luck

John Abraham: So kind, Rohan. Thank you :))

swastik Mahapatra: Hi Mr John ,i admire your fitness regime and being an health freak myself i follow your tips ,just excluding the diet part, being an engineering student means broke XD XD but hey things are working really well ,and i love the workouts. Thanks just a hope it would be great to meet you in person XD

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sir are you going to come to ahmedabad for the promotion of RAW Romeo Akbar Walter???????????? Eagerly waiting to meet you sir!!!!! LOVE YOU

John Abraham: I'm not sure of the schedule yet, Pranav. Hoping to :))

Rajiv Nagpur: Greetings John : This is Rajiv from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I am originally from Bombay(Aamchi Mumbai), I was born and brought up there, but I have been away from home since 13 years, life has been full of fun so far but very adventurous, took me places, moved places across North America, but I am a true and a patriotic Indian from within. My thoughts - I just finished watching your interview - 'Guftagoo with John Abraham' which I believe you did in July of 2018.

Sonali: You are a very sweet actor.love you

Sonali: Hiee Sir , How r u? You are a very attractive man in a bollywood industry and likewise intelligent.I like u . Have a great day.

John Abraham: I'm fine, Sonali. Thanks for asking. You have a great day too :))

z: Glad to see you working in more movies, please keep up the good work

ritu pratap: hello JOHN i love u so much

John Abraham: Thank you, Ritu. Love to you too :))

Hasrat Mehdi: Sallam to the love of my love John Abraham.it's my 2nd message to you sir.hope you'll reply this time also.I'm one of your lovely fans.sir one of your Indian fan said to me that you'll not reply me because I'm Pakistani. Yes I'm Pakistani but I'm your fan.sir please don't forget your fans here in Pakistan.you mean us a lot sir.Love you John Abraham The Only One Hero in the World.

John Abraham: I would never forget you, Hasrat. All my supporters are very special to me, no matter where they are in the world. You have made me who I am in this industry. Thank you :)

Muhammad Raza: Hello, Sir hope that you will be fine. Me Muhammad Raza from Afghanistan actually I'm also Parsi like your mom

John Abraham: That's great, Muhammad. I'll tell her :))

TEJASHREE REDDY: Love u John....It was a R'AWesome' tralier....it will be a Blockbuster...Keep making Awesome movies and i will keep watching them....ur selection of scripts and ur acting is always top notch....waiting for Batla House and Pagalpanthi....All the Best for ur future Films....

John Abraham: Thank you, Tejashree. So sweet :))

Liyakat : Hii john Osm Tesar RAW.. Love you

Manish jafcians: Hi Sir RAW Trailer is amazing

asra jabeen: Here comes the trailer of RAW Excited for it and wishing you all the good luck sir love and peace and best wishes to you sir

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saw the RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter trailer and its super amazing sir!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you and the whole team, eagerly waiting for 5th April now....... love you sir. I pray that RAW breaks all the records in our film industry.... and earn more than bahubali

John Abraham: That would be awesome, Pranav. Thanks :))

Anish Korgaonkar: Dear John bhai, Just saw the trailer of RAW, it is fantastic, especially the song Ae Watan.. the different looks which you have been seen in the trailer are Very Inspiring.. I will meet you soon and give you a big hub.. Love you John Bhai.

John Abraham: Thanks Anish. Those looks took a lot of work :))

ritu pratap: iam ur greatest fan

Aliza: Hi john I am a fan die heart of yours from karachi,Pakistan i always enjoy watching you on screen and i am so excited to watch your RAW The content seems amazing. Besides being an amazing actor you're also a good human being So down to earth and real. I adore you for who you are! Sending love from across the border

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, Aliza. Sending you a big hug. Take care :))

Rajesh Nayak : My Idol My Inspiration Sir I beg you to give me one thing. Please do not say no Sir on 1 March is my birthday wish me! Love you forever John sir! I hope you make my day!

John Abraham: Best wishes on your birthday, Rajesh. I hope you have a great day. :))

Swayamsiddha : Hello john.wish you all the best for your upcoming movie raw.your look is very different and I love the trailor. M super excited for 12 th april.13 th april is my birthday😊.so I will celebrate my bday on 12th by watching your film.your wish would be the greatest gift of my life.loads of love n all the best.

John Abraham: Happy Birthday for 13th April, Swayamsiddha. I hope you enjoy RAW on your special day :))

Akhila Ramachandran: Hey John, just saw the new video you released for RAW.That was really amazing .I also happened to read a few comments for the video.It was mostly you know , all those negative stuff. Don't get disheartened , even a tad bit, by all those comments OK.We know that you don't like it and that is not what you want to hear.Just remember one thing there are a ZILLIONS of other people who really know you love you and and respect you with all our hearts. so dont worry about them ok ,and good luck for RAW

Zahira CHOUALI : Hi John Im Zahira CHOUALI from Paris originally Algeria and Morocco Miss you on screen. I hope I will see you in reality one day

John Abraham: Hi Zahira. Ill be back on screen 12th April with my next release RAW. Best wishes to you :)

Abhishek Karan: Hi John sir,I want to thank u from the bottom of my heart for always being a wonderful role model and getting me to where I'm today.I met u back in 2017,its been a long journey since then and years later here i'm working hard n living my dreams.I will be completing my MBA here in Canada soon and would definitely come to meet u. One of my dreams is to own a GYPSY one day just like u and I've always had a crush on it since forever.Hope u have a wonderful year ahead n thank u once again SPARTAAAA !

John Abraham: I'm very honoured you think I inspired you, Abhishek. But it was you who did all the hard work. I have no doubt you'll own that Gypsy one day. Drive it with care and pride. :)) SPARRRRTAAAAA!!!!

Nyok Mooi Woon: Hi John It was by accident that I stumbled into your website- found an Indian hunk appear on my monitor!!! Shocking indeed! To further kill my curiousity to find out who is John Abraham I googled deeper and further. Found out that your are such a filia piety son. Your parents especially your mom is so blessed to have you. All the best to your career . Do treat me to Dosa when I visit Mumbai in the near future. FYI I am from Malaysia.

Aliza: All the best for the journey of PagalPanti, As the shoot has began.Can't wait to watch your upcoming projects! Wishing you luck from karachi,Pakistan

Raftie Pankti: Love John, Hope you are doing good. I missed you so much. Just want to say a quick HI and I really wish you are all happy and well. The teaser of RAW is fab and can't wait for April. Wish you all good luck Hero. Stay Happy and Blessed. Lots of Love... Yours' Loving, Raftie Pankti

John Abraham: Hi Pankti. Thanks for the good wishes. All the best to you too. And to all the rafties :))

Ramesh: Dear John , Please share more photos and videos of you with baily in instagram . All photos and videos are very cute you posted. Thank you

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw a video in Viral's Insta of yours going inside the airport, i think its for Pagalpanti ri8?????? All the best for the shoot sir, Waiting for it